#640 – Spook

I don’t seem to dream about monsters anymore. Now that I’m older my nightmares are more realistic. Things like car crashes, plane crashes and buildings on fire haunt me. I think I preferred the dreams of my youth. They were a lot easier to brush away with “It was just a dream.” It’s much harder to forget a car crash dream when an hour later I’m in a car and driving to work.


33 thoughts on “#640 – Spook”

  1. Zaffa says:

    That is awesome. Interior lighting FTW!

  2. dtanza says:

    Biff scares me…..

  3. C4Pottery says:

    My nightmares are weird. My subconscious is no longer content with normal stuff, and has invented new, less sensemaking stuff. Our microwave in my dorm room broke so that it was always running. We unplugged it, but I still dreamed that i woke up with it sitting on my chest trying to nuke my head.

  4. Martina says:

    I also prefer the dreams I had when I was young, except for those brought on by reading Stephen King novels. Nowadays, the only nightmares I have almost always involve a car crash or accident of some kind. And almost each time I wake up, I’d have this strange sensation, as if what I was dreaming was real and that I somehow got transported to my bed after the crash.
    It doesn’t help that I already have a small fear of cars and highways in real life.
    Back to the point, nightlights in the eyes, haha. Wouldn’t Biff blind himself continuously now that he has the light in his eyes, which is constantly being reflected back into the eyes?

  5. RG says:

    That pair of nightlights must have been expensive to surgically install into his skull… ah well, there must have not been much there anyways…

  6. SEA says:

    Nightmares. I don’t really know if mine if a fantasy or a nightmare anymore. (abnormality ftw!)

    So…how did he get them? Remove his vitreous? Or light bulbs on his cornea? o_o

  7. Kurast says:

    I kinda need those for when I turn off the lights and haven’t cleaned my room in a while. Tired of tripping over clothes, books, and cats.

    My nightmares revolve around zombies invading my house and scenarios thereafter.

  8. Red says:

    @ SEA

    He probably unscrews his eyes and replaces them with the nightlights.

  9. speearr says:

    Hey…. I gotta get me a pair of those!

  10. starseedjenny says:

    All of my nightmares are about things like hiding from ex boyfriends…

  11. Lisa says:

    My nightmares are of my pets dying.

  12. I can’t even tell what’s a regular dream and what’s a nightmare anymore…

    Those lights would be great for driving or biking at night.

  13. i.half4 says:

    Tornados are the nightmares I remember. I blame The Wizard of Oz.

    I can’t remember ever being as scared during a movie as I was by that tornado getting closer. But in my dreams, I never saw them. I was always held back by the wind. Paralyzing fear. Brrrrrrr.

  14. Josh says:

    I haven’t had nightmares since I was a kid. When I have dreams that have the potential to turn bad, my unconscious brain somehow always turns them around into something not as bad or just plain cool. Now I just fairly regularly have the ‘teeth-falling-out’ dream. I just had another one last night as well as the night before. They are usually very realistic. One night I woke up and was actually surprised when I found that I still had all of my teeth.

    And i.half4: I used to have a lot of tornado dreams that seemed very realistic but they were all of the ‘Whoa! Awesome tornado! And I’m so close to it!” variety. The tornados were always huge and close by but nothing bad ever happened. I had one weird one where there was an airplane dropping exploding barrels on the tornado and one of the barrels fell right by me and I thought it was going to explode but it didn’t.

  15. -JAD- says:

    I don’t quite get this one…

  16. Foxhound2 says:

    That is kinda cool.., but wouldn’t wake him up? And he can scare intruders away.

  17. Foxhound2 says:

    Second post- My nightmares are weird too. One was about a nuclear plant blowing up and me and my family were in the middle of it.

  18. JSW says:

    I once had this odd dream that I was teasing a rattlesnake and getting bitten by it repeatedly. Didn’t Freud say the goal of all life was death?

  19. MaskedMan says:

    With nightlights like that, who needs night vision goggles..? Having a pair of those would almost be like having a super-power!

