#930 – Emmental

I love Swiss cheese. It’s one of those flavors that was mysterious to me as a kid but really makes sense to me now. Maybe some day I’ll go to Switzerland and get to taste the real stuff. For now I will have to make do with the American version.


23 thoughts on “#930 – Emmental”

  1. Space Butler says:

    Where has cheese boat racing caught on?

  2. SilentDragon says:

    Well, not on youtube, I checked, I was actually expecting something to show up too, lol >_<

  3. Ziriath says:

    Wow, Biff visited Europe?

  4. jahg says:

    Well, I first read it as “Chinese boating racing” so I thought you’d gone all obscure on us.

    However, anything cheese related is fine with me. Two thumbs up.



  5. reynard61 says:

    I’ve had Swiss swiss cheese (My mom has a thing for imported food.) Frankly, It tasted just like any good Amish-style swiss cheese. YMMV, of course…

  6. Marr965 says:

    Um… Please, say this isn’t “inappropriate uses for cheese” week… *shudder*

  7. Hershey says:

    @Zirath Biff is everywhere.

  8. Nighkali says:

    His uniform looks like a sleevless enterprise shirt. Oh! Thats a rocket! Cute. Also, that ocean is surprisingly calm and devoid of monsters. This is unusual for biff.

  9. biggo says:

    I haven’t tasted “Amish-style” cheese, so I can’t say if it’s better than real Swiss cheese. Switzerland produces a thousand different cheeses, btw. Emmentaler (the holed one) is probably the North-Americaniest of them, being not particularly tasty, firm without being hard, easy to deal with. Clean-in-a-dull-way and poleatically correct (groan, sorry about that).

  10. Mmm…I’m crackers about cheese, myself, especially cottage cheese

  11. Croc says:

    Haha! I get it! Because it has holes!

  12. Spikeyboy says:

    Cracking cartoon, my friend.
    The thing is, I can never think of emmental cheese in the same way since my wife (accidentally – she does this a lot) mispronounced it as “ee-mental” cheese.
    Yes, love, because it has clinical depression and goes to the psychiatrist…
    She’s nothing if not entertaining. Just don’t ask about doughnuts or consommé…

  13. Rasheed says:

    I recently had THE best wedge of gouda of all time, I have no idea where I bought it from, and I’m not entirely sure about the manufacturer, but it was GOOOOOOD!!!!!! (I’ll skip the obvious pun)

  14. MaskedMan says:

    Surely the Swiss have *some* kind of non-leaky cheese..? Or are they also responsible for that crumbly moldy stuff, too? If so, they can just sit on the shoreline and pout. :p

  15. kruemi says:

    Swiss Cheese? What’s so special about that stuff? I’m eating it every day. But frankly: Emmentaler is one of the most boring flavours of cheese availlable. Try a tilsiter or an appenzeller (ok, appenzeller can make your eyes flow :-)). Just drop me a note and I’ll send over some samples (or come here for a visit, it’s worth it!).

  16. Dalton says:

    Aaaaaand I’ve caught up! Happy days! But wait…you mean I have to wait a whole day to get just one Biff comic…? What have I done!?

  17. killjoy99 says:

    CHEESE!!!! 🙂

  18. Chris says:

    @Dalton – Think how I feel!

  19. Flame says:

    @ kruemi: are you sending out cheese? if so I want in XD

  20. GuyD says:

    You have to taste Emmental cheese which was stored in a cellar for over a year. Matured it will be absolutely delicous, I promise. You can trust me, I am swiss.

  21. kruemi says:

    @Flame: I’d definitely send some to chris (if he wants)… to pay something back for my daily dose of Biff… but I can’t send Cheese to everyone, sorry 🙁

    @GuyD: You’re absolutely right. But outside of Switzerlind you almost only geht the boring “mild” stuff. But when well stored, even something boring like gouda becomes delicious.

    @Chris: Thank you for the dily shoot of funnyness!


  22. GuyD says:

    @kruemi: Bisch au us de Schwiiz?

  23. Jelellyfish says:

    Chris: I love you. I want to be your second wife. We have many days where we snuggle up and snack on Swiss cheese, fighting over who gets the last hole…
    (In case you couldn’t tell, Swiss cheese is my favorite cheese.)

    On that note: Why don’t the other cheeses like Swiss? Its “holier than thou” attitude!

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