#844 – Champ

The first time I ever went bowling was with my cub scout group. I’m sure it must have been a pretty low key game with a bunch of little kids that barely had enough strength to lift the ball. I think we all used the two handed between the legs method. I won with the high score of 82. I’m still pretty excited about that.


20 thoughts on “#844 – Champ”

  1. Drakey says:

    I think I might’ve gotten more than an 82… um… once or twice…. in my life.

  2. Steriema says:

    It is quite obvious that you are still excited about it. It dates from your scout group, and you still remember it…
    Biff can be proud. I’ve never won a trophy. Might be because here in Belgium we are not that trophy-minded (only at sport teams). But high school trophies, we don’t have those… I’ve always wanted a trophy! 🙁

  3. MaskedMan says:

    Last time I was in league, I think my average was something like 115. 😛
    One night, on a fluke, I rolled a 260… I felt like a rockstar. My team was doing the “we’re not worthy” bit, whilst the other team was slackjawed as we stomped them into the dirt.

    The leage bought me a cheap $5 watch to commemerate me blasting my average by more than 100 pins. I think I’d rather had the defective trophy. 😀

  4. Croc says:

    @MaskedMan I get over 260 all the time!
    …On Wii bowling…

  5. Sven says:

    Ooh, did you use the rubber bands to block the gutters? 🙂

    I was a cub scout too, and we probably went bowling at some point, I honestly can’t remember.

  6. Grent says:

    No-ball bowling… is that human bowling? Because human bowling is actually really entertaining.

  7. baughbe says:

    I once lost a new girlfriend over bowling. She took me out on a double date with friends of hers who were into bowling. Me, I had bowled maybe 5 times in my life at that point and she knew it. These people were really serious about their bowling, down to the gloves and personalized balls. I out scored them all. It wasn’t that I did really well, they were actually that bad. Things went downhill from there…..

  8. Chris says:

    @Sven – Nope, there were plenty of gutter balls.

  9. MaskedMan says:

    Then your form is likely better than mine. 😛
    I belong to the Brute Force scchool of bowling – Take a fairly heavy ball, and blast it down the lane like a cannon shot. No hook to speak of, but MAN, do the pins ever fly! I’ve even picked up a few 7-10 splits by brute force – Blast the seven pin into the wall hard enough, and it’ll riccochet all over, usually clearing the ten pin.

  10. sco3tt says:

    I used to be on a drinking team that had a slight bowling habit. We eventually were banned from the lanes for life, so went back to just drinking.

    Yeah, that’s how I roll. Get it, roll, like in bowling? You roll the ball! HA! Oh man, I slay me.

  11. Nicoli20 says:

    Recently, me and my family went bowling. My younger brothers used the bumper to block the gutters, so I naturally had a lower score than them…else I would’ve won…probably…

  12. Not Me says:

    My bowling ability seems very erratic. If I remember correctly, my lowest score was 68 and my highest was 196, with no consistent “normal range” and no real evidence of general improvement over time.

  13. Miles says:

    I am the absolute worst at bowling. On Tekken bowl (on Tekken Tag on the PS2) I can get +, but in real life my best score is 24. Chris, got linked over from Schlock Mercenary, and have been working my way through the archives, I enjoy you comic, Chris

  14. Vosur says:

    I think the no-ball bowling is a sport for telekinetics.

  15. Kasain says:

    I’ve noticed that I tend to bowl the best on the third game, which is odd but awesome, cause that usually means that I’ll win that one since everyone else is tired, haha, I think my best score was like, 183 or something like that though, I have bad wrists T-T mby I should invest in one of those wrist protectey thingies…

  16. caffiend says:

    Actually saw someone bowl a perfect 300 once. Guy was both proud and pissed all at the same time…. since it was his warm-up round. Then the tournament started

  17. ladyamethyst83 says:

    finally after 3 days of reading i can post something. LOVE this comic. don’t know how i haven’t known about it for so long.

  18. DrMelon says:

    I usually get upwards of 180 when bowling: the trick is to make sure you don’t put any spin on the ball, but do not launch it straight down the middle. A tad to the left or right is preferable; most strikes are won this way.

  19. justryan says:

    i joined my first bowling league this fall after being an intermittent bowler for the last 8 years…when i bowl with my teammates, i average in the 130s-140s. if i bowl alone, i average between 103-140. strange how that works.

  20. SurveySays says:

    My mom was big on wanting me 2 do things she was great at. yea other ppl had moms who wanted to live unexperianced dreams thru them. my mom liked/re/living things through me. she signed me up for bowling and i sucked. swim team? sucked. Horse riding? sucked. yea. it was a great self-esteem boost. “I’m sorry im not as great as you are mom! now can i PLEASE have my paint set back? I want to finish my watercolor. I get that you won awards for swimming but i hate water. seriously. i don’t care that you have a ton of first place trophys for bowling. Have you looked at me? do i look like i could lift that thing? can i go finish my book now? are you going to give me back my paints? are you /listening?/ what do you mean you signed me up for the track team???

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