#857 – Extract

I think deleted scenes are my favorite special feature for movies. I don’t have time to go through the hours and hours of behind the scenes extras anymore. Getting to see a couple little extra moments from a movie you enjoy is a nice reward.

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26 thoughts on “#857 – Extract”

  1. Pazno says:

    The outtake film would probably be better than a lot of the movies out there.

  2. Booger says:

    Amazing! I finally caught up!
    I love watching deleted scenes too 😀

  3. Heinrich says:

    roflol sheer awesome

  4. Felix says:

    I want films produced by Biff Inc. …

  5. Drakey says:

    Ha! I prefer the outtakes, too. They just don’t include them on the right films.
    They should be attached to campy horror movies (Jason pops through the door, trips, falls over, breaks his machete in half, and starts yelling four-letter words), brooding dramas (“Mother has cancer of the… umm… dammit. Cancer of the thingy. You know, that thing?”), Dark scifi cult classics (Donnie Darko and the guy-in-the-rabbit-suit-bumping-into-things-thirty-minute-blooper-montage!), good Star Trek movies (KHAAAAAAAAAA-hic-DAMMIT!), and bad Star Trek movies (Enjoying Star Trek V? Watch it through again after the show, but without the parts that were *deliberately* funny!), among others.

    Mostly, a blooper reel should be for emotional release after a movie that kicks the emotional crap out of you.

  6. The Dukenator says:

    What do you think Chris has in mind for Biff? Doing a Biff movie that appears in theaters?

  7. The Dukenator says:

    Also is it me or does Biff have boobs? That could also be his shoulder, but dunno

  8. Hershey says:

    Its just you, Dukenator, I see no chest xD

    Deleted scenes are okay. I want bloopers. HAY LOL RANDOM DANCING.

  9. Rasheed says:

    There have been afternoons where I’d pop in Office DVDs and have marathons of deleted scenes completely out of context and barely even try to guess the episode.

  10. Micah says:

    I guess it’s composite week.

  11. Micah says:

    Also…I don’t ever watch extras on a DVD. If it’s deleted and I’m watching it, chances are it’s a director’s cut or something. I find it pointless when they advertise movies to include the extras when I’m like “I just want the movie. The rest is just tacked on.”

    Though I do sometimes like to watch the trailers for the movie.

  12. Cuzn Jimmy says:

    Reminds me of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back where the deleted scenes segment was longer than the movie.

  13. Kree says:

    Everytime I look at this comic I hear Morbo’s voice say “CDS DO NOT WORK THAT WAY!” (from this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQg8JKo_3ZQ )

  14. Solace says:

    I’ve often wanted to do that to a CD as well. Just take the songs you want off of a few different ones and patch them together! But then I frequently have an impulse to tear off a bit of a dollar bill for things that require change and I don’t currently have any, or I’m too lazy or scared to dig some out from the bottom of my purse…

  15. DFormed says:

    I always wish they’d include an option to re-insert deleted scenes into the feature. I was convinced this would happen in the run-up to DVD primacy, but it never happened.

  16. jeremythedog says:

    my wife would buy any DVD if bloopers were promised on the back.

  17. sco3tt says:

    Some of the movies I’ve seen this year I would gladly trade for a few hours of bloopers from those movies.

    hmm, strange sentence structure there, think it’s time for bed.

  18. Lich king says:

    The theme is definitly putting things together to make new things….nice one Chris

  19. Chaos Kiwi says:

    My guess is saving as the theme.

  20. g0r_D says:

    Absurd frugality

  21. Nyx says:

    Funny how you drew the CD… True story:

    Years ago I worked Tech Support for a unmentionable Big Blue company. Occasionally we would get asinine calls, which, to the amusement of all, would be placed on speakerphone for “additional support.”

    One day, my boss receives a call, and with the ubiquitous, “Allow me to escalate your issue,” he puts the caller on speaker and flags us all over. Upon being asked to repeat his question, the caller asks us, “I rolled over my Windows CD in my desk chair and it broke in half. CAN I FIX IT WITH SCOTCH TAPE?”

    My boss, cool as you please, replied, “Absolutely not, don’t be ridiculous!

    You have to use ELECTRICAL tape.”

    “Ohhh! I guess that would make sense,” says the caller. He never called back, but I’ve always wondered if he was actually THAT dumb.

  22. The Dukenator says:

    @DFormed: Some DVDs have that option.

  23. The Dukenator says:

    @Hershey: You’re right about the chest. But I can’t imagine Biff with boobs unless there was a female version of Biff.

  24. Gregg E. says:

    DFormed, they did that with one of the Austin Powers DVDs where you could watch the theater cut or watch it with some deleted scenes re-inserted.

  25. i like to use wooden desk chairs in comparison with those plastic ones-‘,

  26. Tech says:

    I love seeing them too. I always wonder why they got cut…

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