#887 – Cold

I wonder if things like Google maps and GPS has changed the food delivery business. I know cell phones were definitely a big deal. It used to be if they couldn’t find your place you had to wait for them to get back to home base before you found out. Now the driver can call you direct to fine tune the details. “Look to your left… see the guy jumping up and down and waving? Yeah, I’m one house to the left of him.”

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22 thoughts on “#887 – Cold”

  1. Metal Matt says:

    Early comic tonight, huh Chris?

    I actually have done that before… I called a pizza place near my old house and didn’t realize it until I gave them my address and realized I was 3 hours away from them.

  2. gelugon2105 says:

    Ordering pizza using call numbers of outlets close to one’s home will not necessarily result in a quick delivery either. Sometimes, one’s call gets routed to a central call center, who then allocates the order to any particular outlet that happens to be relatively free at the time – even if its hundreds of kilometers away.

  3. MCwildcat says:

    quote “Look to your left… see the guy jumping up and down and waving? Yeah, I’m one house to the left of him.”

    all i have to say to that is just wow…….

  4. i.half4 says:

    Bodily functions week? Biff really has to go. Biff realizes five hours later that he’s really getting hungry now…

  5. i.half4 says:

    OK. I forgot Tuesday, but… Biff was carrying a sample case. Is Biff maybe a salesman? It is written there is a Biff who was a son of a salesman… Death. Is it not also a bodily function?

  6. Sven says:

    Nah, it’s unexpected delays week.

  7. baughbe says:

    And the delivery charge is…..

  8. SirBaggsQHeadington says:

    I’m guessing that this week’s theme is “Waiting”.

  9. MaskedMan says:

    I delivered in the bad ol’ days of 30 minutes or free… Man, we were cowboys! Did some INSANE things to get where we were going on time – suicide runs, using roads and even bridges that were still under construction… you name it!

    The delivery business is a lot more civilized now, from that perspective, anyway. The wild-west days of cut-throat driving are done.

  10. Solace says:

    And he has a red phone, just like me…I’d better check my pizza delivery numbers…

  11. i.half4 says:

    @ MaskedMan: “It’s ** miles to Chicago. We got a full tank a gas, a half a pack a cigarettes, it’s dark, and we’re wearing sunglasses.”

    “Hit it.”

    I read once (in a fairly reliable media source, as I seem to recall) that they were developing 3D molecular “printers” which would be capable of assembling actual products using the same process 2D printers use to reassemble documents. Can telepizza be so far off now?

    Sorry if that puts out of a job. I also heard Alan Greenspan was an accolyte of the way of Ayn Rand. Perhaps the candlemakers will be hiring again soon enough.

    ….Sorrry, again about all that. I’m done for now.

  12. The Scarf says:

    They have these things that make 3D objects out of one type of material. Jay Leno has one. You need an object to copy the shape of though. It’s not inconceivable to think that someone will develop a way to get the end result just by inserting numbers. Of course, to make something edible you would also need to have the proper foodmaterials in the printer.

    This is going to happen in the future. It’s probably gonna be a few decades before they really perfect it though.

  13. 3agle87 says:

    Since I started working at a pizza joint I can vouch for some of the crazy places people call from…never had anyone named biff yet tho

  14. Dack Dackerson says:

    I Deliver Pizza in Santa Ynez California, and I will say, GPS makes it a whole hell of a lot easier…. I just moved up here 3 months ago, and I still haven’t learned the area because of GPS… but yes, it does change things

  15. Radical Edward says:

    Ordering pizza is predictable since I order pizza without the tomato sauce (I did say I’m allergic to tomatoes) and they know it’s me since I have a bunch of plush dolls on the windowsill.

  16. DracoZereul says:

    @MaskedMan – my mom used to exploit the hell out of that old policy. Our house was kinda tucked away and hard to spot. The only thing we had that noted what number we were was our mailbox; no sidewalk, so no little white tag on the side, and the front of the house was enveloped by a tree so we couldn’t put our number on the wall anywhere.

    Mom would basically just give them the address, and it’d always take them over 30 minutes to get to/find us. I think I remember her saying a few poor guys had to circle the street a couple times before he saw the mailbox XD

  17. weerd2normal says:

    i have never done this, but i have ordered pizza and forgot that i ordered it, and i have called a pizz place that was in oregon and ordered a pizza, stated my adress and they just hung up.

  18. ZachLight says:

    well….he’ll have a free pizza =D!

  19. Random says:

    I wonder.. did Biff move again? And I can’t believe it took him that long to realize that.

  20. Croc says:

    We ordered a pizza once after a few rounds. Needless to say, when we received a hot, fresh, pizza, we were too distracted in our weakened mental state to worry about the 45 minutes we just waited for it. Many a toast was made to the Pizza Hut guy.

  21. SGD says:

    well, not exactly sure about GPS etc.
    but i know that where i live, we have a delivery service that you can add on MSN or Yahoo or Gmail, all the chat carriers and these accounts are active all day and all you do is say “i want to order” and within 5 minutes someone will be on the other side taking your order…
    you don’t even have to call them. so, that has most certainly revolutionised the food delivering industry.

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