#692 – Prune

Some things that I have seen on TV or in movies just seem silly. People wouldn’t do that in real life. My mind was changed a while back on my way to work. The car in front of me was not going a consistent speed and was drifting back and forth in the lane so I decided I should pass it. As I came along side I was surprised to see a woman applying makeup while looking in the vanity mirror on her window shade. Surely wherever she is going has a parking lot or a bathroom inside that is not moving at 65 miles per hour. I wonder how you explain that to the police officer when they are investigating the crash site and you have that thick line of lipstick going across your face from your lips to your ear. That time I drove home from college and tried to eat tacos is totally different. I was really hungry. So… back off.


49 thoughts on “#692 – Prune”

  1. Xerol says:

    Eating in the car is different, you don’t need to distract your eyes to find your mouth in a mirror.

  2. Futch says:

    You can get away with eating and driving in college. We have to multitask, we’ve got no friggin time! Honestly, there should be a session on driving while eating tacos in orientation, I do that more often then I’m on time for class. I seem to have developed a talent for it. But post college there’s really no excuse.

  3. Futch says:

    …unless you get hungry while driving. Then it’s okay.

  4. Bisqwit says:

    I don’t think a car full of water is going to be very fuel-efficient. The water does weigh, you know.

  5. How to explain lipstick going from your mouth to your ear? Say you’re going to a party dressed as the Joker! Of course, you’d need the red line on both sides of the mouth.
    I’d hate to be the cop pulling Biff over as he’s NAKED in his car. I WOULD like a waterproof car, though.
    (I like the rubber ducky)

  6. MadDavid says:

    Hmmm. If he gets pulled over, at least the strip-search will go quickly.

    As for your story, I long ago stopped being amazed by the stupidity of individuals. There’s 6 billion people in the world, and someone has to occupy the low end.

  7. Kbman says:

    I haven’t done anything stupid while driving, (probably because I don’t have a license) and I haven’t actually seen too many people doing something stupid while driving. However, I have seen plenty of stupid people driving, so I guess it evens out.

  8. Geryon says:

    I can see how that saves time but not gas. Is Biff powered by gasoline?

  9. Geryon says:

    Errr hate to double post but just realized how that might look. Not a troll post I just find the concept of a gasoline powered Biff amusing.

  10. J says:

    It’s alot more fuel efficient than trying to transport his immovable object when it’s dry.

  11. Rainel says:

    Humans do some very silly things. I’ve seen people do a whole lot worse than put on makeup in the car. Eating and drinking (non-alcoholic beverages of course) is ok because it’s not all that distracting. But I’ve seen people sitting at traffic lights doing stuff for work, using laptops, and doing other rather ridiculous things.

    The idea of taking a bath in the car… now thats silly XD I have seen a car full of water before, but it wasn’t because the occupant decided to take a bath. Love the rubber ducky

  12. Chris says:

    It’s always fun to talk on the phone, change CD’s, eat food, and drive. There’s nothing more focused and simple than that.

  13. Kurast says:

    Looks like our good friend Mister Duck likes to carpool.

  14. Reaper says:

    Eating in the car is NOT always ok. When I was coming home from work one time, a woman very VERY quickly swerved over into my lane, and I was very lucky to have noticed the b—- coming over and swerved into the unoccupied center lane. I looked over, and it was this extremely old woman, eating yogurt (way different than tacos, requires both hands, you see) with her head all the way down. As I was looking, she looked over at me (this woman never had her eyes on the road) and flipped me off. Because apparently it was my fault she couldn’t control her car. How dare you, young man, for obeying the law and watching the road around you.

  15. Austyn says:

    Actually, something like you described sort of happened to an old roommate of mine. There was a traffic accident. He wasn’t involved directly, but did witness it, so he stopped to help and give the police a statement. He included the fact that he noticed that the girl who caused the accident was putting on makeup while driving. She angrily denied this while the officer was staring at the huge streak of lipstick on her face.

  16. Mike says:

    There’s always time for tacos. But yeah, the way people drive sometimes is just rediculous. But taking a bath while driving, now that would be a sight to see.

  17. starseedjenny says:

    Anything in the car where you don’t have to be looking away from the road, pretty much, seems okay to me. (and YES, I think this can include texting if you’re very good at it…but then again, you have to read the message. Nevermind!)

  18. Deadite says:

    Doing anything to impair judgement or obscure vision while driving is unacceptable. Talking/texting on the phone has been proven, time and again, to be just as dangerous as drunk driving, for example. Makeup – yeah, I’d hate to be the paramedic who has to deal with a mascara brush in an eye socket.
    That said, I don’t see any problem with biff’s preferred bathing method and carpool (Mr. Duck) strategy.

  19. Chris says:

    Dang it. Now I want to eat tacos.

  20. William Syler says:

    @ Chris: Me too. I wonder why…?

  21. Amy says:

    See, I was about to pour myself a bowl of cereal, but now I’m gonna have to have tacos for breakfast. Sheesh.

    I knew someone who prided herself in being able to change clothes while driving. …while eating…

  22. Drake says:

    I’ve got that story beat. Last year on the way to school I saw a blonde merging onto the highway. Whilst driving she was eating breakfast with one hand, putting on mascara with the other, and a cell phone cradled by her left ear. She was driving 15 over the speed limit with her windshield wipers on (it was sunny outside) and the wrong turn signal going.

