#921 – Cheek

Fortunately I have never lost my wallet. I’m guessing it would be a huge bummer. I have freaked myself out a few times by somehow putting my wallet in the wrong back pocket. It doesn’t seem wrong until I sit down and my butt comes to the slow realization that things are amiss.


34 thoughts on “#921 – Cheek”

  1. Slurreydude says:

    True that… i’ve had to upgrade wallet size to always know where it is.

  2. Hershey says:

    I have gone to the grocery store without my wallet or any money, and only realize it when I’m standing there digging for something thats at home.

  3. Miles says:

    My current wallet is twenty years old. I got it when I was a Junior in high school, after I lost my previous wallet.

  4. gelugon2105 says:

    Wait, what? How did Biff lose his trousers and not realize? This is the umpteenth time I have been flabbergasted!

  5. Tom says:

    I actually copied the front and back of every card in my wallet. That way, if I ever do lose it, I’ve got my credit card numbers and the phone numbers to call and report the lost card all in one spot.

  6. At least he’s at those electronic self-checkout points. Fumbling in his undies in front of a clerk would have been the Ultimate Awkward Moment!

  7. MadKanga says:

    Lost my wallet with all my photo ID while on holiday recently. I was terrified the airline would not let me on the flight home. The $500 and credit cards in it were a VERY secondary consideration.

  8. Micah says:

    It’s missing week. Missing engine and now missing wallet.

  9. Micah says:

    It’s a good thing these self-checkouts exist, Chris…otherwise this comic would be non-existent! (Since we never see any other humans in the comic, I would only assume you wouldn’t be able to do it.)

  10. Katie says:

    I was just introduced to this site by Libramen, these are so great; I’ll read through them all, eventually. <_<

  11. Anon says:

    Forget about the missing trousers/wallet, I have to say I’m jealous of Biff’s fashion sense. Rocket ship boxers and matching stripéd socks? Quite hip.

  12. baughbe says:

    Where can I get underwear like that?

  13. Morzikei says:

    Wait, back pocket? Biff’s lucky no one else appears near him, that’s quite a hazard.

    The first thing my dad told me when I got my, well, second wallet was “never put it in the back pocket”.

  14. Chris says:

    In a few years it will be revealed that The Book of Biff is just an elaborate advertising system for the line of designer underwear I will be launching.

  15. Evil Egg says:

    I can’t remember ever forgetting my wallet, but I did once forget my money. That was hilarious.

  16. Ziriath says:

    I wonder WHAT has totally destroyed his pants, but left his legs and (very nice) underwear undamaged.

  17. Acies says:

    I only lost my wallet once, when I was on a school trip to the zoo in grade 4. I think I only had $20 or $40 in there, but to a 9 yr old, that was a fortune. It also contained a rare family picture that includes my sister, who unfortunately passed away as a baby. I cried all the way home.
    Someone later kindly returned the wallet, after they helped themselves to all the cash inside >.>

  18. Acies says:

    oh! and I also like to comment that I used to have a pencil case that looks almost identical to Biff’s shoes! Now that one I actually lost… and I just lost ANOTHER pencil case last week >< I lose stationary all the time =(

  19. Ziriath says:

    I like he tuck his shirt in his underwear…So do I.
    I’ve never lost my wallet, I freaked myself few times too, but I always found it at home or in other pocket.

    My sister said Biff has a predatory wallet, that ate his pants and then escaped.

  20. Chris says:

    @Ziriath – Denim shark?

    @Acies – $40?! Wow, that’s still a lot of money to me… that would have been a fortune when I was 9.

  21. Dr3w says:

    I lost my wallet several times, every time realizing that it was still at the house. Now I have a giant wallet chain, and I never misplace my wallet. EVER. Also, Chris, if you ever put those shorts up in your store, I will TOTALLY buy them.

  22. Ziriath says:

    Chris: She says she thinks of a wallet that looks like The Monster book of Monsters from Harry Potter http://harrypotter.warnerbros.com/hogwarts/magicalcreatures/med/wallpapers/creature7a_wall.jpg

    P.S.: Don’t forget to design underwear in lady version!

  23. PhoenixOasis says:

    See, I never lose my wallet (or have it stolen) because I always keep it in my front (right, usually) pocket. I’m very glad that I’ve never encountered a denim shark, though, as I wear much…much less underwear than Biff does. Don’t think you’d want to be drawing Biff in that state of dress, though.

  24. Libramen says:

    I am excessively defensive when it comes to my wallet. I never have them in my back pocket and I always double check myself before leaving home, ensuring that I have my wallet with me.

    For a good reason too: I have a military card with social security on it and a train pass that cost $50 to replace. I need them both for easier access to route normally not taken by those without either.

  25. soulofaqua says:

    I still have the same Biker Mice from Mars wallet I had since I was 6, am 18 btw., and although its space for change is way too small for me I don’t want any other wallet.

  26. Kit-Kun says:

    I forgot my wallet at work. It wasn’t till a co-worker called to tell me I had. I tried to avoid driving, but I had to get to school, A+, and back to work. I just knew the first time with out my wallet would be the first time I’d be pulled over. I wasn’t, but man, I had a mini freak out when ever I saw a police car.

  27. Random says:

    I once had a Scooby-Doo wallet till I was 16. I was running and it fell out of my plastic pants. Only after I got to the bus did I realize I lost it. Some kids found the cards in the wallet and returned them to me, but I lost some pictures and ticket stubs. And I also really liked the wallet T^T. Good thing he only misplaced his wallet.

  28. G is for Music says:

    Biff didn’t misplace his wallet, he’s just feeling sexy… and doesn’t want to pay his bill ’cause he can’t be sexy and have his wallet with him at the same time

  29. AvA says:

    My wallet stays in my back pocket. Someone would have to get my keys off (which are carabinered to a belt loop) to get to my wallet, and the keys are tucked into the pocket overlapping the wallet, so the act of removing my keys would cause my wallet to move.

    The fact that I don’t wear pants that could double as a parachute may help. At work I also have a large green box-cutter overlapping my keys and sticking out of my pocket, like a dagger hilt or something. Removing things from my back pockets without my permission is a sure-fire way to get my attention and, if you attempt to run, multiple bruises well before the police arrive. An unfortunate drunkard found that out the hard way one day.

  30. Brogan says:

    Looks like Biff also misplaced the tan for his legs, too… 😛 Cool comic.

  31. Erik says:

    Weird. Just tonight, I lost my wallet in a public place for the first time in my life. It fell out of my pocket as I was walking into a 7/11. Luckily, nobody spotted it before me.

  32. The Dukenator says:

    Somehow Biff reminds me of Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes. The one where Calvin has to do a math problem at the board and ripped a hole in his pants earlier. Worse, he found out that he was wearing little rocket underpants.

  33. The Dukenator says:

    It’s a good thing that Biff’s underwear wasn’t edible.
    I know of a guy who said he’ll eat his underwear for some game info. Of course, he never did, but still..

  34. Biff says:

    Leaving my wallet at home, when I don’t need it, helps cut down on impulse buying. Unfortunately, on more than one occasion, I have gotten to the checkout and realized that I forgot to bring it with me when I did need it.

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