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Fortunately I’ve never been pulled over for speeding. Usually the only time that I speed is during rush hour traffic on the highway where I would wind up causing a horrible accident if I drove anything less than 20 mph over the limit. Occasionally there will be a state trooper mixed into the flow driving right along with us. That’s always a weird feeling.


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  1. Ray A. says:

    Me, I used to get speeding tix about once a year on average, usually for something like “50 in a 35 zone” (read: “lead-footed idiot not paying attention”). Then I got a newer vehicle with that blessing of blessings … CRUISE CONTROL. Those little buttons on the steering wheel have saved me hundreds.

  2. PsychoDuck says:

    The initials “SILF” both intrigue and terrify me.

    The Duck Has Spoken.

  3. Sciuridae says:

    Here, they’re not “traffic laws”, they’re “traffic suggestions”. I’ve never been pulled over for speeding, but I can always use the “hey, you caught me, so you were speeding as well” to avoid the ticket (and land some jail time in exchange).

  4. Zephir says:

    I’ve managed to get 1 speeding ticket, and boy did I earn it. 40 in a 30 and would have been much faster if I hadn’t seen the cop. Of course, I was also quite young at the time; I’m blaming that.

  5. SpriteMeister says:

    @PsychoDuck: Check out the forum. You’ll recognize many of the decals.
    I guess that answers the question of what they’re about.

  6. dartigen says:

    Ah, rush-hour traffic…here, if you do any more than 20 under the speed limit, you’ll cause a horrible accident.

    Granted, our cops are slackers. I’m lucky to see one patrol car in a week.

  7. Iggy says:

    here in the uk if you go 1mph over any speed limit and your get a ticket from a speeding camera, sucks ass, and now their talking about lowering 30mph speed limits to 25mph XD im just glad my land rover is auto and has low range XD

  8. John says:

    NASCAR biff style!

  9. Junior Crowley says:

    I got a speeding ticket just north of Louisville, Kentucky.

    It was quite literally word for word of Hagar’s I Can’t Drive 55.

    (I hope the italics worked. c.c)

  10. Silfedac says:

    Yes! I’ve finally hit the big times!

  11. Hershey says:

    Its hard to get a ticket for speeding here.
    Occasionally, they’ll pull you over, but its usually just a warning.

  12. baughbe says:

    Now I want a Sparkle Pop!

  13. i.half4 says:

    Hey, I just noticed. Just what *is* Biff fixing to the back of that steam engine choo choo?

  14. Space Butler says:

    My philosophy is that I have at least 5mph that I can freely go over the speed limit before it starts getting dangerous. I’ve yet to, and don’t intend to, explain this to a cop, though.

  15. Space Butler says:

    Also, the only influence Biff’s clothes will have on the judge will be to convince him to sample his many fine sponsors.

  16. ladyamethyst83 says:

    omg i’ve never had a speeding ticket but in the last 6 months my mom has got two of them. and she drives for a transportation service for dialysis patients (both of them not while on the job)

  17. Ziriath says:

    I’ve never had our alternative of speeding ticket, cos my dad always shout at me if I dont pay attention and drive too fast. I think 50km/h (Czech speed limit in the cities and villages) is not appropriate for engine running of our car… Too fast for the third gear, too slow for the fourth gear..

  18. Ziggy Stardust says:

    OH MY GOSH that is the cutest thing ever!
    My logo has secured a spot on Biff’s abdomen! This is the happiest day of my life!

  19. The Scarf says:

    Influencing the judge or influencing the Jury?

    I’m on Biffs right shoulder! 😀

  20. Church says:

    I love the rocket engine biff is putting on the back of that toy train in the top picture bar:D

  21. asbduhas says:

    Is the “pie man” on Biff’s jacket a reference to Buttersafe?

  22. mad mule says:

    i have only one speeding ticket but there was a time where it fel like i was pulled over once every two months for something at that time i was drivng a fire truck red pickup that was lifted and was not quiet and i am a teenager all of that stopped after i got my sleeper yes that little car is faster then the truck was but it does not attract that much attentionj

  23. Torg says:

    @asbduhas: No, Pieman is a member of the Bifforum, just like all of the other sponsors except Sparkle Pop.

  24. Lich king says:

    *jawdrop* ….I was in the comic…..well my initials were anyway, but I was in the comic! Chris you really do rock hard, honestly.

  25. frullic says:

    Where I live everyone drives like idiots… Everyone in Canada agrees that the roads in the province of Quebec are made of speeding, potholes, and jerks. I lived in a few provinces, and the difference is noticeable even near the borders. If you try to cross a street in Quebec, everyone speeds, no one will stop, in fact people will go faster and if it’s raining they will try to splash you. In Nova Scotia, Ontario, or just about everywhere else people will slowly stop, wave at you and smile, waiting patiently for you to cross, then they’ll slowly press the gas pedal and drive just a bit under the speed limit.

  26. Linzleh says:

    I’ve had 3…first with my new Toyota pickup-35 in a 30 almost got out of it but oops, left it in neutral and it rolled back to smash into the front of the cop car; second, oh I so deserved it in the rented V6 Mustang; the third started when I backed out of the garage & ripped off my mirror, driving & crying don’t mix, can’t figure out why the cop didn’t comment on the hanging mirror…anyway a cop friend fixed it. Good luck Biff!

  27. Sigurdgram says:

    is that pieman logo based off the mega man one?

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