#795 – Citrus

It’s funny how if you bite into an orange peel your tongue is subjected to a bitter horrible flavor. But very tiny amounts of that same substance mixed into a large quantity of something else gives a fresh bright flavor that makes everything happy. It reminds me of a quote that I’ve heard a lot recently “The difference between medicine and poison is the dosage.”

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40 thoughts on “#795 – Citrus”

  1. Jon Bovi says:

    That’s how I do it.

  2. SharkJumper says:

    Alternately, and more morbidly: “The dose makes the poison.” Yes, even drinking too much pure water can kill you.

  3. nobrain says:

    sharkjumper – ever heard of the hold your wee for a wii contest incident where the woman died from drinking too much water?

  4. Hark A Hamster says:

    I’m gonna guess the theme as the successful misuse of tools.

  5. Space Butler says:

    Biff should wear goggles for this sort of thing

  6. Ziggy Stardust says:

    Excellent! I’ve done this with a balloon, and it ended optimally- if being struck by flying bits of rubber is considered ‘optimal’.

  7. samsa says:

    The white part of the rind is what causes the bitter taste, but the orange part is very refreshing, that’s called the zest. When you’re getting zest off you do have to be careful and not go too deep and get the white stuff or you will end up w/ a bitter flavor. 🙂 same w/ lemons, limes, and any other citrus.

  8. MaskedMan says:

    Boom, baby! 😀

    I like to eat orange peels, actually. I like the sharp acid bite and the intense flavor.

  9. mrpeanutfun says:

    Someone might be confusing the orange part used in cooking with the whole peel. The white pith is not used in cooking, you have to learn to be careful getting the “zest” off without grating any white part. The white part is bitter.

  10. The Dustin says:

    …. I must be tired, Biff needs to come with a “Don’t try this at home” label, because that sounds like it’d work.

  11. Nilly says:

    @mrpeanutfun – You actually can get a bitter taste just biting into the peel, whether or not you hit the pith.

    .. Though then that brings into debate the state of my tastebuds…

  12. Jackson says:

    The cleanest way to peel an orange, however, is not with a bicycle pump.

  13. silversaraph says:

    Yeah, it’s called the pith, and though it sometimes tastes bitter, I actually like it. It also has the greatest density of vitamin C in the orange, and the same for most other fruits with a noticeable pith.

  14. shotinthehead says:

    I scrape the white part off of the peel with my teeth and eat it. It works best with the thicker peel. Tastes great.

    I would worry using the bike pump. It would leave an oily metal flavor.

  15. Baughbe says:

    Violated fruit week?

  16. Biligum says:

    Yeah, I know what you mean. It’s the same with vanilla.

  17. Matt Lee says:

    The only way to peel an orange. I was not aware that other people did it this way! Apparently Chris does. Cool.

  18. i.half4 says:

    Speaking of pith… Notice how concise the comments are today?

  19. Nicoli20 says:

    I should try this outside sometime. Blowing out citrus fruits sounds fun. =p

  20. Nicoli20 says:

    I meant up.

  21. Beth says:

    OK, when someone here actually tries this, be sure to report your results back to the rest of us!

  22. Radical Edward says:

    Blowing up fruit. Need I say more?

    I guess Biff likes doing things the hard way.

  23. Chris says:

    @Radical Edward – I don’t know what you are talking about. This is clearly the easy way.

  24. Buckeroo says:

    I will guess Biff-world applications of things seen in The Stupids (although they did it with a watermelon). Should be interesting to see him as his own grandpa.

  25. D D says:

    The question is, did Biff get any juice in his eyes? This is gonna be one of my favorites – where the picture alone is funny without having yet seen the caption! 😀

  26. -2! says:

    – Sports week
    – Dosage week
    – Quick Week
    – Orange Week
    – Fruit Week
    – Bike week
    – peel week
    – citrus week
    – Pump week
    – explosion week

  27. Chris says:

    @-2! – I would like to see if you can pick the theme in only a single guess.

  28. Kratospie says:

    I don’t know why….but this comic reminds me of an earlier comic here…

  29. GusBus says:

    Isn’t that a mandarin, not an orange?
    Oranges don’t tend to split evenly unless you cut them, but mandarins are naturally split into sections. Either way, that’s a good way to get citric acid in your eye.

  30. -2! says:

    @ Chris

    I did that in my first theme guess on the first (perhaps second (the savings week)) full week of me reading the comic, in the first comment and got it right. It is more amusing to me to try and guess as many guesses as I can.

  31. Radical Edward says:

    This strip reminds me of when Biff tried carving a pumpkin with a jackhammer.

  32. Zach Light says:

    Warning! Before proceding with this, please wear the following,
    Protective goggles, Neck protector, Arm pads, Bullet proof vest, VERY THICK PANTS!
    Please enjoy your orange juice.

  33. John Small Berries says:

    How appropriate. This morning, I tried blowing out a jar candle with a can of compressed air.

    The result was rather similar.

  34. Hershey says:

    My question is how Biff got the orange slices to lay just like that all in a circle while everything else went flying xD

  35. Calvin says:

    Now I have a leaky orange. Yummy!

  36. lajekahr says:

    No it does not! Zest is nasty, period.
    I wish people would stop putting it in things. Had “orange swirl” french toast the other day because I wasn’t reading the menu well enough. Some idiot decided to ruin french toast by swirling some kind of orange zest marmalade into the bread dough….

  37. stephen says:

    that quote its from assasins creed 2

  38. Zero says:

    Now I feel a strange need to try this.

  39. DaemonThanatos says:

    huh. I guess I’ll have to dig the ol’ pump out of storage. Thanks for the idea, Chris! and kudos to you too, Biff!

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