    I really wish I made that up, I’m sure she crashed later down the road.

  23. TigerGulp says:

    I can barely bring myself to talk on the cell while driving, much less eat! I will only drink if I have a straw, but mostly I do it as you’re supposed to–driving and nothing else!

  24. Blaxjax says:

    Can the rubber duck change the radio station?

  25. -2! says:

    When those phones that could watch TV came out the first thing that went though my mind was “Great now everyone is going to be watching TV while driving.” Compared to that this bathing is incredibly safe!

  26. -JAD- says:

    The Duck Has Made An Appearance!

  27. Mophtran says:

    Funny that he hasn’t posted yet.

    OMG. CHRIS! You captured duck inside the Biffcomic!

  28. Pieman says:

    Maybe she was really ugly…

  29. Lou Hannoe says:

    I want a waterproof radio too…

  30. Kya says:

    I’ve seen worse than lipstick applying or eating while driving a car. Some woman read a magazine while driving a car, and talking on phone at same time… and she dropped something, and was looking for it while the light ahead turned green and the people behind her (my mom) got really annoyed.

    Personally I can’t multitask while driving a car, it makes me dizzy and starts giving me carsickness. I try to do my homework in the car sometimes (I don’t drive yet) I got a headache so I stopped, but the sickness wouldn’t go away the whole ride. I almost threw up 🙁

  31. Billy says:

    I have witnessed somebody changing a baby’s diaper while driving. Now, I don’t have kids but I would hope a messy daiper would be worthy of pulling over to remedy. Common sense seems to be rare enough to be a super power.

  32. -2! says:

    I just realized this is a rarity where Biff’s mouth sticks out on both side of his face. It used to happen a lot more, but now it seams that he has to be facing directly toward the front of the panel… and is it just me or are the middle section of his eyes (eyelashes?) getting longer?

  33. The Dustin says:

    I just can’t handle driving without both hands on the wheel and both eye on the road. If I’m late for work because I was eating my dinner in the parking lot, So be it. My Boss would rather have me five minutes late than not there at all because I was in an accident or worse, killed.
    And while I admit to texting in the car, Only for short periods when I’m stopped at a red light, and phone calls… well that’s why they invented speakerphone right? Both hands on the wheel.

  34. The Dustin says:

    Sorry for the double post, but before I had a car, I nearly got hit by a car on my bike, by a high-school sophomore, in an SUV, eating a muffin, holding a cellphone, turning to talk to the person in the back seat… And somehow…Since she had no hands on the wheel I don’t know how she managed it, She was turning right and accelerating.
    And it had been just over one year previous to that, that I was actually hit by an SUV on my bike, the SUV driven by a high school Junior, turning right on that exact same damn corner. I got super lucky and managed to not be injured. She killed my bike though. So please… Both hands on the wheel, And watch where you’re driving.

  35. edU says:

    Hahaha! Nice webcomic! today I caught up. today is my birthday, and I really enjoyed today’s comic, which leads me to the following:
    Is April 9 (I think that was the anniversary) Biff’s birthday as well?

  36. The Pirate Lord says:

    You know, on the subject of putting on make up in the car, my family recently had a guy (yes, I do mean a guy) rear end us after a full mile of visibility on I-80 because he was putting on make-up and hadn’t noticed 100 cars in front of him had actually stopped going 75 mph. People are complete idiots.

  37. no name says:

    Ahh, Money Saving Week.

  38. Tomato3456 says:

    Combine this with the Cereal helmet, and Biff has the ultimate timesaver! 😛

  39. wisp says:

    digging thru a mcdonalds bag and opening a burger wrapper one handed on the highway takes a good bit of skill. which i did working part time at fedex.

  40. Darkpheonix XIII says:

    Whenever I’m driving, I can acomplish most things with my right hand without looking. It only uses a small part of my attention, so I can still focus on the road around me.

  41. Z2012 Ed says:

    In city driving, you should never be doing anything more complicated than switching the song on the radio. Anything beyond that should be left to when you are stopped. I have no objection todoing distracting things at a red light, but not while you’re driving. I’ve been nearly run off the road on multiple occasions by people who were distracted/neglected to bother shoulder checking.

    I managed to run my car into a snow bank when I dropped a drink and was looking for it while I was moving. Luckily, I was going about 20 in an empty parking lot, and I was driving a good old Buick (no damage). Probably would have wrecked the bumper if it was a new car.

  42. MadDavid says:

    I think the point of this one is that he’s taking a money-saving tip that is true (you *can* save on gas by combining multiple activities into one trip instead of making a separate trip for each activity) and applying it in an absurdely Biff-like way. (Taking a bath in your car does not save gas.)

  43. Jykcor says:


    would it launch the bowl into his face?

  44. AdmiralMemo says:

    The worst I’ve seen is a car weaving from side to side on the road. The woman wasn’t drunk… She was eating corn on the cob and driving with her elbows.

  45. lulululu says:

    My school nickname’s Taco.

  46. D Jenky says:

    The first thing I saw was the word “gas” and biff sitting in bubbling water.

  47. Handgunman says:

    I once saw a guy getting DRESSED while driving

  48. Voyager says:

    I gather on the rodeo circuit, when traveling between events, a number of the performers will actually change drivers while driving.

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