#791 – Flume

Splashwater Falls was the cool new water ride at Great America when I was a kid. Instead of the old 2 or 3 seat log rides that were common at the time you now got to ride down a waterfall in a 20 person boat. I’m not sure what was more enjoyable, the ride itself or the walk over the bridge when it was over. The bridge of course was right in the target area of the giant splash from the boat. If you weren’t expecting it, you would be knocked over.


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23 thoughts on “#791 – Flume”

  1. Lich King says:

    Thats an idea I would invest in.

  2. Space Butler says:

    The cover for book four looks exquisitely elegant.

    Back when I was a kid, our watery pastime was running through the sprinklers in the yard.

  3. linuxxorcist says:

    is it just me or is biff looking particularily skinny, almost emaciated?

    at the park near my house there was a playground, it was one of the older ones with sand and wood supports. the slide wade galvanised sheet, and could burn the skin on a hot day, however, when wet, it was slicker than soaped vinyl. but alas, they replace it with the “safer” painted metal pole/plastic platforms and slides crap that we have today.

    my ultimate summer cooldown would be a 3-stage model rocket, full of salt or silver oxide, launched into a cloud, thus seeding it for rain, china does this with artillery so as to provide enough water for all the rice paddies.

  4. Micah says:

    Wait, is that seriously the cover for it? Or is the fourth cover a surprise to those who buy it?

  5. Kree says:

    Damn you Biff, now I want to wake up to a waterslide every morning. It would streamline my morning so well, straight out of bed and down a waterslide, still half asleep…

  6. mtb says:

    Which could then drop you into your clothes a la Wallace and Gromit.

  7. Nilly says:

    That sounds like the Pittsburg Plunge at Kennywood; it can fit about twenty people in it (probably more, in fact) and depending on how you organize everybody, the ride will go faster on the way down or cause an even bigger splash. There’s an area near it that was designed specifically for people to get drenched in. One time, we stood there without realizing what it was for, and I saw the wave starting and I just ran away. My parents and brother were furious – and also very drenched. XD

  8. baughbe says:

    Hmm, I agree with linuxxorcist, Biff is looking a little ragged out. Has he been getting enough cereal? Should we start a cereal drive for him? What is his favorite cereal?

  9. MaskedMan says:

    @mtb; If you were going to W&G this, Biff’s bed would be at the top of the slide, with hydraulic rams to lift the bed and drop him out onto the slide…

    Not all that bad an idea, now that I think on it… Hmmm…

  10. MaskedMan says:

    Oh, and: Summer water fun week.

  11. Ziggy Stardust says:

    Maaan! I want one.

  12. Zach Light says:

    ……*face palm*Biff, what will you do next.

    To Chris:
    Nice comics dude, I’m always getting a chuckle out of your stuff, its Grade A+

  13. Chris says:

    @Zach Light – Thanks!

  14. Matt Lee says:

    Those who want this new addition to your morning routine think about winter…ruined it for you, didn’t I? I’m just speakin’ from experience.

  15. Chris says:

    @Matt Lee – Not when it says “summer” in the comic.

  16. Lunakrypt says:

    I am going to guess Amusement Park Ride names week. Due to the names of the comics.

  17. Wind Lane says:

    I love Great America, and I can remember when that ride came in – the bridge gets you more wet than the ride does.

    Favorite part about Great America was the Rue Le Morgue, or something like that, bumper cars before they put in that stupid island. My friends and I developed a rule set and point system to determine who won each round. 🙂

  18. Crimson_regret says:

    Haha, my guess is zaney uses for H20 week.

    I’m in california…our governator would kill anyoene wasting this kind of water. Fun nonetheless. 🙂

  19. Radical Edward says:

    So summer water fun…I never take part in such things since I hate getting wet when I’m in my regular clothes.

    Besides, I particularly remember how I use to play on metal slides. Too bad they’re a thing of the past.

  20. Lich King says:

    im willing to invest if your planning on selling this idea Chris

  21. -2! says:

    @ Radical Edwards, linuxxorcist

    There still are metal slides around here, and isn’t it to bad when they make the “safer” playgrounds then normally only use about a quarter of the sand pit?

  22. Mophtran says:

    Don’t forget to mention that you can get some serious shocks from the plastic slides when almost every other part of the playground is made of metal. Used to have one of those on one of the playgrounds in the apt complex I lived at when was a kid.

    Go down the slide, but there’s hell to pay if you touch metal, or even someone else afterwords. Wait, I think I used to be the one that chased people down trying to zap them… 😀

  23. JSW says:

    Some playgrounds have replaced the sand entirely with woodchips or some sorta foam ground. Kind of represses creativity if you ask me, so many good times throwing sand at each other…

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