#686 – Twist

Like most Biff comics, this is taken directly from my everyday life. The only thing I modified in this instance is in reality my iPod is green.

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40 thoughts on “#686 – Twist”

  1. Amy says:

    We caught an 8pm advance screening of Pirates 3. On our way out, as we passed the huge crowds there for the midnight showing, my friend Brandon yelled out, as loud as he could, “Jack Sparrow kills Harry Potter!”

  2. Linuxexorcist says:

    i totally know what you mean!!
    [waits in line]
    guy who just watched the movie: “and the part where he’s really the bad guy in disguise really shook things up!!”
    [groans, yells at guy]

    etc., etc.

  3. Jason Reed says:

    So you are saying your headphones are as big as the side of your head? Wow those things are huge!

  4. Ryan says:


    And also…I’m completely stumped as to the theme(if any) there is for this week.

    LOL! Just noticed the Space Wizzard shirt. Nice touch. I like the beard.

  5. Kurast says:

    Lawlz, Space Wizzard.

    My neighborhood, for some reason, never goes to opening weekend, so we all have plenty of time to watch it without it being spoiled.

  6. tom says:

    Space Wizzard?!?!?!?! That is the best t-shirt idea ever had. Awesome.

  7. catherinecatgirl says:

    Lol. I have never gone to opening weekend of a movie before. Except Twilight, but since I read the book, there wasn’t much to spoil 😉

  8. MaskedMan says:

    I also avoid opening weekend, and I generally stay far away from the kind of people whom spoil movie plots, so I don’t have much of this problem.

  9. MaskedMan says:

    Oh, and: “Activities that have food alongside. Plus magic.” Meetings, movies… Creskin, space wizzard…

  10. dartigen says:

    I usually don’t go to see movies on opening night, simply because here if you want opening night tickets, you’ll have to book at least two weeks ahead. I usually go sometime in the first week, or if I don’t get the time I just wait for the DVD.

  11. Kaeajath says:

    Aww…. Well, the title says it all. Twist. I guess I was wrong…. But still, I mean, come on. Sleight of hand? I’ve played alot of D and D in my life. It’s a freakin’ skill….. I was so expecting to see biff today or sometime this week with a dog biting his leg and below it says “Not being skilled in handle animal, Biff was never able to make friends with the neighbor’s dog.” Aw well…. This is the second time I’ve ever commented on a comic, and I must say Chris, you have created a comic that is loved by many. Keep up the great work man. I plan on getting more active and commenting more. Well, see ya later man. I can’t wait until tomorrow.

  12. SEA says:

    Doesn’t matter, i don’t pay attention enough to what they said.

    Then again, i don’t see many of the movie spoiler in singapore. :p

  13. Tvae says:

    Just saying, if you sold space wizzard t-shirts, I would buy one.

    Just sayin’.

    Anyways, awesome, as usual.

  14. Colin says:

    I also have a pair of overly large headphones. They were designed for using a radio at a racetrack. I’m not kidding. My dad bought this little racecar scanner thing, and the headphones came with it. Now I get them, and never need to hear anything again.

  15. Rachel says:

    Is SPACE WIZZARD a form of Discworld/Starwars crossover?

  16. Jacob says:

    Now why didn’t I think of that? I usually just got to daytime showings to avoid spoilers.

  17. Ryan says:

    Indeed. You should sell Space Wizard shirts.

  18. Beth says:

    tips & tricks week?

  19. Stumpy says:

    Where can I get my hands on a Space Wizzard shirt?

  20. Trillion says:

    YeeeAY! Ipod shuffle. *whuh whuh whuh* (Fist pump) We don’t need no stinking screen.

  21. Chris says:

    @Trillion – True dat!
    (is this the song? …no click click click click click click click click… nope click click click click click click click… nope click click click… no click click click click click click click… not it click click click click click ah ha!)

  22. AFriendOfMine says:

    I can confirm that Chris also does this in the theater during the trailers…along with keeping his eyes closed…..
    It may in fact be the primary reason he owns a Tivo.

  23. Speakerblast says:

    I could use a pair of headphones like that…

  24. -JAD- says:

    I do the same with my shuffle, but I prefer that than carrying constantly with me something which is more appealing to thieves and more difficult to take care of.

    And I remember there was some talking about t-shirts before…

    Great comic! It is true that the music players can be so small now while headphones have a limit in that capacity.

  25. Funnyman141 says:

    lol Rincewind in the future? that would be extremely funny

  26. Kit-Kun says:

    My friend Victor has a pair of head phones that are huge. I keep thinking he’ll get a pair of ear buds. Oh well, I sometimes get a spoiler, but I don’t intend to. I’ll just be looking up stuff about what I’ve already read or getting ready to watch, and I’ll read a spoiler. I’m like ‘Crap…’. Oh well. Awesome as always.

  27. Cpt.Ziggy says:

    I use my psp for music. I just run the headphone cord under my shirt.

  28. TigerGulp says:

    YAAAAAAAAY Shuffle! I love mine to death, and I don’t mind the searching cause I’ve memorized all my music 😀 hee

  29. I feel like spoiling the next Harry Potter movie, but I’ll keep my hands shut.

  30. Reg says:

    I used to be a spoiler, but now I have changed my evil ways. 😉

  31. Jesso says:

    On Harry Potter Book 7 Night (as it was written on my calendar) I was #5 or 6 in line. I got my book, put my noise-blocking headphones in my ears, turned Muse up really loud, and made a beeline for my car. At the Book 6 release, there had been some jerks shouting out the ending, you see, and I didn’t want that. I probably looked like a dork, but it worked! I heard nothing, and I don’t even know if anyone said anything to me 😀

  32. Lucas Chromeck says:

    I remember once, my brother was in the movie theather’s HUGE line to see the movie “The Suspect” (that’s the name if I’m not mistaken, and that movie was like the greatest that year, everyone was talking about it)… once everyone had already bought their tickets and was just waiting for the room doors to open, a man that had just finished seeying it in another room yells very loud and clear the end of the movie!

    Well, everytime I remember this I also wonder what happened to him after he left the movie theather, pursued by dozens of dozens of frustrated and angry people… I think he might died!

  33. The Dukenator says:

    @Cpt.Ziggy I do run the wire under my shirt. Looks stupid, but it’ll work. Done it with portable AM/FM radios, cassette player, cd players, mp3 players & a receiver for wireless headphones.

    My father still has one of those big ass headphones and they hurt after wearing them for awhile. My current ones are Koss PTX6.

    Funny enough, Biff reminds me of Herman doing a similar thing except he used actual speakers as headphones. Now, that’s painful.
    Herman is a comic strip and can be found online somewhere. One of the strips shows Herman what I described here. Sadly, I don’t remember what the caption was for it.

  34. Katiroth says:

    I did exactly the same as Jesso did, for book 7. I was third in line and RAN to my car and ended up blaring Hammerfall as loudly as I possibly could. Stupid people that like to be jerks and spoil things.

  35. Vennificus says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing some space wizzard shirts around

  36. ze bob says:

    in other news, i have a purple iPod called green iPod

  37. RMinus3 says:

    Do you ever plan on making a “Space Wizzard” tshirt? Cause that would be awesome.

  38. Mr. President says:

    Space Wizzard shirt would sell, Chris.

  39. Kratospie says:

    I demand Space Wizard shirts.

  40. AbeFM says:

    I sure love how the music player is the smallest thing in the picture (and in real life as well)… I guess it’s nice how technology has allowed things to be microscopic and perfect instead of large and cumbersome, but it does serve as a reminder of how course and grotesque we are. Think Gulliver’s Travels. The huge headphones drive it home, don’t they?

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