    I can only remember one nightmare. Ever. It had to be with being on a ship in a storm, and the ship capsizing. So what do I do, brilliant sort that I am? I up and go join the navy.
    I’m probably insane.

  20. Zaffa says:

    My nightmares typically involve velociraptors and/or T-rexes rampaging a la Jurassic Park. >>;

  21. Rampage says:

    A lot of my dreams eventually turn into real life. It’s really weird. I recall having a dream of a big ol’ painting on a wall, but that’s all I had remembered from my dream, and this was around the age of 6. Later, in around 8th grade, on our field trip to Washington, we checked into a motel and there was the boat, right on the wall. It was huge. Pretty cool, though. All déja vu and whatnot. I’ve been having lots of those kinds of dreams lately. It’s really cool and all, but I’m still trying to figure out how it’s possible to have memories of things I haven’t yet seen. One of life’s mysteries, huh?

  22. Rampage says:

    (to my first post)
    The first image I saw was also a boat. I forgot to mention.

  23. no name says:

    continuation of Childhood Week?

  24. random person says:

    Lol, Biff has night vision
    -And rampage, that happens to me all the time, it’s actually a counple forms of ESP. You should read about it, it’s really interesting and I think it’s real.
    -One more thing, ever had a nightmare that happenes more than once. Well try having that same nightmare FOUR times ine one night.

  25. Vidja says:

    Over the past week, my dreams have become increasingly trippy.
    Best one was when I sealed a bad guy in a giant pickle freezer.

  26. linuxexorcist says:

    my dreams end up being like (http://xkcd.com/430/) more often than not and often involve films and novels from different genres running together (alex ryder is: the transporter) or (cloverfield ep.5 : the empire strikes back)

  27. AdmiralChaos says:

    My nightmares typically involve world of warcraft >.>
    I have GOT to get me a pair of those for when I need to find midnight snacks!

  28. i.half4 says:

    OK. Now that the bulk of humanity has moved on to Tuesday, I can post my grownup dreams and fears. Odd that I would have cared what a multitude of people think about an anonymous identity…

    Anyway. I still dream about tornados, but not as nightmares. Now I actually see the funnel clouds forming and my response is 200% active. Half my brain is 40% fear and 60% fascination, while the other half is busy calculating the best plan of escape and amount of time it can allow the fascination to supersede the fear. I know these must be dreams because in real time, I am rarely so present and cool headed.

    I don’t know if I still have nightmares. Fear is so much more frightening for a child, or for people who, as adults, have experienced things to fear beyond their control. I’ve led a fairly well controlled life.

    The closest thing I have to nightmares these days would be based on the real life experience of someone dropping by unexpectedly, and there is no way to hide the mess. Interestingly, this is a motivational dream, as opposed to the paralyzing fears of my childhood. I invariably say to myself in the dream that next time I will be prepared. And then I wake up and continue to do anything *but* put my things in order…

    Errrmm… Sorry about the length. I know it is a faux pas to try to cram essays into a comment box. But I do find dreams so interesting.

    “At dawn my lover comes to me and tells me of her dreams
    with no attempts to shovel the glimpse into
    the ditch of what each one means.”

    Bob Dylan

  29. Lisa says:

    heh some of us come back the next day to read the replies or catch up on comics we missed.

  30. Mille desu says:

    I once had a dream that monsters that looked like something only the director of Hellbboy could come up with were chasing after me. And in the few minuets before waking up up movie credits began to roll…the only problem was I couldn’t see who was the director or who starred in my dreams other than me. *grumbles*

  31. wewty says:

    i was once told that dreams are nightmares b/c u can never get them,and nightmares are dreams b/c they can go away. but funny comic ^_^

  32. John says:

    I have dreams where I can’t remember my locker combination, and I have to be somewhere in like five seconds.

  33. fatemaster1 says:

    My nightmares are much weirder than when I was a kid. When I was a kid I had a nightmare about a tiger. Now I have nightmares about having to escape from earth creatures infected with an alien virus by flying up into the sky and building an invisible fortress while saving as many survivors as possible.

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