#73 – Drink Box

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0 thoughts on “#73 – Drink Box”

  1. Vedaine says:

    Did anyone else notice what bridge that is?

  2. prometheus says:

    It’s the bridge from “The Scream”, right?

  3. hellzgranny says:

    Yeah, I saw it too. 😀

  4. Fenix says:


  5. DMC_Run says:

    This also happens with an ice-cream (or any “slushy”-drink) induced “Brain Freeze”.

  6. Rhasae says:

    It’s like “The Scream”

  7. Warcrime says:

    Hey, biff’s juice boxes are what caused his head to collapse when he tried to look into the back of his head

  8. dilverman says:

    thats a good one.
    you go a long way man…

  9. Malachite Dragon says:





  10. Neteeee says:

    that painting’s creepy, but yess i did notice 🙂 cool one

  11. zantarath says:

    wow. He needs to stop chain smoking.

  12. Female Fox Furry says:

    I reconized the scream refrence due to a picture I saw the other day– a gallery of pictures editted to have spoons in them, or made from spoons… The spoon was all curvy, like it was screaming. =D

  13. Oddly Frozen says:

    the scream made me cry when i was little, it was on rugrats 🙁

  14. DEC says:

    Fun popping empty juice boxes, fill one with air, put it on the ground and stomp on it.

  15. Darkpheonix XIII says:


  16. Usuzumi says:

    bwahahahahaha, I have done that before, it exploded…

  17. DemonRex says:

    Not as fun as running over bubble wrap, though.

  18. Male Wolf Furry says:

    It’s even more fun to pop full ones.

  19. Fritata says:

    i was JUST talking to my friend about his art project on the scream, and this came up!.. freaky deaky
    btw your brilliant! i love it!

  20. Jenny says:

    The word in my language for brainfreeze translates to icecream head. Or “I scream” head. . .

  21. Radical Edward says:

    Actually, I have respiratory problems, so I have a similar problem when drinking juice.

  22. Alex (Nilvana) says:

    Anybody know the story behind The Scream? It’s really cool.

    The person screaming is Munche and the people in the background are his friends.

    They got jacked up on some hallucinagen or another and he had a bad trip. He saw the sky turn to blood and he and his friends were deformed as in the picture, and consequently, caused the screaming.

  23. Torg says:

    Finally, an author who admits his work was inspired by narcotics!

    I’m waiting, Picasso.

  24. qskecksget says:

    Lol, the Scream bridge

  25. Torg says:

    I just realized I put “author.” Is it too late to say I meant “artist”?

  26. Deteramot says:

    Either one works.

  27. Corinthiar says:

    You could be talking about an author if you were to mention Lewis Carroll.

  28. figgyleaf says:

    his eyebrows have been back to normal for a while

  29. Gwidlet says:

    The scream. Obviously, I thought of it the first time I saw this comic – a few years ago or so.

  30. Kimi says:

    Actually, Lewis Carroll was probably just crazy, not on drugs. He had a bit of a paedophilia for the girl who in his book was Alice. The caterpillar was a pot-smoker, though. And the mad hatter a man with mercury poisoning. Maybe the characters were ALL based off of people who took drugs…

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