#797 – Cavendish

I never understood hot tubs when I was a kid. We would go somewhere and stay at a hotel with a pool and my brother and I would hang out and swim around for an hour or two. There would always be this extra tiny pool off to the side that was apparently filled with boiling water. Every once in awhile some adult would come by and just sit in it. Where was the fun in that? I came here to play in the pool, not take a bath.

The next time you are in the tub you can take along your fresh copy of book #4 to read!

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22 thoughts on “#797 – Cavendish”

  1. TCC says:

    This method tends to work for me, but then I could never get the bannana to come out of the tub afterward…

  2. speearr says:

    Hey that banana is the same colour as Biff…

  3. Space Butler says:

    I always saw the hot tub as a sort of game called “endure being boiled alive”.

  4. Nicoli20 says:

    So is it also to quickest way to boil a raw egg?

  5. SoySauce says:

    I can’t help seeing that banana as skinny-dipping.

  6. MaskedMan says:

    Obviously, that banana hasn’t been spending enough time in the sun… Talk about being pale!

  7. Back when we lived near a public pool/hottub, my brother would sit in one until he got used to the temperature, then dive straight into the other. The pool, by the way, had no heating.

  8. Croc says:

    @Andore: Wow, that seems like just a terrible idea. It would make the cold water seem that much colder. Or vice versa.

  9. Zuruzuru says:


    Whilst traveling Japan in winter we went to an outdoor hotspring. 2 of my Finish friends had convinced me to roll around in the snow after getting used to the temperature of the hotspring. Keep in mind you’re supposed to be naked in the hotspring.

    I’m still mad about that. The only bright side is that you can stay in the hotspring longer.

  10. Jackson says:

    I had this pegged as Explosive Peeling Week, but today’s kinder, gentler method of peeling has proved me wrong.

    Still, there are some foods with whom you just have to be stern.

  11. baughbe says:

    Once you’ve broken a few bones and gotten a little older, then the a-peel of the hot tub becomes very a-parent

  12. -2! says:

    I hate hot, my comfortable air temperature is about 15 degrees, the only time i have used a hot tub is to make the pool seam nice and cold. Even when i am soar and it feels good, its still way to hot!

  13. Maskdt says:

    Seeing today’s and yesteryday’s comics makes me wonder how Biff would peel an apple.

  14. Ziggy Stardust says:

    Once I went to a hotel in March. It was 50 degrees, way too cold for swimming, but the hotel had a pool- who can pass that up? So I did laps for a while, and then went into the hot tub to warm up, then dove into the pool again to cool down- by the time my father was calling me to dinner, my skin was blue. I regret nothing!

  15. Radical Edward says:

    Best method to peelingopening something week?

  16. Zach Light says:

    A banana hot tub, hahaha

  17. Eleanor says:

    @maskdt: Woodchipper.

  18. Chefs Brian says:

    the true question is, why is biff taking this week to strip down food of its protective layers. what is his true plan for this?

  19. TCC says:

    He probably plans on making a suit of armor from the protective coverings that (while seperate are vulnerable to their weaknesses) together are invulnerable!… except to rotting I suppose…

  20. Crimson_regret says:

    I’m no expert, but woulden’t this ruin the structural integrity of the bananna/

  21. @Crimson_Regret
    Prolly. But since when has logic ever played into Biff’s schemes?

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