#867 – Sync

Ok let’s see, here’s that new hard drive I want to install into my computer. So I’ll just shut down here and then I’ll just…

“Windows will now install new updates.”


To be fair though, a lot of auto updating behavior is a good idea, but it will inevitably hit you with a long one at an inconvenient time.

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33 thoughts on “#867 – Sync”

  1. gelugon2105 says:

    Um… I do not quite fathom this strip (which is why I like the Book of Biff). Has Biff’s jeans shrunk such that all the stuff in his pockets dropped out?

  2. Moddington says:

    Shrunk? Nah, what happened to them is more likely related to the sound “poof”!

  3. PTTG says:

    Think back to our battery-powered coffee cup…

    I like it, though I wonder what kinds of radiation those force fields put out… or what kind of security updates a pair of pants needs.

  4. MaskedMan says:

    I pre-emptively update. I don’t allow my computer to choose it’s moment – I can guarantee that it’d choose just the wrong moment if I did. Like just as I was confronting the end-mission boss…

    @ gelugon2105;
    His pants have re-booted. Which means they’re not there until they complete rebooting. Once that’s done, Biff can pick up his keys, wallet, and stuff, and get on with his day.

    Thank Og my pants don’t reboot – The world is not prepared for that visual! Oh, and nice to see Biff still wears teh stylin’ socks!

  5. Drakey says:

    No, they rebooted. They are off and waiting to come back on.

    I’m so glad clothes don’t work like computers.

  6. MadKanga says:

    Gelugon – you just do not want to see the whole picture!

  7. ladyamethyst83 says:

    man. that would be really cold.. and really embarrassing…

  8. Matt Lee says:

    I like his socks.

    Anyway, thanks to my ill-gotten addspace I have brought new people to my site! Thanks Chris!

  9. LazerWulf says:

    I’ve got my Windows Update set to “Download Updates Automatically, But Let Me Choose When To Install Them.”

  10. T3chW01f says:

    Hell I don’t even let them download on their own cause who knows they might start downloading during that boss or a crucial sniping moment and skyrocket my ping.

    They have to wait for my permission to download and install.

  11. Polymorph says:

    I saw this strip and I thought the pun was about Biff’s boots. Until I looked more upwards.

  12. Hezzu says:

    Hey Chris you can actually select if you want to install the updates while you reboot just click the little text that says it.

    Awesome comic as always.

  13. Matt Lee says:

    I’m sorry. After this I won’t post anymore today. This is rather off topic but I just had one of my random thoughts again…whatever happened to Bill Waterson?

  14. mrmeval says:

    That is what the detachable power cord is for. A quick yank is all it takes. Yes I mourn the lost of the large red switch.

  15. Amanda says:

    I hope he isn’t wearing silly Underoos today!

  16. Mophtran says:

    “Okay, I just installed this new awesome game… Now to just restart and…”




  17. Tigergulp says:

    Ppsh. I only install updates that are aimed at the programs I use consistently. Anything else is just ignored. And nice socks! I think I have a pair like that!

    Also, for the ladies, boxers or briefs? XD

  18. g0r_D says:

    I bet that they would be Incredible Hulk Underoos judging from the color combo Biff is going with today.

  19. Solace says:

    Inevitably. Also, as always, coolest socks in The Multiverse. That’s right, The Multiverse.

  20. phil says:

    The worst part is, when it’s done, you still have Windows.

  21. Kasain says:

    Yeah, I just turned the automatic updates off after about the 5th time it closed my WOW screen and I died…. that gets really annoying sometimes. Also, in the middle of an important conversation and then they get all pissed of and think you left on purpose >.> not good, lol, and yes, I think we are all glad that we can’t see the rest of the picture, haha, that would be so much more inconvenient if clothes did this >.<

  22. dartigen says:

    Ahh, automatic updates. How I hate them.

    I’m not sure what’s worse – they take forever, or they tend to steal the last few MB of my precious precious data.

  23. reynard61 says:

    That, or the installer won’t even *read* the new harddrive — or, in fact, *ANY* HD other than the one that needs replacing. @#$%ing Windows…

    (And people wonder why I prefer Mac???)

  24. Giga says:

    Virus = Very Yes.

  25. -2! says:

    Those updates are optional, you can chose to do it later (If you notice the shield).

    To be fair, some updates force a restart in 2 minutes… unless your an admin, in which case you can delay it.

    To be fair I can’t remember the last time one of them happened. They only happen when its a super critical update.

    Or is that because I told it not to do that (in which case its getridofable)

    Haven’t commented in a while, what can I say University is hectic!

  26. Space Butler says:

    Biff should have stuck with denim XP, it’s much more reliable.

    I must confess, that was a nuclear fission burn.

  27. Linzleh says:

    Apparently there’s a manual aspect to Biff’s denim re-boot…maybe he’ll end up with cargo pants! Biff could then explore new Vistas (talk about updates!?) Cool sox.

  28. Acies says:

    I write very inefficient programs, but hey, they work. So I’d set my computer to run my program while I go home for the night, so I can analyze my graphs in the morning.
    Then I come to work, and my graphs aren’t there! Down at the corner, there’s a little pop up bubble that says “Your Windows has just been updated!”
    Note the little exclamation mark. Like a child going “Look Mom! I just repainted the house rainbow colours! =D”
    No Windows, I’m not impressed… not impressed at all! >=( Now I have to run my very inefficient program all over again *grumble grumble grumble*

  29. Gunslinger says:

    Ironically, the security update was to improve protection against deactivation by outside users.

  30. NiHZ says:

    Hah. Automatic updates. You have 8 things open, haven’t saved a thing, and poof. “HI WE’RE REBOOTING NOW LOL.” There goes the first hour of my 3D project and all the photoshopping and illustrator-ing that goes with it. 8(

    Thank you Microsoft. Thank you very much.

  31. Nokore says:

    xD NiHZ. You made me giggle like a crazy person. But I know how that feels…

    *In the middle of SPORE’s creature creator*

    AW, it’s so cute!-

    *Spontaneous re-boot, updating stage 1 of 3*


    *3 hours later*

    *Updating, stage 2 of 3*


  32. Ziriath says:

    @Amanda: Biff has no silly underwear! He owns awesome underwear only!:):)

    I like his socks. Very good strip!
    I blocked all the win update, so I install it only if I want to:)

  33. Cari says:

    Try auto-updating several months worth of stuff at once. Your computer is useless for a week

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