#918 – Fold

Maybe in the future instead of giving us healthier junk food at work and school they will just make it really annoying to get. Instead of the bag of chips falling dow the chute you’ll have to continuously turn a large wheel for 3 minutes to slowly lower it off the shelf. Kind of like how we rarely have ice cream here in the house. We have to want it enough to drive out to the ice cream shop and get an individual serving. Diet via laziness.


19 thoughts on “#918 – Fold”

  1. Ziriath says:

    Hehehehe:D Very nice…”Insert peace crane below”:D
    I’ve never seen a vending machine accepting notes, our ones are constructed for coins. But sometimes inserted coins keep falling through or the down hatch refuse to open after food release. It’s quite frustrating.

  2. Nii says:

    That has to be one of the best diet plans I’ve ever heard. XD

  3. Polymorph says:

    I used to have crane making down to a science. I’ve make cranes that were 18″ big to ones that had to be made with tweezers and were barely visible. I’ve also made a crane out of a single ply of tissue paper to prove I could.

  4. Greyryder says:

    That would certainly cut down on my Cheez-It intake….

  5. PTTG says:

    I’ve made cranes out of rice paper while underwater. I’ve made a crane with a tunneling electron microscope, out of a single-atom-thick layer of gold foil. I’ve made cranes out of cranes. I’ve made a paper crane that could lift an aircraft carrier out of the water. I’ve made a paper crane out of a paper-shaped void between two regular pieces of paper.

  6. speearr says:

    Very very good Chris…

  7. Pcpwaa says:

    I’ve made cranes while sick with swine flu. I was once in a coma and made a crane in my sleep. I was jogging though a marathon, and I stopped in the middle of it just to make a crane. I once bungee jumped off the empire state building at midnight while being chased by the cops, and while they were getting me down I made a crane (upside down no less). I’ve made paper cranes out of rugs.

  8. emo bob says:

    ive made a paper crane out of a real crane. i win

  9. Wizard says:

    I usually find that the tricky part is UNfolding a bill to get the machine to take it. Well, that and the machines at work haven’t been programmed to recognize the new series five-dollar bills. Nothing like having a perfectly good five, only to have the machine refuse to believe it’s real money.

  10. solar says:

    lol I feel for biff I could never make a crane to save my life
    which in perspective has always been funny as my sister is amazing at making the dang things

  11. Amy says:

    Paper cranes made out of bandanas don’t last long.

  12. Random says:

    I don’t know how to make a crane, but I can make a ninja star. I think I did it once with dollars as well. I love the vending machine,
    I want one :).

  13. sco3tt says:

    I made a crane and used it to lift a car. Turns out I made the wrong kind of crane.

  14. Linzleh says:

    Paper cranes for snacks! What a hoot…wait that’s owls, humm what’s a crane noise? Anyway, we could all learn a crafty new skill & drool for snacks watching the nature channel…Poor Biff left out in the “fold”

  15. weerd2normal says:

    i would never get anything from that machine, i can only make a paper wad

  16. Brad says:

    That is awesome.

  17. Matt Lee says:

    I gotta say of all the jokes that Chris has ever done in this comic, this has to be in the top ten!

  18. “Maybe in the future instead of giving us healthier junk food at work and school they will just make it really annoying to get.”
    It already is. After a set of vending machines constantly either ate my money or couldn’t read any of my one-dollar bills, I decided I would always just walk across the street and pay more for a real human to accept my money, because he always would.

  19. tahrey says:

    That’s actually a very effective method of getting into the healthy eating habit, I’ve found. Shop to a list, make sure the list includes plenty of salad, non-soda drinks etc and minimal junk food (enough to cover a very occasional snack or treat), and not too much meat or fatty spreads / sauces / dressings either. What soda, ice cream, etc you do buy, get in the smallest possible size. I buy the 12-packs of half-size cans. One of those is closer to a decent “serving” than the regular size (and even more so vs the typical “single serving” plastic bottle), and if you feel the need for a sugar hit or bubbles on your tongue it’s a nice, low impact method. Plus there’s no pressure to finish the bottle when it starts losing its fizz. It’s a little more expensive by volume, but you make it back by not consuming anywhere near as much. Maybe one a day on average, if that.

    Oh, and learn how to both cook and make good salads, to make better use of what you buy 🙂 and stock up the spice rack.

    Then when you get peckish you may end up having a half can of tuna and a bit of sweet-corn or chopped pepper, with a dash of malt vinegar, tarragon and chili-garlic dip, wrapped in a crunchy lettuce leaf….. healthier, more filling and tastier than the bag of chips or nachos you may otherwise have scarfed. If you want a second, larger one, you can always break up some of the limited nacho ration into the tuna mix and they’ll still go a lot further per dose of oil ‘n’ salt. And a glass of OJ, skimmed milk or just good ol’ tap water to go with (adding fluids is the secret method to making meals seem bigger btw – the stomach knows no difference)

    It takes a couple of minutes to prepare but still far less effort and time than going back out to the store.

    ……..so why is my gut still so big? 😀
    (A: lack of exercise, living back with Ma after keeping to the described routine whilst at college and being about 30 lbs lighter, and possibly some genetic basis… my dad is even bigger around the middle)

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