#67 – Tennis Ball


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  1. This one’s really good! You have some real gems in your portfolio. Love it.

  2. Chryssta says:

    Ok, I give, what is the point of an electric tennis ball?

  3. Calthin says:

    never mind Chryssta, where can I get one?

  4. Fenix says:

    Mmm… I don’t know if it’s easier to enter to the room with a tennis racket, or just unplugged the electric tennis ball…

  5. DMC_Run says:

    …maybe re-wire the tennis ball for batteries…?

  6. Corky says:

    Pure. Genius.

    Seriously, who DOES that?!

  7. Dango says:

    It’s a rookie mistake, we all have to learn it at some point.

  8. zantarath says:

    Biff: *thinking* “why does my head start hurting every time I turn on the light?

  9. Chunky says:

    I think he meant a tennis ball machine, that shoots them out.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Chunky, note the plug coming out of the tennis ball…

  11. Oddly Frozen says:

    *random thought time* what does biff sound like when he talks?

  12. Darkpheonix XIII says:

    *random comment time* (so what if i’m taking your idea, Frozen. welome to the world) Yay, biff’s kitchen is purple!

  13. Taz says:

    I’ve been reading this all night, and this one probably made me laugh the hardest so far. I really love how odd this whole thing is. Great job, man.

  14. Garrett says:

    Funniest thing about this one is the electric cord coming out of the tennis ball. I will likely make one of these sometime.

  15. DemonRex says:

    I’ve heard that if you fill a tennis ball with those strike-on-anything matches and throw it at a wall, it explodes.

  16. anteaters stole my sanity says:

    “darkpheonix”, how do you know its his kitchen? i mean, if an electric tennis ball can exist in Biff’s universe, cant he keep his toaster in a room other than his kitchen?

  17. Reader says:

    Because it’s purple.

  18. Zod says:

    Soo……what switch does he flick to get a toaster to the head?

  19. Chester says:

    That happens when he turns out the light

  20. Apocalyptic Bob says:

    Personally, I think it would be a much better idea to wire it to the garbage disposal switch…

  21. funnyman141 says:

    that’ll teach the kids who sneak into houses and flick switches!! HAH!!

  22. random man says:

    how dose it still hit him if its not pluged in

  23. Torg says:

    random: It got going before it came unplugged.

  24. I actually had friend that owned a battery powered tennis ball. It had an alarm clock built in it. When the alarm went off the only way to hit snooze was to bounce the ball off a wall.

  25. ydwodkcin says:

    thats amazing barstow steve where can i get one?

  26. Elkian says:

    THAT’S why my head hurts!

  27. YukiSnowflake says:

    You know what?
    a comment, like, years ago:
    **Zantarath: Biff: *thinking* “why does my head start hurting every time I turn on the light?**

    uh… Biff can’t think, remember, he lost his brain back in #26
    Or did he find his brain

    (BTW: first time commenting, but THESE RULE. itll take forever to read all of them though…)

  28. Kimi says:

    DragonPheonix, it could be purple, but red looks purple in the dark, so it could be red… We may never know, especially if he keeps his electric tennis ball plugged in.

  29. Skunkape says:

    This is one of the best ones I laughed.(I don’t laugh often)

  30. spidercow says:

    actually, this would make an awesome april fools day joke.
    “hey (insert person’s name here), could you go turn on the light?”

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