#783 – Chat

It’s kinda weird how when I first encountered text messaging it was something that “the kids” mainly did. I sent a lot of messages to my friends back then. Now I communicate with those people through email or IM and almost all of my incoming text messages are from my boss.

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19 thoughts on “#783 – Chat”

  1. Ziggy Stardust says:

    That is so awesome! I haven’t had alphabet soup since I was really little. Good memories, though we never made telephones out of cans, we mostly beat each other with things and yelled. Ah, youth.

  2. speearr says:

    A good one! Will provide a good chuckle when going thru your archives again a month from now…

  3. Three of Nineteen says:

    Wow, this is the most literary Biff comic in a while! 😀

  4. Vidja says:

    Would you get the same from a can of spaghettio’s? Or just free calls to emergency numbers in Australia?
    Soupilicious, mmmmm

  5. Space Butler says:

    Can anyone make out what the letters are spelling? Anyways, I don’t see why people like to text when you can speak into the phone and not punch any buttons.

  6. soilent says:

    Space Butler, it’s just random – it’s normal, or did you ever manage to create something readable with your Alphabet Soup?

    Many People feel uncomfortable calling others while it’s unknown what they do, me included. I’ll prefer EMail to stay in Touch since they can read it when they have Time and I won’t disturb them.

  7. baughbe says:

    Is that an incoming or outgoing text?

  8. Lich King says:

    this is my new favorite Biff comic.
    unlimited text lol
    thats a really good idea though

  9. dartigen says:

    I mostly text. It’s 15c to text, and 15c per minute to call. You can see the difference.

    Though usually my texts say ‘you have an email’.

  10. *ba-doom psh!*
    I get unlimited texting 😀 And I use a clamshell with a full QWERTY keyboard, so thats all I do, baby!

  11. Radical Edward says:

    I rarely text, but I do receive text messages from my father.
    I use my cell phone as a phone, which, I know, seems outdated, but I’ve never text anybody since it would probably cost more.

  12. -2! says:

    There goes my theme Idea

  13. redopz says:

    i always text my friends because its something you can do all day, for the most part no matter what you’re doing. Have a free second? Send a text. And its a lot less awkward if you dont want to talk to the person 😀

  14. Unoriginality says:

    @Space Butler – my girlfriend is deaf, and texting is the only way cell phones are truly available to her to use. Even using landlines isn’t all that accessible, because first one needs a TDD machine, and then using a Relay service if the other number lacks a TDD as well, and most people are so grossly uneducated about relay services for the deaf that the majority of businesses hang up on the agent before they can even have a chance to say what they are, resulting in having to call back several times before actually getting through.

  15. Reg says:

    Hmmm, I wonder how great this “unlimited texting” will be if Biff is limited to the letters in a can. Is every can of alphabet soup guaranteed to have all the letters of the alphabet anyway? I can just imagine a bunch of soup cans lying around with “z”s, “y”s, and “x”s still inside.

  16. Mophtran says:

    I’m with radical edward. I don’t text enough to spend $5 a month on it (maybe $5 a year) for unlimited texting. Plus, it is easier to call someone unless you or they are at work, or you’re trying to communicate across a classroom at your parents’ expense. 😛

  17. -2! says:

    @ -2! (yes me)

    Upon further looking there was a really old comic where Biff’s phone line is upgraded to fibre (and becomes a tin can).

    Also: I could be related to the reinvention of written (or rather typed) messages, or reinvention a new feature on a phone.

    I am now determined to make reinvention fit tomorrows comic SOMEHOW!

  18. DogZero says:

    T…H…E S…P…A…G…H…E…T…I I…S N…O…W I…L…L…E…G…A…L

    Okay, time for Biff to break out the Time Machine =^-^=

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