#766 – Radius

One of the scariest activities we had in grade school was the rope climb. It was just a plain knotted rope hanging from the ceiling above a one-inch thin mat. I don’t know why they tortured 6 year old kids with such a feat of strength and fear. I think to “pass” the activity you had to get both hands above the second knot. There was that one kid though who was bigger than everyone else, already had a mustache and a few scars. He climbed up that rope like he was casually pulling a kite down from the sky. His children will never have a hard time picking him out of his grade school class photos.


40 thoughts on “#766 – Radius”

  1. Polymorph says:

    Hmm… I think this week it’s going to be the same comic (with color changes), and a different caption. But I like it!

  2. Dwarg91 says:

    So the theme is copy and paste. Got it!

  3. Space Butler says:

    A stroke of brilliance, or unfiltered laziness? As it usually is, I suspect some of both.

  4. Oh hey! The eyebrows and mouth changed too! Had to check the differences after Polymorph mentioned the color changes.
    When I got this in my RSS reader, I thought there was a glitch keeping the new thumbnail from replacing the old one. Tricky!

  5. Cageboy says:

    Not quite teh same picture, after hitting forward and back on my browser repeatedly, I determined that the eyebrows/antennae are different too. Same shadows on the shirt though.

  6. Fallen_Reality says:

    We had the ropes in school too. I remember a kid named Kris who was insane; he not only climbed to the top, but hung from the beam it was attached to. If he had fell, the inch thick mat would have been utterly useless.

    While up there, he goaded the P.E. teacher to come get him. Of course, the teacher would never have make it to the top. We waited until the principal came and Kris finally came down after a few minutes, not because of the principal, but because he got tired.

    I don’t think they ever used the rope again after that.

  7. Mmm, laziness.
    . . . Tomorrow. *back to playing Odin Sphere*

  8. Nia says:

    I have to admit that I am among those who did not look closely at first. I was starting to wonder why the comic was 3 hours late. Whoops.

  9. Lou Hannoe says:

    I predict a Mortal Combat joke in the next four days 😀

  10. MaskedMan says:

    “How many jokes can we get out of one pannel” week..?


  11. Hoopajoo says:

    I never understood the purpose of the rope climb in school. Why should kids need to know how to climb a rope? Do rope climbers earn that much? Are they in that much demand?

  12. Ziggy Stardust says:

    Ryan North much? 😀

  13. The Dukenator says:

    If Biff had 8 arms & legs and a huge brain, we could call him OctoBiff.

  14. Orbitton says:

    Just to make sure we got every change: one of Biff’s elbows has got a patch that it didn’t have yesterday.

  15. faeriian says:

    spot the difference week?

  16. Dude says:

    Another big difference in this one is that Biff just received a letter telling him he was pre-approved for a credit card.

  17. His mouth is a little longer in this one.

  18. Mophtran says:

    It’s “See how many people spot any little difference I put in between each comic” week. XD

  19. luddeo says:

    There is also a small difference in the button on his trousers

  20. Rynon says:

    he also managed to paint the wall. it probably did not take him very long.

  21. Chris says:

    I think luddeo got the last one. 🙂

  22. DTanza says:

    Spot the diff week!!!!! IT`S ABOUT TIME CHRIS!!!!

  23. Alex says:

    heh.. wall & shirt swapped colours.

  24. krasno says:

    Kinda Dinosaur Comics. I like the idea!

  25. krasno says:

    This is kinda like Dinosaur Comics, only with one panel. I like the idea!

    For those of you, heinous ignorants, go visit http://www.qwantz.com/

  26. Radical Edward says:

    I guess you’re trying to see if we can spot the differences.

    Good idea.

  27. Hershey says:

    Its spot the difference week~ Yay! xD I was never good at that game..
    Now Biff is going to lose jobs for modeling for these comics. Now he only has one photoshot instead of five!
    On the sucject of gym, We get a mile run. We have to run. A mile. Really, Its just around this baseball park three times and the length is only estimated. But it stinks. I’d much rather climb a rope.

  28. corjoth says:

    did any1 get the smudge on the to[p left elbow?

  29. AOEUD says:

    The point of the rope is that it tests/builds latissimus dorsi strength… But generally people do not have sufficient strength to lift their own bodyweight with it, so it seems kinda useless.

  30. -2! says:

    Chris, I hope your arm gets better soon.

    Although its still fairly funny.

  31. no name says:

    well at least you didn’t use the same picture, you redrew it.

  32. -2! says:

    @ no name

    Its called copy past artwork (i think), he modified the picture, knowing he was going to do this so he pre-drew the part that doesn’t change then added the part that did. Also a few days ago Chris Tweeted:

    @howardtayler Jealous. I messed up my are and can barely get through one comic a day at the moment. Goodbye buffer!

    and then a bit later same day

    @howardtayler My arm that is.

    The Tweet he is @ing is:

    Penciled a week, but only inked three rows before my hand began to scream. I’m out of shape. I’m aiming for 6 rows tomorrow.

  33. ZeoViolet says:


    I mentioned yesterday that I was a new reader to the strip. Sometimes your ad banners do work….it caught my attention.

  34. -2! says:

    @ ZeoViolet

    They got me. But i did not click on it. I did some looking and determined it was not a virus then opened it via google.

  35. ZeoViolet says:

    I didn’t either. Searches are handy devils to find what you want.

  36. Chris says:

    @-2! – I actually wrote this week’s comics back in December 2007. This seemed like a good week to finally do them 🙂

  37. Demadaha says:

    I guess I am not the first to notice spot the differences. Here are the differences from yesterday to today. (If you want to find them yourself don’t read.)

    I’m pretty sure there are only 6, I think it is the traditional number of differences.

    Lines next to eyes
    Slashes on upper his upper left elbow
    Shirt color
    Wall color
    Mouth is longer

  38. Polymorph says:

    @Chris now THAT is thinking ahead….. a little too well. Although that brings up a question: how many more Biff comics have gone unpublished? Do you like have a massive stack of Biff comics in Biff’s house? Now that would be a paradox. Just don’t let him read them.

    Oops, I’m rambling again.

  39. Minion says:

    One of my most vivid memories from childhood involved the rope climb. Standard elementary gymnasium, about 20 feet high, and the rope tied to the top. Got to the top of the rope, and the gym teacher blows his whistle, signaling everyone to stop moving. One of the kids at the bottom decided the rope had to follow this rule too, and pulled the rope straight to stop it from moving. the vibration from this flung me off, and fell facefirst, but luckily spread-eagle on one of those two-inch gym mats. Nose felt funny, but no breaks/bleeding anywhere.

  40. Kay. says:

    One last difference – a minuscule one, I know:
    The color of “THE BOOK OF BIFF” header changed from black (previous comic) to very dark gray (this one)

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