#33 – Chew

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0 thoughts on “#33 – Chew”

  1. prometheus says:

    Stupid mustache fires… They hurt like heel,and they’re really hard to put out.

  2. The Bird says:

    you could repetedly slap your face. that would put it out.

  3. Yeti XXL says:

    So I guess he should not blink that fast as well – at least not with brows that long.

  4. Michael says:

    Except that that’s his mouth… he doesn’t have a moustache…

  5. Robert says:

    His behavior keeps reminding me of Gedatsu from One Piece…

  6. DMC_Run says:

    He just needs a tad more practice, here. If he slows down JUST A LITTLE BIT, then he could save a lot of time by COOKING THE FOOD as he chews, via the resulting friction.

  7. T.S. says:

    I was going back through the archives and realized… it’s a good thing he didn’t treat this fire like the grease fire in one of the earlier comics… Just hope he can’t find the hammers…

  8. Zizi the Pirate says:

    yes, no hammers, please

  9. Malachite Dragon says:

    I think the only reason he wouldnt use the hammers would be because 1: he has one hand full
    and 2: he’d break his face.

  10. Female Fox Furry says:


  11. Garrett says:

    But, didn’t he learn that he shouldn’t use hammers to put out a fire? Or, maybe he learned that TWO shouldn’t be used, and he’ll try one?

  12. Garrett says:

    Wait, is that a wall in the background, because the bottom of it is shaped very oddly and would defy physics if it really was a wall that went all the way to the floor.

  13. Game Boy. Advanced? says:

    His mouth is already half fixed! a hammer would only make things better

  14. DemonRex says:


  15. Darkpheonix XIII says:

    He’s standing on a giant puzzle.

  16. Mr dude says:

    flaming hammer sandwich!!! new from macdonalds! 🙂

  17. MaskedMan says:

    Flaming Mustache Hammers!

    Actually, ‘Flaming Hammer Sandwich’ would be a great band name…

  18. Malachite Dragon: Breaking his face wouldn’t stop him from using the hammers.

  19. andrea says:

    reply to Garrett:
    everything in this comic defys physics..O_O

  20. Someone from a location says:

    What’s with the background?

  21. RiverCityMadman says:

    Well, he might think the flaming hammers didn’t work on GREASE FIRES, maybe they’ll work on FRICTION FIRES.

  22. TexasRedneck says:

    Now that is some real Mexican fire sauce!

  23. gurgi says:

    if it was from mcdonald’s wouldn’t there be a happy meal joke? i could collect biff happy meal toys and be happy for the longest time…

  24. MrD says:

    I see he still lives on the side of a hill.

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