#841 – Cramped

This seems to happen to me a lot. Every time I bust out a suitcase to go on a trip I find a shirt or two that never got unpacked from the last time. They are usually good shirts too. Ones that were cool enough to make it on the short list for the last trip. Apparently they weren’t cool enough to notice they were missing, but still. It’s kind of exciting. Not like birthday exciting. But it’s definitely something.


19 thoughts on “#841 – Cramped”

  1. Jess says:

    Biff has some packing skill…takes YEARS of training and practice to pack a suitcase that tight.

  2. yeah I have bags of stuff in my room from last time I vacationed. then add that to moving….

  3. JSW says:

    I wish I could pack laundry together like that. It would be simple to load the washer, just toss the whole brick in one go.

  4. SilentDragon says:

    old-ish stuff lying around theme?

    I notice Biff is very good at packing, looks like a lot of clothes.

  5. Greyryder says:

    So, I’m the only one who saw that, and thought “Eeewwww!”

  6. jahg says:

    A definite 9/10 for suitcase tidiness, but… I’m with Greyryder on the “Eww” factor. :/



  7. CommunistPrime says:

    It’s like finding cash in your winter jackets!

  8. baughbe says:

    And Featuring This Week: ” Memories, Light the corners of my mind, Misty water-colored memories……” Oh yeah, its definitely the laughter.

  9. Chris says:

    @Greyryder – That is the correct response!

  10. -2! says:

    @ Chris

    Then apparently I had the wrong response. I am going on Vacation tomorrow and you Just went and made me more excited.

    I probably said this last time I commented but I still read this every day just been very busy with getting ready to go to University. (on that note I am going to be not reading it until I get back from Cedar Point on Saturday at which point I will catch up).

    With all the moving out I am doing, attic week sure does strike an extra cord with me right now! 🙂

  11. jeremythedog says:

    yeah, i had to throw out clothes after my last vacation. mexico. it’s very humid there.

  12. MaskedMan says:

    “Things one finds in the basement” week.

    I’ve opened that suitcase… Usually in my case, it’s an old sea bag. Even neatly packed away and clean, dungarees will fuse into a solid block of denim if left long enough. 😛

    Join the military – any military – and you can learn to pack tighter than that in eight to twelve weeks.

    You are correct, Sir! (M’am?) I’ve also opened a forgotten sea bag after a long deployment – Given half a chance, laundry will go feral on you. 😀

  13. Hershey says:

    I never unpacked, really, after anything. I’d pull out all the dirty laundry, throw it in the wash, then leave the suit case open and wear the premade outfits happily.
    Having all my clothes thought out and over for the next week is a big relief for a girl like me. .-.

  14. Metaright says:

    I’d sell that chunk of clothes on eBay.

    After all, a piece of toast went for $20.

  15. sco3tt says:

    I had a suit that didn’t show up when I got home from a wedding once. Turns out it got a job offer and is now managing in a video store in Spokane. I get a card at Christmas every year, but we don’t talk much anymore. This comic made me sort of sad at first, but still I’m glad I knew that suit at least for a little while.

  16. ZachLight says:

    I do that sometimes to, forget about dirty clothes…

  17. Mad David says:

    Loosely speaking, “things comming out of boxes” week!

  18. reynard61 says:

    I’m gonna go with “Misplaced Nostalgia” week…

  19. Elkian says:

    *dashes for case by the door* oh CRAP

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