#629 – Sink

I try to always take my pillow with me when I go on trips. A few years back I stayed at a friends house for the weekend. It was a brand new house and they set up the guest room for me to stay in. I had a hard time falling asleep that first night because the pillow they gave me was apparently just an unused oven mitt slid inside the pillow case. I had to roll it up a bit to get any use out of it. In the end, just laying my head on the mattress wound up being more comfortable.

The Book of Biff #3 fun fact: While drawing the original art for the bonus comics in book #3, I started making a lot of the outlines thicker than I had been for the comics that you see on the website. I liked how this looked and have started making thicker lines on all the new webcomics since then. You can see the original art for book #3 in the store.


29 thoughts on “#629 – Sink”

  1. Dwarg91 says:

    It seems like biffs eyebrows are outlining two faces in the pillow that is devowering biff

  2. PsychoDuck says:

    @ Dwarg91:

    Attack of the Biff Snatchers!

    The Duck Has Spoken.

  3. Dwarg91 says:

    Nice one Psychoduck
    Now on the topic of pillows I usualy go for a memory foam base pillow with a feather pillow on top of that sometimes I will have a polycotton pillow either below the memory foam pillow or I would utilise it as a buffer between my head and the headboard of my bed.

  4. speearr says:

    I hate it when that happens……

    So your style evolves once more. The thicker line give it a slightly more cartoony feel, kinda like the old Biffs. I always thought the recent style was a little too refined / subdued. The thick lines pop out more…

  5. Chris says:

    Ah yes the pillow conundrum. I have trouble throwing anything away that still has some useful life to it and one can argue that a pillow always has a useful life to it. Every ten or fifteen years though I try to replace my pillow whether it’s needed or not.

  6. TomTom says:

    A question posed to the commenters; what’s worse? A pillow that is hard or thin and flimsy, not unlike the pillow from Chris’ anecdote?

  7. Bazza says:

    I have about eighteen pillows on my bed, small and thing, large and thick. Call it excessive, but I am always comfortable.

    Loved this comic.

  8. RG says:

    I like my pillows thin for some reason.

  9. Kurast says:

    I own no less than 12 pillows, 10 of which are standard rectangular pillows of varying ages, thicknesses, and stuffin’s. The other two are square. When one starts to get uncomfortable, I spend a few minutes on other ones until I eventually find one I like. The other pillows get used for other tasks, such as comfortable TV-and-game lounging on my couch, comfortable TV-and-House MD watching on the living room couch, extra things for my cat to curl on, and the ever popular wall buffer (because slamming yourself into the wall when you sleep is painful).

  10. DracoZereul says:

    I swear, when I saw the image, I thought Biff had turned into some kind of lobster-ish alien thing. I see the actual image now that I’ve read the caption and rant, but it’s hard not to get my mind’s eye to stop looking at it like he’s an alien.

    On the topic of pillows, I only use two, jammed into the same pillowcase, and I have the exact same problem when it comes to using other people’s pillows. When I would spend the night with friends, I’d always have to bring my pillow, otherwise I’d spend hours just trying to get to sleep. Even when I would visit my grandparents, they would have pillows I love to lay back on and rest my head on, but when it came to going to sleep, I’d still spend an hour or so trying to beat one or two down into something comfortable.

  11. starseedjenny says:

    Biff looks like some insectoid aliennnnnnnn i-i

  12. Paul Emil says:

    The first thing I thought when I saw this was “OM NOM NOM”.

  13. @starseedjenny
    I thought so too, and that he ate part of his pillow (the eyebrows outlining a dent and all that).

  14. Djorra says:

    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who saw two faces in the pillow (thought it an outline of Biff and a ‘close friend’ the night before).

  15. Drakey says:

    I laughed very hard, but it’s still not as funny as the one with the fridge.

  16. DTanza says:

    Ah yes I find myself very picky when it comes to pillows…..

    Dosn`t it look like Biff was with….twins….that night?

  17. Grug says:

    I told my friend I thought Biff was adorable. He said I was crazy.

  18. fishmeester says:

    In such events I always just use my rolled up clothes as pillow. You always have some clothes with you, wherever you go.

  19. reynard61 says:

    I have three pillows: A memory-foam for my head, a standard polyfill that i keep jammed under my chin to keep my mouth closed while I sleep (I have sleep apnea), and a long polyfill that I keep between my legs so that my bony, arthritic knees don’t grind against each other during the night.

  20. Speakerblast says:

    Being allergic to feathers takes some of the emphasis away from pillow shopping seeing as there is a lot less choice out there when you eliminate all the feather pillows.

    I have a memory foam pillow which is very comfortable, but does anyone else with one find that is sucks in way too much of your head? (Not unlike todays comic)

  21. whitekatsu says:

    On the topic of pillows loved and hated:

    I hate feather pillows. The one time I had one, I would either get bugged by the one black feather in all the white ones, but normally, I was bugged by the sharp little quills that would poke out of the case and stab me when I laid against it.

    I prefer a fluffy red pillow that I got from wal*mart, covered in a soft leopard-print flannel pillowcase. (Upon my bed covered with a light-blue vellux sheet, with fuzzy black-and-white wolf blanket over me. Not colour cordinated, but comfortable as all get-out.)

    I like hotel pillows though, and they’re the only other pillows I don’t mind sleeping on.

    I thought that the pillow was some acidmonster at first. o_o *is braindead right now though, don’t mind half-asleep zombie*

  22. Micah says:

    Biff is really Pillow man!

  23. i.half4 says:

    Whoooaaaaaaaaa! What a mind frick! I thought Biff was, like, totally dehydrated.

    I still say it fits the Great National Disasters theme: the economy, bad levees over the ninth ward, (blame Katrina) a couple of quick fixes, and still purt near smothered in luxury. Oh, so many things to learn…

  24. no name says:

    Chris, where’s the random comic button?

  25. ksamsa says:

    two words. Body Pillow. that is all

  26. Kamorth says:

    I have no less than 7 thin and ancient pillows crammed into one pillow case.. I never throw a pillow out, just buy the cheapest one I can find and add it to the collection. It also means that if I’m being in a difficult mood and find the pillow too thick/hard/soft/fluffy, I can just remove a pillow or two to adjust it. Works well.

  27. MadDavid says:

    This is why I take my thin, lumpy pillow with me wherever I go.

  28. Foxhound2 says:

    Hey look Biff”s eyebrows & the pillow make two heads. 1 smiling & 1 frowning.LOL!!

  29. Spicynoodle says:

    Biff’s head looks like a shrimp. Mmmmmmmmmmm… tasty…

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