#824 – Merge

When I was a kid there was a sink hole that appeared in my friend’s back yard. It had a 3 foot wide opening that led underground into a little chamber. Thinking back on it, we really shouldn’t have been going in there. But I guess that is a common thing for kids to do… things they really shouldn’t be doing.

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20 thoughts on “#824 – Merge”

  1. Three of Nineteen says:

    Isn’t this kinda cheating, using the same caption for the comic 5 days in a row? Yes, I know it makes sense, but… still.

  2. Amy says:

    Every single summer when we were growing up, my siblings and I tried to dig a hole to the center of the earth. We always ended up digging a waist-deep pit and giving up. Then our parents would fill it in, making it loosely packed and easy to dig out again the next summer.

  3. Grug says:

    This is my new favorite sport. Cave-gazing.

  4. Space Butler says:

    A clear view of the stalactites.

  5. Wriggly says:

    I was so expecting today’s caption to say “Some hobbies can be combined”…

  6. MaskedMan says:

    @Three of Nineteen;
    That’s the whole point. ‘Tis a the week’s theme, yanno.

    Growing up in Colorado, there were a lot of dry washes and ravines – Incredibly dangerous places in the case of a flash-flood, which did happen more than once. That still didn’t stop us from riding our bikes down into them and goofing around – If our parents had known, I might not yet be able to sit down!

  7. Felix says:

    I was a good kid, mostly…

  8. TaintedRose says:

    i dont think i really did much that was very dangerous but then again me and my brother were allowed to play with mini pocket knives, climb the trees in our garden, play around a crate full of some really old tins of paint that smelt really nice (oh dear, solvent abuse?? nah, lol, just a general scent, never sniffing at the tins to get high, lol), shoot air rifles now and then and i had a mini automatic motorbike =D

    also might biff be able to use the telescope as a microscope in this situation??

  9. Chris says:

    @Three of Nineteen – No, I typed it out from scratch each day.

  10. Hershey says:

    But it did combine! He can look at the crystals…Or for a way out.
    Ahh, reminds me of my time at Crystal Cave. Too wet, too icky.

  11. jsg says:

    I wish I was as interesting as Biff… I only have maybe three hobbies. Does thinking about other people’s hobbies constitute a hobby? Four, then.

  12. Kya says:

    Some hobbies CAN be combined successfully: Chess Boxing!

  13. Ziggy Stardust says:

    Ha, if we had had that chamber in our backyard my sister would have lured me in there and filled up the whole. I would have died of fright.

  14. Radical Edward says:

    Back when I lived in the foothills in Monroe, autumn meant flooding and that would cause my father and mother to take an alternate route when they drove into the downtown area.

    Sinkholes are the least of my worries. I never really went exploring where I wasn’t supposed to. The only thing I can remember doing something bad was running off at age 16 and getting caught near an intersection just as it was about to rain. My dad wasn’t mad at me. He used to run off to cool down. To make a long story short, my dad bought me dinner and we discuss about our rebellious sides.

  15. Linzleh says:

    The darkness of space…there was an abandoned silver mine near our house and of course we kids were in there exploring and chipping off rocks for our collections, dangerous yes but ok since Mom wanted us to play outside. Ironically star gazing(a safer activity) wasn’t allowed because Mom wouldn’t let us stay up late!

  16. Rano says:

    I had to dig a ditch once as a job, and at the end of it was a hole. The hole was about neck height, the ditch about waist high. So while I was working I would sometimes walk the path a be like “Ain’t got no body”. Anywho I think the one thing I did as a kid that wasn’t such a super idea, was get on the roof of my high school, I took some pictures, I also tagged one of the walls with a marker.

  17. Grent says:

    @Chris – What a trooper. 😛

  18. Dave says:

    Nice! I love Book of Biff when I need to slide my brain just slightly off-kilter! Dave (5656)

  19. Jess says:

    I just discovered this comic today and I’ve succeeded in reading back to the early #100’s…I will definitely be a regular reader, not many comics actually make me laugh out loud and make my parents look at me funny. xD

  20. Marscaleb says:

    This one made me chuckle.

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