#63 – Immovable

I wish more things were clothes dryer friendly. They work great getting your sweat pants all nice and toasty on a winter’s day but not so good on electronic devices. My wife dropped my cell phone into the cat’s water dish and it never really worked the same after that.


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  1. kangaroosexy says:

    how did biff move the immovable object into the dryer?
    p.s. yay boze

  2. LordRetard says:

    Duh, he took it and put it in the dryer. How else?

  3. kangaroosexy says:

    but it’s immovable
    how did biff move it

  4. Chris says:

    See, that’s a little known fact about immovable objects… get them wet and they lose their immovable properties.

  5. LordRetard says:

    Really? I gotta try that. I thought it was a simple matter of moving the immovable object, but maybe there’s more to it. Or less, I forget which.

  6. kangaroosexy says:

    i guess the more you know
    that also explains why it again became immovable while in the dryer
    chris you are in deed amazing

  7. Siirenias says:

    You know…it’s even worse when you drop it in a latrine. I still have to go to a store to have my old phone’s memory dumped into the new one.

  8. kelton says:

    that has happened 2 me so many times its funny

  9. TKort says:

    Well, I think everyone’s missed the really profound point here; there’s only One who can move the immovable.. I think our friend Biff here is more than he appears! Hmm.. interesting statement, if you look at him that way, heehee.

  10. Eirikr says:

    Obviously he didn’t move the object to the dryer, but moved the dryer to the object. It just happened to be floating 2 feet above the floor by his specialized electrical outlet, by chance.

  11. Chryssta says:

    Stupid question: What is the immoveable object?

  12. XRS says:

    The “Immovable Object” is something that CANNOT be moved no matter what.

  13. Calthin says:

    The immoveable object doesn’t exist anymore. It and the unstoppable force cancelled each other out.

  14. Gravekeeper says:

    Well, it seems to me that the drier is being forced to rotate, because it clearly cannot rotate the Immovable Object.

  15. Keith says:

    Do not try to move the object. Instead only realize the truth.

    There is no immovable object.

  16. Jetman123 says:

    Then you will realize that it is not the object that is moving, it is yourself.

  17. Chuck says:

    Wooo, going a bit too matrixy here

  18. Vole says:

    Wouldn’t it just jam the machine? Unless it’s a very powerful dryer and the object has spokes radiating from its center.

  19. Mikado says:

    A philosophical construction can have spokes if it wants 😛

  20. Malachite Dragon says:

    *GASP* its so obvious! Biff is The One! He was just letting Neo take over so he could stay home and blow stuff up.

  21. zantarath says:

    Blowing stuff up is fun. They do it all the time on the mythbusters.

  22. Tim says:

    He used the unstoppable force to get the unmovable object into the dryer. Naturally.

  23. The Hebrew Hammer says:

    Everyone seems to think that the immovable object and the unstoppale force just cancel each other out. But think about it…If they met, the unstoppable force would just reflect. The real question is
    “What happens when you put a dehumidifier next to a humidifier?”

  24. Dark Pheonix XIII says:

    This is why there doesn’t need to be a stronger Biff. (see previous comic’s comment.)

  25. After Death Connolly says:

    But objects stop when they reflected justbarely long enough for the force exerted upon the object they are reflecting off of to bounce back (If I understand it correctly).

    The humidifier and de-humidifier would just partially or wholly cancel eachother out, creating humidity settings not usually reachable by the normal machines.

    The real question: what would happen should a Katamari pick up the universe?

  26. Zion says:

    The answer is obvious! He didn’t move the Immovable Object, he moved the UNIVERSE around the Immovable Object. @_@

    No wonder he can’t afford to pay his gravity bill. XD

  27. Oddly Frozen says:

    universe moving, that was once my job *sigh* biff takes everything fun

  28. Garrett says:

    So, if the immovable properties stop working when it gets wet, what if only half of the immovable object gets wet? Could you turn it in circles? Maybe the dry part would stay full power(the dry part is still in fact immovable) and the whole object would stay in the same spot, unless you broke off the now-movable part. OR, maybe one drop of water makes the entire object movable!
    I feel like slipping an Immovable Objectâ„¢ into a friend’s car now.

  29. Garrett says:

    Also, do Biff’s eyebrows ever reach outside the borders of the comic? I couldn’t help noticing how they’ve conformed to the size of the panel.
    I’ll have to watch his eyebrows now.

  30. DemonRex says:

    Man, it would be hilarious if he put that thing in his invisible car and tried to drive off.

