#709 – Choices

Ladies and gentlemen, I have three words for you today. Built. In. Sharpener.


38 thoughts on “#709 – Choices”

  1. AdmiralChaos says:

    Build in sharpeners ftw.
    But…2 words of my own…Tasty Colors.

  2. Sharon says:

    I FRICKIN LOVE built-in sharpeners. Greatest invention ever.

  3. Micah says:

    Alternate Biff thought “This is going straight up my nose!”

  4. Bryan Culver says:

    @Micah: I think he would read the “Tasty Colors” and put them in his mouth for eating.

  5. speearr says:

    He had a bad-job-decisions-week some time ago, and now he’s up for promotion?!

  6. Space Butler says:

    After using 8-pack after 8-pack of crayons, a 64-pack, or even a 32-pack, seemed like a big box of magic (especially with the BUILT IN SHARPENER).

  7. The Dukenator says:

    @Micah Ever do that as a kid? Stuff crayons up your nose? I don’t remember if I ever did that

  8. Tvae says:

    I don’t remember if I stuffed them up my nose, but I certainly ate them all the time. They were tasty… Different colors were different flavors…



  9. Enlyn says:

    I had a scar on my right pinky finger from trying to sharpen it. Sadly, the years have worn the scar away, and all I have left is a bad memory from a childhood full of whimsical ideas like the Crayon Finger.

  10. Linzleh says:

    Tasty colors, built in sharpener and ooohh, the divine smell of a new box of crayons! Yum, all those Crayola beauties sharp and unbroken in a new box…I hope Biff does some wonderful things with his 64-bit computer. He could really “color his world.”

  11. Kurast says:

    I remember seeing a box of 128’s once.

    My fondest memories were my OCD of listing the 64 box colors in their correct order, light to dark, blue to red.

  12. Alex says:

    Ah. Crayons rock. But even when you sharpened them, they were never quite the same as a new set.

  13. MaskedMan says:

    “Biff wonders if he should eat it now, or save it for later.”

  14. starseedjenny says:

    I always wanted a 64 pack of crayons but my parents wouldn’t ever buy them for me so I was saaad.

    As soon as I’m old enough to trick people into thinking I’m buying them for kids, I AM GETTING A 64 PACK WITH A BUILT-IN SHARPENER

  15. Rasheed says:

    What does anyone have to say about the 72 pack? It came in a hard plastic display case (with sharpener) instead of cardboard, so it really did lose some of its charm. I had one in second grade. The glamour was gone by the 5th grade when the class princess would whip her case out. I was not so impressed, although at the time I think I was back to the 32 pack.

  16. HeWhoIsBob says:

    The built in sharpeners were awesome when I was a kid.

  17. Reaper says:

    Rasheed, I always hated the class princess. It feels very, very awesome right now, that I’m a law student in my second year, and she’s barely making ends meet (sp?), a sad, lonely shell of the beauty queen and popular girl everyone once thought of her as. Funny how sometimes South Park can be right… the neglected kids work harder to stick out, and end up better off than the popular kids who get everything handed to them until they get older.

  18. MythMonk says:

    Blue tastes like week old red.

  19. Drakey says:

    The thing is… Built in sharpeners only ever saw abuse from me.

  20. The Scarf says:

    Grr…Those built in sharpeners were crap. I had my own that was ten times better.

    I used to have this really big thing of colored pencils that I always kept painstakingly organized. If someone borrowed my pencils and put them back wrong, I would get REALLY ANNOYED.

  21. EJade says:

    Built-in Sharpeners were awesome! But even better than that? Scented crayons.

  22. Guru Sweet Pickle says:

    The metallic colors were far and away the best, followed by stuff like “burnt sienna”.

    For some reason I also had this thing for those shavings you get after you sharpen a crayon, which I was constantly doing – there’s not much worse in a kid’s life than a box of dull, rounded crayons that you couldn’t even poke your brother’s eye out as effectively with.

  23. Eric P. says:

    Man, I think I still have my 64-pack somewhere here. It’s like a weak plastic square suitcase with a giant-crayon-shaped sharpener in the handle.

  24. Micah says:

    @The Dukenator: Nope. I never have.

  25. Myra says:

    I decided to sharpen the flat end of all the crayons when I got one of those boxes. That way, if I was too busy drawing, I could just flip the crayon around and keep going.

  26. Ziggy Stardust says:

    The sharpener always fascinated me.

  27. -2! says:

    Wow, i have no memory of crayons with built in sharpeners, or sharpeners for crayons even… I remember i had a huge crayon shaped crayon case (i was never an artist though)

  28. Mister Rik says:

    When I was but a wee lad I was confused by the phrase “built-in sharpener”. I knew what “built” meant, but I had never heard the term “built-in”. So I read it as saying that the crayons were built in the sharpener, and a long time I wondered how that worked, exactly.

  29. the_gail says:

    I loved those boxes with the built in sharpeners. Although scented crayons are pretty fun. In college someone brought some to my cartooning class and everyone, including the teacher, played with them…don’t think we got any real work done that day.

  30. nikie says:

    No matter how many kajillion crayons are in any crayon pack, they always come with only ONE black crayon and that’s always the crayon i lose and need the most. It’s a frustration that knows no bounds.

  31. MadDavid says:

    @ speearr: They say people are promoted to their level of incompetence.

  32. billy says:

    Working with children at day camps like I do, I can tell you that in a vat of 10,000 mix-n-match crayons there will almost never be a black crayon. I think they go the same place as socks go when you dry them.

  33. starseedjenny says:

    nikie – yeah, once you get to 32 pack you should have two black crayons, minimum, and then every stop up you get one or two more.

    Quick, go make some money off of that!

  34. Reg says:

    Say, it’s another comic with “Choices” in the title!

  35. Kratospie says:

    Tasty colors…yum.

  36. Elkian says:

    Um…it’s 64 SOMETHING…

  37. Radical Edward says:

    64 colors…I find it hard to sharpen crayons, mainly because I have to rip the paper and ripping the paper is hard…

  38. SurveySays says:

    did anyone else see the 64 /tasty/ colours?

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