#59 – Peanut Butter

I like chunky peanut butter. Actually I’m a big fan of peanuts period. I can sit down with a big bag of peanuts and a bowl to put the shells in and call it a meal. I have to buy them in the shell. If I buy something like a jar of planters roasted peanuts I end up just drinking them. I’ll go through a jar in a half hour. I think I have to buy them in the shell or I would go broke.


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  1. This is actually my favorite panel. It’s the kind of thing that actually does happen too…but then again, I have short term memory loss.

    This is ac….(joke)

  2. Eirikr says:

    Wonderful, absolutely priceless.

  3. Dustin says:

    I do wonder why it’s alone .. atop his DRESSER. =)

  4. Cat L says:

    What bothers me more is opening up a container of something and swearing that there was more in there after last time you used it. Like the PB evapourated overnight or something. Gives me the heebie jeebies, it does.

  5. Paul says:

    Oh sorry Cat that was me 😛

  6. Rhasae says:

    Or… when you open the Nutella to discover that instead of being three-fourths empty, it is two-thirds full. THAT creeps me out…

  7. Chris says:

    Hahaha, that’s awesome. 🙂

  8. Keith says:

    Damned peanut butter fairies!

  9. Warcrime says:

    Biff needs to stop sleep eating.

  10. Ice says:

    I lost a pencil once…

    then I found it right on top of my bed when I came home from school. It was rather creepy…

    until I realized I had used it to write a note on my door the same morning.

    Never figured out where I found that damned pen either… O_o

  11. Kardas says:

    I once had a very vivid dream of being attacked by a dog, I could feel everything. When I awoke, I discovered that I’d gone to bed with a pencil unknowingly, and it had embedded itself in my arm.

  12. zantarath says:

    I’ve had something like his happen before. I lost my watch, and I spent four hours looking for it. I finally found it in my pocket. of the pants I was wearing.

  13. sandy says:

    If you’re wondering why nutella refills it’s because nutella is alive and it will reproduce when the lid is on. like cheez whiz.

  14. Dark Pheonix XIII says:

    I sometimes eat cheese whiz straight from the can…and peanut butter straight from the jar…and sometimes sit in front of the fridge and eat chocolate syrup with a spoon…and other stuff…

  15. Female Fox Furry says:

    It was the cat… Purple tiger… Thing… Duh. What I’d like to know is why he has a dresser if he has a closet. Did it get too full? 😮

  16. 66point6 says:

    Closet for shirts, dresser for pants and undies. duh.

  17. Tom says:

    mmm…Nutella. I wish mine would reproduce. But I guess I eat it quicker than it can grow. I would gladly live in a world covered by Nutella.

  18. Alex says:

    I once fell asleep in my PJ’s and woke up topless to find my top stapled to the wall.

  19. Darkpheonix XIII says:

    … that must have been a very strange dream you were having alex…

  20. Malachite Dragon says:

    “Alex Says:

    May 10th, 2007 at 8:56 am
    I once fell asleep in my PJ’s and woke up topless to find my top stapled to the wall.”

    Alex, what the hell! XDDDD You made me laugh out loud! I scared the hell out of my cat! What the hell were you dreaming!?

  21. DemonRex says:

    I just kick in my sleep. People won’t share a bunk bed with me, because I shake it so bad at night.

  22. TheChampionKnight says:

    in exams, i would put a pen on top of my ear to read a question or answer things with a pencil, and when i need the pen i begin searching it all over my desk to remember its on my ear.

  23. Radical Edward says:

    I live with my parents and rarely do we encounter such a baffling dilemma. I do notice the big puffs of smoke outside my window.

  24. WonofTew says:

    -.- While doing my homework, I put my pencil in my mouth, pick up another pencil because I can’t find the first one, lose that one, go to ask someone if anyone sees my pencil, and have the first pencil fall out of my mouth. The second one is always under me. I honestly do this almost any time I study. ;_; My boyfriend likes to tease me about it.

  25. Adam222 says:

    Yeesh. When I used to have my glasses, I’d sometimes take them off for a bit, and I’d ask “Hey, where’d my glasses go?” And I’d look around all over the place, before I even realized they were in my hand.

  26. Elkian says:

    I bet they use they’re fingers.

  27. Elkian says:

    I’ve lost my glasses WHILE LOOKING THROUGH THEM.

