#748 – Dielectric

Let’s see… microwave dinner… “Microwave on high for 3 minutes.” Okay… push a few buttons here and then press start. Oh my TV show is starting, I better hurry back into the living room.


32 thoughts on “#748 – Dielectric”

  1. Mophtran says:

    A new microwave always has a learning curve to it before you can truly get your “gourmet” microwave dinners from it. 😀

  2. Michael says:

    Noodles ftw! No need for embarrassing microwave snafus then. Hey… I just noticed that “snafu” isn’t a spelling error according to Firefox’s spell check, but there are dozens of better words that are! :O

  3. Mophtran says:

    Also, I have to comment on someone’s comment a few days ago; Biff certainly seems to either be wearing baggy pants or losing weight.

  4. Polymorph says:

    @Mophtran: I’d be skinny(er) too if I had to knit my own toasters each time I had to toast something.

  5. mr toast says:

    i remember doing that at work once (with food, NOT underwear). i was making myself a delicious cup o’ noodles and left the breakroom to talk to a co-worker. almost nine minutes later i went back to check on it to see if i needed to heat it back up, as i believed it had been sitting in the microwave losing heat. when to my surprise i heard the microwave still buzzing away, with my overflowing noodles leaking out the bottom crack in the microwave… i was so hungry that day =(

  6. Drakey says:

    I never have this problem. Instead, I start a cup of tea, go watch several hours of delightful television and go to fix myself a nice cup of tea.
    There sits my previous cup of hot water, staring at me in the guilt-inducing manner of a sterotypical Jewish mother.

  7. Linzleh says:

    Errors in judgment week…Biff is just letting things go a bit too long.

  8. Space Butler says:

    mucking up household chores week

  9. Drakey says:

    Actually, maybe it’s just failure week…

    Nah, too simplistic.

  10. Mikko says:

    microwave popcorn in a microwave makes a nice smoke bomb after 10minutes 🙂

  11. I think you might have overdone it, just a little bit…

  12. Kit-Kun says:

    My little sister is making her own microwave dinners so she’ll be coming in and out asking ‘How long? 3-0-0?’ or ‘4-5?’ You ge the picture.

  13. dartigen says:

    Cooking week, perhaps?

    Our microwave’s preset buttons (Defrost and Cook) don’t work too well. Two and a half minutes, even at full power, will not defrost chicken. Ten minutes at full power will melt it.

  14. DTanza says:

    FAIL week.

  15. William Syler says:

    I think this week is a little more personal for Chris! Is it your past sufferings, Chris?
    1- Feeling disappointed at not having the coolest plant?
    2- The pain of the couch and its heaviness?
    3- The suffering wrought by a failing fuel gauge?
    4- Feeling anguish at the microwave mistake?
    Each one of this week’s comics has a personal story behind how it came to be. I think this week is Chris’s Personal Sufferings Week!

  16. Chris says:

    No, this is one of those themes that is very generic. Not nearly as exciting as the ones you all are coming up with. 🙂

  17. steve-o says:

    I guess… screw-up week.

    Maybe I’m wrong, but I think we could use a break from weekly themes for a liitle while and get back to some good old-fashioned random Biffness.

  18. Sir Sniper says:

    Furniture Flop Week!

  19. -2! says:

    You really should do a “things that happen to Biff as he reads week”

    or if you really want to throw us on a loop, do a week where the theme is “guesses for the theme on last weeks comic of that day” of coarse it would have to be a week after one were people were guessing until the last day!

  20. -2! says:

    I know i just posted but no one else has mentioned the Biff fan-art on nedroid (he fails at not putting someone other then Biff in it though)

    Its the third one in the top post

  21. no name says:

    STUFF WEEK! Plant, love-seat, car, microwave. Am I right am I right???

  22. Polymorph says:

    I realize what week it is now! Biff week!

    (har har har)

  23. Reg says:

    I guess this is neglectfulness week. At least it’s not the chain mail underwear.
    Is it me or Biff just can’t get the hand of using normal, everyday appliances? Makes sense actually!

  24. justryan says:

    i’m still trying to figure out what dielectric has to do with this comic…i know dielectric grease is used to keep moisture out of electrical connections, so is it reference to keeping the moisture outta his new underwear? unless its electric week or something.

  25. werp says:

    I have actually immolated my underwear in this fashion.

  26. Lordthez says:

    I have yet to perfect the TV dinners with all the sifferent times and what not, and I’ve had my microwave several years now!

  27. Lordthez says:


  28. I think my microwave is a touch TOO Powerful.
    See, what I do is- I read the container (witht he exception of when I microwave Chef Boyardee (mmm pasta (parentehses within parentheses!))) and then I subtract about 10 seconds from that time.
    If I do the exact time it says on the container, i end up with crunchy hamburgers :T Do Not Want.

  29. zed says:

    I’ve totally done this.

  30. Glauron says:

    Aahh .. had to comment on this one 😉
    We had an “anologue” microwave – with a dial you would turn to the desired number of minutes you wanted to zap something for. But our dial broke, and we’d normally hang around until it had finished.

    My brother one day threw a pie in the microwave and forgot about it. A single pie was nuked for over half an hour on HIGH. When we “rescued” it, the entire pie had kept its shape, but was ash, right to the core. It had a small flame burning quietly on top.

    True story.

  31. YukiSnowflake says:

    up until this comic, i was guessing “biff is sitting down in these comics” week.

    booh, i’m not good at guessing, it’s harder when i’m more than 250comics behind…
    i better stop typing, and start reading…

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