#755 – Torr

I had an old 20 gallon aquarium I was getting rid of that was still full of water. I brought a shop-vac over to the counter that the aquarium was sitting on but the hose was too short. I took the hose off and opened the lid to the shop-vac’s reservoir. I put the hose into the aquarium and figured I could start a siphon with my mouth and then aim the water into the bucket. I underestimated the speed of gravity. I just barely started the water moving through the hose when I felt like someone had punched me in the face. I was stunned for a moment as gallons of water enveloped my head and poured onto the floor before I regained my senses and steered what was left into the bucket.


45 thoughts on “#755 – Torr”

  1. Gary says:

    Oooh shiny special effects this time.

  2. Thomas says:

    If only this actually worked

  3. Shorty says:

    I don’t know about you guys, but when I first saw the picture, my initial split-second reaction was that it was some kind of religious figure.

  4. Zoran says:

    And thus Biff gets ‘sucked’ into the past.

  5. Space Butler says:

    one of life’s great disapointments is finding out nothing special happens when you try to combine two vacuums.

  6. SEA says:

    No biff! It’s too much power! D:

  7. Heinrich says:

    dude… if stuff like that actually worked, my bedroom would be a science lab. n i have a feeling a lot more would be screwed up because of it. like the space-time continuum.

  8. speearr says:

    You need to throw a clock into that equation, Biff. The vacuum cleaners only bend the space component of the continuum…

  9. PsychoDuck says:

    First thing I thought when seeing this panel about an hour ago: The scene in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, with the over-dramatic plugging-in of the lights, followed by an angel’s chorus.

    Then I read the text, and laughed so hard I forgot all about my initial thought until just now.

    The Duck Has Spoken.

  10. The Pirate Lord says:

    Don’t cross the beams, Biff!

  11. greenimp says:

    i… i have to try this now, i know i wont time travel but i must know what happenes when 2 vaccum’s meet!

  12. Matthew says:

    I’ve never done this… good thing we have two hoovers

  13. Reaper says:

    Good Lord, that’s the most badass comic I’ve seen in quite some time.

  14. Halo Chief says:

    This needs to happen

  15. THOR says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I particularly enjoyed the imagery in your post today. I feel like I need a shower just from reading it.

  16. i always wondered what would happen if you did that.

  17. silversaraph says:

    Anyone ever try this with two leaf blowers? if you can keep them together, it’s weird..

  18. Sam says:

    try it with a gas tank! gas is much less friendly than water is…even fishy water : )

  19. Paul says:


    Or in Back to the Future, when Doc Brown couples two wires together just as lightning strikes. Perhaps the Doc traveled to this day for his inspiration.

  20. darrylayo says:

    you like to live on the bleeding edge, don’t you?

  21. thefop says:

    When I was kid, we could always tell when my father was changing out the water in his aquariums. he used a siphon, you see, so when we heard coughing, swearing and retching, followed by the clear rush of water hitting the bucket, we knew exactly what was happening. Siphoned water is always faster than you expect.

    This is why I clean my aquarium with a turkey baster. It’s slower, but it’s safer.

  22. Pissed says:

    Almost wet my pants I laughed so hard when I read the text. I would have loved to see that in person.

  23. Unigirl says:

    Dang, now I feel inclined to try that..

  24. Nicoli20 says:

    Must…try…this… O.O

  25. no name says:

    i wonder how many people will try this now…

  26. Nobrain says:

    lol! I was wow’d by the epicness of this comic!

  27. reynard61 says:

    Only Biff could make Time Travel suck…

  28. -2! says:

    This made me laugh hard.

    But the shiny hurt my eyes, which doesn’t explain why i want a wallpaper?

    Seriously I wallpaper would be awesome.

    mine screen is 1440 * 900

    If you don’t make it, its no big as it dose hurt my eyes.

  29. -2! says:

    Also theme guesses (I plain on doing this every week):

    – Vacuum week
    – Time travel week
    – Discovery week
    – Special effects week
    – Meeting week
    – 2 week (should be negative and have an exclamation point)
    – Chores week
    – Theoretical Science week

    I think that is enough guesses

  30. Micah says:

    What Biff fails to realize is that he’s also going 88 mph!

  31. ZackDark says:

    -2! – “2 week (should be negative and have an exclamation point)”


    btw, I concur with the wallpaper idea 🙂

  32. Dzelda says:

    Haaaaaaaaalelujia! Hallelujia! Hallelujia! Hallelujiiiiia! XD

    That Biff cracks me up he does.

  33. -2! says:

    @ ZackDarK

    I was hopping some people would laugh at that 🙂

  34. Linzleh says:

    I iz laffing hard!!! Oh, Biff you master of the universe…the glow gives that in control ethereal feel. I want to open a time portal too, but alas I only have one vacuum 🙁

  35. vole says:

    Important safety tip: Don’t cross the streams!!

  36. faeriian says:

    @speearr thats actually not right.. a clock does not measure time it measures itself..

  37. Nobrain says:

    @-2! I laughed as well, hopping is also good exercise.

  38. Nokore says:

    I’d love to try this if I didn’t have an irrational fear of vacuum cleaners..

  39. Kratospie says:

    This is by far my favorite panel so far.

  40. Gabe says:

    No! don’t cross the streams!

  41. Raven Gold says:

    I dunno why, but I allways love this consept that regular everyday objects can be twisted in some idiotic manner to produce the most grandurous events.

  42. Capshot says:

    I’d go off to try this, but my future self said it didn’t work.
    Wait a minute…

  43. Sabathh says:

    “I underestimated the speed of gravity”
    Pure genius at work! hehe

  44. Josh says:

    Remember that due to the very nature of time travel it was discovered at all times simultaneously.

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