#988 – Royal

It’s crazy how big a King size bed seems in hotel rooms. I’m used to a Queen at home but getting to sleep on a King just seems so ridiculous. Somehow it feels like it must be the size of 2 Queens. The most disorientating part is when I’ll somehow manage to turn sideways during the night but I can’t tell until the lights come on and I’m looking at the wall instead of my wife.

Also, I have been live streaming the drawing of recent comics. You can see the recording of this one here.

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19 thoughts on “#988 – Royal”

  1. Lich king says:

    I saw the conception and birth of this comic.

  2. Mogaly says:

    Excellent comic. This is basically every bed ever for me.

  3. PsychoDuck says:

    “This was the last time Biff ever booked a vacation in the Midget Isles”

    The Duck Has Spoken.

  4. Matt Lee says:

    It’s a good think Lord Farquaad never became a king. That would be one short bed.

  5. Mickel says:

    I hate waking up with cold feet

  6. Madness says:

    Haha. Poor Biff. Wait, how tall is he? What’s his weight? I’m suddenly curious.

  7. MaskMan says:

    Duuuude. You’ve been to Singapore, haven’t you Chris? 😀

    When I stayed there with my fiance, the beds were… Imposibly small. We *had* sleep in seperate beds, because they were too small even to get intimate on, much less *actually* sleep together. 😮

  8. Robert Charleson says:

    If you want to see some truly big beds… look here ate the Imperial and Caesar….


  9. Space Butler says:

    Is he vacationing in Lilliput or Blufescu?

  10. baughbe says:

    Maybe he is in ID?

  11. McGehee says:

    I second baughbe. Id it is.

  12. Linzleh says:

    Apparently Biff has washable foot tattoos… Travel, one of the few challenges impacting SPRING BREAK! (Put the mattress on the floor and stick the box spring at the end)

  13. Cari says:

    @Space Butler
    He could be visiting Munchkinland in Oz

  14. Vannah says:

    Maybe it’s the oompa loompa hotel?

  15. Daniel Mesa says:

    That very situation happened to me once, but in my own country!! Someone wanted to rent us a room with half sized beds and tried to make it pass as “folkloric environment”. I like to stretch my arm without touching my brothers weenies, damnit!!

  16. PsychoDuck says:

    @Daniel: Either you missed an apostrophe or your brother has multiple “weenies”.

    The Duck Has Spoken.

  17. Foxglove says:

    Not in a hotel, but it reminds me of when I first started dating my husband. I just had a twin bed and when he stayed the night the two of us would squish together on it. Neither one of us is particularly small. He bought me a queen sized for my birthday.

  18. The Doc says:

    I thought of Little Kings Story when I say this. You know, the Wii game?

  19. Joe says:

    i have those shoes

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