#607 – Sixty-four

That was always such a disappointment. I would find some great looking board game or puzzle for a great price at a garage sale. I would get it home only to discover missing or incorrect pieces in the box. I guess you have to be a little bit thrifty and a little bit of a gambler.


29 thoughts on “#607 – Sixty-four”

  1. Zeusandhera says:

    Is the purple thing in the back a Troll head or something?

  2. SEA says:

    Hehe, garage sale chess set =D (lol, optimus prime head o-o)

    Also, the Halloween Biff avatar IS shocking, wow.

  3. Tvae says:

    Good to know Biff’s universe has trolls, star wars, ninja turtles, transformers, checkers, scrabble, monopoly and mouse trap!

  4. Azrin says:

    Go battleship!

    And Biff’s expression here is hilarious.

    I remember I bought this REALLY cool castle siege type game from a garage sale, and it wasn’t nearly complete.

    The funny part was it had a huge piece of putty/plastersine or something in it, and it was extremely entertaining. I ended up forgetting entirely about the board game I had bought, and spent the rest of the time making weird stuff out of the putty.

  5. Micah says:

    Why 64 if there are 32 chess pieces total?

  6. William Syler says:

    Cause there are 64 spaces on the board, Micah. Silly

  7. Drakey says:

    Heh.. I know the feeling, Biffydoodles..

    That’s it. I’m calling him Biffydoodles from now on.

  8. kenshin620 says:

    ok I get it. this week must be used toys/clothes/stuff week. now how in the world did a dice become a queen and boba fett only gets to be a pawn?

  9. Trevor says:

    Remember when you were a kid and you’d always come up with stupid versions of games or something like that? Imagine what a kid with ADHD would think of using this chess set.

  10. RG says:

    I love his creativity in replacement. 🙂

  11. Ben says:

    Hah, that’s awesome. I love the Boba Fett helmet and the little R2-D2 and Optimus Prime’s decapitated… head… o.o Ewww…

    NUUUU OPTIMUS!! Brought down by such a fine game of Chess!

  12. Daundelyon says:

    Bobba Fett, a troll, R2D2, Optimus Prime, and Raphael-my kind of chess set!

  13. Austin Caine says:

    OMG! Badass man!

    Troll doll head, Barbie arm? Optimus Prime head!, Raphael, R2D2, (small green rectangle?), red Checker, Monopoly car, Boba Fett head, blue Sorry piece, yellow Mousetrap piece, S from Scrabble, Dice (snake eye), Monopoly gun, Battleship!!!!!

    All but one wtf is that green thing?

    Chris you’re amazing, you’re comic is 100% consistently funny I read it every weekday morning and spread the word nonstop! Keep it up man!

  14. Austin Caine says:

    Oh wait! It’s the gun from Clue! Not Monopoly.


  15. Austin Caine says:

    Is that green thing a LEGO?

  16. Austin Caine says:

    OH SNAP! And he’s holding a broken Snake Eyes GI Joe! 😀

    Bravo sir!

  17. Chris says:

    @Austin Caine – Well done. I do believe you got them all 🙂

  18. “Biff combines Chess, 52-Pickup, and his old toybox.”

    So…maybe those non-chess pieces are like wild cards?

  19. Karen El says:

    I want a chess set like Biff’s!!

  20. cyber95 says:

    I can’t vote at topwebcomics for some reason! It’s the new voting system they have, and it ALWAYS says I didn’t pick the right selection! I can’t see any bonus content for any of the comics I read that utilize it!

  21. Reynard says:

    @ cyber95: I’m in the same boat. That’s what *we* get when *they* fix what isn’t broken…

  22. Speakerblast says:

    Die to Optimus Prime head 4.

  23. kenshin620 says:

    I think the scrabble piece looks more like a B…

  24. Chezetoats says:

    Thats awesome! I normally don’t comment that much, but this one merited a comment. Great job, Chris, great job!

  25. Colin says:

    i remember that whe ever i lost something that contained many peices, when i found it again there would always be one vavued piece from it missing like the king in a chess set or the car in a monopoly set….

  26. The Dustin says:

    Boba Fett is used as a pawn…. how true to his character XP

  27. Humbart says:

    Thank you for putting white in the lower right-hand corner! It pisses me off when it’s black…

  28. jykcor says:

    1) BOBA FETT!!!! nieeeeeecccceeee!!!!!!
    2) That plastic arm is trying to give Biff a nipple twister…. if he has some…..

  29. YukiSnowflake says:

    strange, the red checker looks more like a piece from connect 4, the kind where the pieces are shaped to stack up without falling apart, that is.
    and, yay monopoly car!
    and cluedo gun!
    And… optimus prime head?
    And TMNT turtle head?
    My sister would prob. KILL whoever took off the TMNT head, ‘cos she STILL LOVES THEM!
    …oh god…
    the r2d2 is actually from a chess set!
    cos, my dad has a star wars (*is it star wars? never watched it…*) chess set, and also a boat one, a kids one, a wooden one, a glass one and a magnetic travel game one.
    Incase you haven’t noticed, his favourite game is…
    …Mancala. (*no, really…*)

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