  31. anteaters stole my sanity says:

    but no matter how he moved the object, the object is no longer immovable.

  32. WonofTew says:

    My mom found a flat, dry mouse in the drier once. It had gone through not once, but twice for reasons I cannot remember. Her scream was priceless though. XD Normally mother is not an easy woman to phase. Ah, she also freaked out when she ran over one of our chickens and it exploded.

  33. Elkian says:

    He didn’t put IT in the DRYER….he put the DRYER around IT…

  34. Moriarty Matherson says:

    …if an immovable object gets wet…and it loses its immovable capabilities…

    HOW did it throw the dryer across the room?

  35. MadMax says:

    Reminds me of putting a whole tub of chlorine in…

    ok, don’t do that, unless you want to experience an explosion without a fire.

  36. Creep says:

    (After Death Connolly Says:

    April 22nd, 2007 at 1:00 pm
    But objects stop when they reflected justbarely long enough for the force exerted upon the object they are reflecting off of to bounce back (If I understand it correctly). )

    But that does not hold true for everything. Light never stops, even when hitting a mirror (well, it stops if you freeze it, but that isn’t what we’re talking about). An unstoppable force would probably act the same way.
    Here’s another question for you: Can an unstoppable force be slowed down or sped up?

  37. Deteramot says:

    Obviously, he used the portal gun to open a portal inside his dryer, then under the Immovable object.

  38. Torg says:

    But immovable objects can’t be moved by gravity either (unless they’re wet, in which case they can be moved by anything, and Biff would probably just pick it up in that case).

  39. Kaos Machina says:

    Ow…. Brain…. Hurt….. ow…

    Oh! he BUILT the drier AROUND the immovable object!
    Of Course- top that logic!

  40. Deteramot says:

    The opening to the dryer is a foot off the ground. Done.

    But, an Immovable object is affected only by gravity. That is how it gains it’s immovable properties. It has such a huge mass, yet such a low volume, that it’s personal gravity is so intense, it adheres permanently to any surface it comes into contact with. It’s a well known fact that if you leave an immovable object dry for a long enough period of time, it tends to sort of squish into the thing it has adhered to, eventually reaching the point where it breaks physics and destroys the universe.

  41. Nokore says:

    Physics have nothing on Biff!

  42. J says:

    biff’s dryer is an unstoppable force.

  43. Marr965 says:

    How come the dryer is spinning then, J?

  44. Zero says:

    The unstoppable force and immoveable object are interesting but what I want to know is this, ‘what happens if someone that cannot miss aims a punch at someone that cannot be hit’?

  45. Crazyeyes says:

    @Zero: It doesn’t matter, because they can never meet…because they have to go throught infinite halfway points. =D

  46. TylerP says:

    I know what it is! Its an immovable rod! DnD FTW! Poor Biff, he must have forgotten about the button when he put it in the dryer.

  47. Hornswaggler says:

    MATRIX. See, they simply recoded the Matrix so the dryer is around the Immovable Object. 8D Biff had no need to do any heavy lifting. All very simple, really.
    “What if they didn’t know what chicken tasted like, so that’s why chicken tastes like…you know, everything!” Matrix = Epic Win.

  48. Soltueur says:

    But if you think about it, the earth spins at many kilometers per second, goes around the sun at an even higher speed, and the sun goes around the galaxy, which is also traveling through space.

    So the object (and the dryer) should be on the other side of march by evening.

  49. MrD says:

    This is the first comic in ages where his eyebrows are filled black, not white. *sagely nods*

  50. -Nods With MrD And Flys away-

  51. Raven Gold says:

    He didn’t move the immovible object, he moved the univerce around it.

  52. Filip says:

    He put the dryer around it.

  53. Malon says:

    That still doesn’t answer why the dryer is halfway across the room. This is why. Absolute immovable objects are very expensive. Relative immovable objects (they are immovable relative to the greatest effective gravitational force) are cheaper. Biff had to pay his gravity bill that day, so he skimped on the immovable object. Interestingly, absolute immovable objects stay immovable when wer, while relative immovables do not.

  54. common comic reader says:

    i have a sword that cuts through anything and an unbreakable shield. im to scared to try them against each other

  55. Toxic12 says:

    Biff, please tell me where you live so I can never go there.

  56. chrisleech says:

    @Zero the universe goes boom leaving the two Chuck Norris s as singularities after the resulting black hole, thus leaving them both as universes unto themselves

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