#902 – Drained

It took a long time for me to jump off the diving board for the first time. I went to my local pool for years before finally getting enough courage to use the low board. That turned out to be really fun and eventually I made it up to the high dive. I never did anything fancy though. It was pretty much just a little hop and fall.

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20 thoughts on “#902 – Drained”

  1. gege says:

    Chris, I am exactly the same way. Hop and fall :). ESPECIALLY for the high dive. I always wanted to dive or do a flip off the high dive, but no, I could not.

  2. Madness says:

    Now how’s he going to get himself out of that one…

  3. Rainel says:

    I remember my first time diving off the diving board. I think I’ve done it twice since then, since the first time scared me half to death. I was in 5th grade and the whole school went to a camp for a field day sort of thing, and they had two pools, one for swimming in and one for diving in. The one for diving was 15 feet deep, and after about an hour of people telling me I really should try it, I finally got up there. I’m near blind without glasses (can see about a half inch from my face without) and so I wear them all the time. So I was wearing my glasses when I went diving and no one suggested I take them off. So I jumped off the board and went under… and lost my glasses. I paniced while I was under water because I couldn’t see, and I couldn’t tell which way was up. After letting myself float to the surface I freaked out. It took about twenty minutes for someone to listen to me to ask someone to go to get my glasses off the bottom of the pool. Hence why I rarely dive. I’ll jump in from the side of the pool though, but not if it’s more than 8 feet.

  4. Space Butler says:

    Archaic diving suits: the coolsuit swimwear EVER.

  5. SilentDragon says:

    uhoh! I don’t see any air hose! I guess it doesn’t matter since the pool seems to be draining away, but those aren’t easy to move about in, and there’s not much air if you don’t have some kind of tank or an air hose. I always think of the big wheel handpumps from “The Adventures of Tintin” Red Rackham’s treasure….oh great, now I feel the need to go read Tintin, but I don’t own any of them….

  6. Drakey says:

    I love those things, pretty much no matter the context.

  7. Matt Lee says:

    Just twist that valve on the top of his head to drain the pool.

  8. ZeoViolet says:

    Has anyone ever done an accidental belly flop? OWOWOW!!!!

    I can dive; my sister was on the swim team in high school and taught me both how to swim (until I got better than her, much to her consternation) and how to dive. Now with diving, I was pretty chicken, and that ended up with a lot of painful belly flops because I hesistated. It took quite a while, but I remember the first time I actually gathered all my courage and pointed my body downwards regardless. I’ve been able to dive since, although nothing as fancy as what she could put out. To her, bad enough I became better at swimming (her and all her friends) when I was an overweight kid.

  9. Redmage says:

    I’m surprised Biff isn’t accidentally strangling himself with his eyebrows, wrapped around him two or three times….

  10. emo bob says:

    ouch, painful memories…
    took a $15 dare in high school and bellyflopped off the high dive… i passed out for a moment when i hit and my stomach was red for days

  11. Batdan says:

    CANNONBALL!!! *sploosh*

  12. baughbe says:

    Wha… Isn’t that a wind-up key on top of the helmet?

  13. baughbe says:

    Clockwork Biff?

  14. SirBaggsQHeadington says:

    Psh, diving. It took me years to go down a water slide at a pool I go to sometimes. Even then, I don’t bother to go on it.

    (but that may partially be because I can’t swim, but whatever)

  15. Ziriath says:

    Yeah, it took me very, very long time too to jump off the diving board (on a tree) to the lake…Even it was only 5 meters high and I am without my glasses almost blind.
    I love swings on trees over the water. But the only one lake with a swing I know has terrible water:-/

  16. Radical Edward says:

    I never used a diving board. Mainly because I can’t swim.

  17. Wizard says:

    Weird coincidence time: I read this while watching Mythbusters, and they were doing an experiment featuring a diving suit.

  18. MaskedMan says:

    I never took a high dive until I joined the submarine fleet… Anchored off Williams Cove, the Channel Islands… Swim call… Shark watch with the high-power rifle… Fairwater planes the only clean way into the water… Dive or be called a sissy… I dove.

    It was fun.

  19. Acies says:

    Oh good, I’m not the only one who can’t swim ^^;;

  20. Nokore says:

    I can doggy-paddle.. Does that count? >>;

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