#780 – Rush

It’s funny now that we have so many different ways to communicate everyone has their own hierarchy of what they think is the most important one. As a result I am constantly getting phone calls from people letting me know they sent me an email. Or I’ll find a sticky note on my monitor telling me I have a voicemail. I recently got an email from my bank telling me that they were having trouble emailing me so please watch the mail for a printed copy of that important message. My favorite was when I got a text message from someone saying that he just read the email I sent and that I should expect a voicemail in the morning as a response. I responded to his voicemail with an instant message.

Also, The Book of Biff #4 preorder has begun! The book will be on sale only until enough money for the print run has been raised, then everything goes back to regular price. Order your copy in the store!


28 thoughts on “#780 – Rush”

  1. Inestical says:

    Awesome, rocketmail.

  2. Three of Nineteen says:

    Well, I still doubt that rockets can move faster than an email. Of course, they are slightly harder to ignore.

  3. Ziggy Stardust says:

    Reminds me of the rocket-proof windows. So they’re not really rocket-proof, are they?
    SWEET! Book-sale! I think I will buy one of the books with my birthday money… but which?

  4. Shafa says:

    I remember a prof describing a scene almost exactly like this in one computer science course, when we were learning about throw/catch clauses in Java. The exception generating function throwing the clause “out of its room, through a window” to the next function on the stack, who did the same (and so on) until someone finally decided to catch it…
    Good times!

  5. Vidja says:

    I love the pneumo system at work, it’s loosely based off the rocket propelled messages. When will companies learn…

  6. Gadora says:

    My guess at the theme would be old science fiction. Aliens from Space, by David Osbourne. By old, I mean 1958. Of course, this is probably just me trying to force the theme to fit a random book that I started reading, but never finished.

  7. Vosur says:

    My only problem I’d see with rocket-propelled communication is if too much fuel was put in the rocket… then you’d have a mess.

  8. Space Butler says:

    I’ll be sure to preorder book four. I want to see the cover art.

  9. ZeoViolet says:

    And now everyone around me is going twitter twitter tweet and I barely know what twitter *is*, much less how to use it!

  10. MaskedMan says:

    For a long time, and until not terribly long ago, Paris had a pnuemo-mail system that served the whole city. If they’d upgraded to RocketBiffMail, it might still be in service…

  11. The Mad Maple says:

    I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say it’s “Biff Goes To Work” Week.

  12. Biff has a new office?

    And no moat?

    And we can’t even see the chair of insanity?

  13. Crimson_regret says:

    2 stabs at this weeks theme:

    Wacky transportation methods, and “It could work…in biff’s world”.

  14. MaskedMan says:

    BiffWorld Communication Services – That’s my guess.

    Hmmm… BiffWorld Communication Services, Inc. That works! (But is very scary, too!)

  15. baughbe says:

    And it’s probably a memo on the upgrade on the accepted clothing standards to be released in two weeks, although the standards went into effect yesterday….

  16. Is… is that a nerf dart?

  17. Wild Laura says:

    Am I the only one that has the Acme products from Looney Tunes brought to mind? O:

  18. -2! says:

    Here are my theme guesses for the week:

    – Rocket week
    – Things that there is a standard version of that the comic uses a different version of week
    – Acme week
    – Office job week
    – Contaminations week
    – Important week

    Thats all i got, I am in a rush.

  19. Radical Edward says:

    Poor Chris…
    The whole way we communicate with people is getting to be absurd. email, IM, voicemail, text messaging, telephone, sticky note.

  20. Lich King says:

    no i was thinking acme too

  21. Reg says:

    Funny how Biff’s the sane one in today’s comic.

  22. -2! says:

    I didn’t get any money for my b-day, now how am i supposed to pre-order book number 4 🙁 (and know that does not make me -1!)

  23. -2! says:

    no not know, massive error in above post, I know no does not equal know, I really do know that. No really i do.

  24. dartigen says:

    At school, we use email to communicate mostly. Our student council is pushing for a self-contained IM network, or a school Ventrilo server.
    (the second would be better. We might get some decent headphones into the bargain.)

    I still think a paper plane to the head is the best way to get someone’s attention, and send a message.

  25. Man, I really hate getting spam rockets. The Viagra ones are the worst, because they have to make a joke of it…

  26. Pom Rania says:

    Me, I live pretty much outside of time, so most of my communication is either face-to-face, telephone if it’s really important, or email if it can wait. I tell people to email me, because I’m not always in the house, and I refuse to get a cell phone.

  27. Elkian says:

    oh, Biff, you and your rocket fixation…XD

  28. Marscaleb says:

    “I responded to this voicemail with an instant message”
    That made me laugh out loud.

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