  28. Keorode says:

    Haha, Elkian.. The same thing happened to my friend two Halloweens ago. She was like.. “OH NO! I’VE LOST MY GLASSES!” and we searched for a while. We searched for like a minute before I said.. “Wait, Mary.. you’re WEARING them. o_o”

  29. Captain Saint Jesus says:

    whats weird is when you and a roomate have two bowls of cereal each as a late night snack, and finish off the box

    then go to sleep, and get up in the morning to find that the box was back in the drawer, full and unopened
    but the dishes are in the sink, with crumbs in them still

  30. Minutedragoon says:

    OMG wish i had cereal that reproduced

  31. Kitsunie says:

    …I’m going to go have peanut butter toast now.

  32. KatzeWerfer says:

    dose anyone here just eat peanut butter straight from the jar????
    ….ahhhh good times good times…

  33. funnyman141 says:

    on a weekend drove around in my car all night and when i woke up it was topped off o_o

  34. steve-o says:

    When I was little I would eat a large jar of peanut butter with a spoon, straight out of the can, and finish it in about 20 minutes. Now I can barely eat peanut butter. I mean, I’ll eat it, but not much of it. Maybe God only gives us a certain amount peanut butter addiction that I used up very quickly.

  35. The Dustin says:

    I have the same problem with the drinking of sunflower seeds. I had someone at work ask me if I was trying to kick an addiction with sunflower seeds. I told them I was addicted to sunflower seeds, and that sunflower seeds only seem to make it worse.

  36. Lunatika says:

    steve-o that is nothing. As a kid I would wait till everyone would be a sleep than sneek to the kitchen to eat….. BUTTER…..with……a…..spoon. Until one night I got caught with the spoon in my mouth by my grandma. I stoped eating it ever since that night I got caught.

  37. Rowyn1115 says:

    I used to eat a whole, i mean a WHOLE stick of butter. I opened the fridge took it out, and started eating it….mmm..butter!

  38. Creep says:

    With regards to eating stuff, I often eat frosting, sometimes while the cake is in the oven.

    I frequently lose my pencil between my thumb and forefinger.

  39. solar says:

    i often lose my nintendo ds only to find it in the bathroom..

  40. the_gail says:

    i once woke up to discover that some how one of the shirts I had been wearing was mostly off and wrapped around my neck, one arm, and the post on my head board. never figured that out.

  41. Marr965 says:

    I put my glasses on top of my head, while reading in bed, and it’s only when I come to lie down that I realoise I forgot to put the glasses on the bedside table

  42. ydwodkcin says:

    one time i couldn’t find my remote. but when i woke up the next morning it was in my hand… i felt like i was in the twilight zone

  43. Drache says:

    I just had to post this because it will surely disturb some people.

    I used to have a problem with sleep stripping. I’d go to bed wearing sweats and wake up in the morning naked with the clothes tossed about the room. For the longest time I had this obessive phobia that I would strip in my sleep while visiting a friend and while sleeping on the couch. I could only imagine the reaction upon finding me naked and on the couch.

    Thankfully it never happened.

    Of course this now reminds me of the time I found my college roommate naked and passed out on the floor of our shared bathroom. He denies it to this day…

  44. @Drache: Should have taken a picture as proof.

  45. Elkian says:

    Thank you, Keorode…at least I won’t be lonely in the Closet of Shame ^^

  46. Lexi Bee says:

    Once, I lost my phone. The last time I had seen it, I’d left in on the charger beside the washing machine in the basement for the night to charge while I slept. I went down the next morning and it was gone. After two weeks of extensive searching, we got zilch. I started saving for a new phone. A day or two before saving enough cash to get a new phone, I found it under the sink, sitting on top of the dish detergent.


    1. Arcan says:

      Did you ever think to, you know, call the phone?

  47. spidercow says:

    I have this weird habit of taking the sheets off of my bed while I sleep. Like i’ll fall asleep will all the sheets on my bed, then wake up the next morning and they’re scattered around the room, and they’ve been replaced by something retarded, like my curtains or this one fan that sits by my bed. Also one time i found my pillowcase crammed INSIDE this light fixture thingy on my ceiling. I have no idea how that happened, as I’d need a screwdriver to do that. Also I lock my door when I sleep, so nobody could have come in and done it… Although I wouldn’t be surprised if they did. It’s pretty easy to pick the lock on my door, and I can sleep through just about anything. (I once slept through an earthquake). I also occasionally wake up in the closet. wtf.

  48. spidercow says:

    I also frequently lose things while i’m still using them. Like one time I lost my flash drive only to find that It had been plugged into my computer for the last 3 hours, which is exactly where I had last left it.

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