#579 – Flaked

Oversize novelty food items are only interesting when you first get them. It’s better to get a small amount of something that is also high quality. Then you can look back on it fondly, remembering how great it was. When you are going on to year two of eating the life sized cheddar cheese R2-D2 that you won in that raffle and had to buy a second refrigerator to hold… it becomes more of a homework assignment rather than a prize. “Hey there, how are you enjoying your raisin bran? I bet some cheese would go great on it.”


36 thoughts on “#579 – Flaked”

  1. Torg says:

    That does not sound like a bad idea.

  2. Shorty says:

    The giant chocolate bar or the big cheese R2-D2?

  3. Bestdragon3 says:

    bestdragon 3! Sry just had to… But I would really rather have cheese. Chocolate gets discusting after awhile…

  4. Chris says:

    that reminds me of those giant candy canes I’d get every Christmas, months later I’d find them stuck have eaten to papers in my desk. While they were far too much candy cane for me they made decent enough clubs to beat my brothers with.

  5. Chaos Wolf says:

    I see what you did there with the 42 and what not.

  6. T3chW01f says:

    I had one of those giant candy canes in my back pack once. It melted in the heat when I forgot about it. I also had my wallet chain in my backpack when it happened. So when I discovered what had happened I had this misshapen oval of candy cane with a wallet chain embedded in it.

  7. Wittyfish says:

    Your comment was funnier than the comic… don’t make a habit of this.

  8. BlueShoals says:

    YES. This needs to be a common item in ice-cream parlors.

  9. RG says:

    Good use for a wood chipper. May not be the most hygienic, but still… I really wish they made a giant Oreo and a big glass of milk to go with it…

  10. starseedjenny says:

    My reaction to the comic was a -YES- and then I laughed at the comment.

    Either way is okay with me :]

  11. Geryon says:

    Although maybe not my favorite Biff it this one really made me laugh out loud fairly hard.

  12. Gawaine of Orkney says:

    Great comic, I want such a bar!! 😀

  13. Lorin says:

    is the bowl also made out of chocolate?

  14. no name says:

    @ Chaos Wolf – I don’t.

  15. randomperson says:

    If you ask me, everytime I put chocolate chips in ice cream, they loose their flavor.:(

  16. AdmiralChaos says:

    candy week?

  17. Kbman says:

    The little voice in my head that my therapist says to ignore is telling me that you have won such a piece of cheese, Mr. Hallbeck.

  18. Danielle says:

    @Chaos Wolf: Dammit, I saw that and was about to post about it, and then I saw your comment.

    @no name: In the books of the HitchHiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series, there was a robot called Marvin (R2-D2) and the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything is 42. See now?

    If I got anything wrong, point it out and hit me with an e-baseball bat.

  19. royvf1s says:

    Hehehe! Way back when I graduated from school, I worked in a gas station where we were allowed to bring our own snacks and drinks and store them in the mini-fridge (it was one of those tiny places that has just a stand between the pumps). One of the guys went to Hershey, PA for a vacation, and brought back one of those giant bars.

    We ate that thing for six weeks; it took the seven of us that long to get it down. It spent five of those weeks in the fridge, broken into plate-sized chunks.

  20. hogan says:

    A 42-pound chocolate bar might feel like a homework assignment, but it gives such a great sense of accomplishment when you finally finish it. It’s contextual, though, because 42 pounds of cheddar is gross in any shape.

  21. Haywire says:

    I disagree there, I think 42 pounds of chocolate beats “a small amount”.

  22. i.half4 says:

    @Danielle: Not sure I see what you’re getting at, at least in the context of The book of Biff, but it does ring with a familiarity to something else. In the Milwaukee Jounal Sentinel, last Wednesday if I’m not mistaken, there was a story on the HD 105th celebration.

    A German couple had been invited to stay with a couple here as a result of buying a souvenir keychain from them on e-bay. The article ended with a paragraph which went something like this: “I’ll show you where the towels are. Help yourself to the refrigerator.”

    (Towels: HHGG, Refrigerator: Dirk Gently)

  23. i.half4 says:


    Technically, the rerigerator bit was from THE LONG DARK TEA TIME OF THE SOUL.

    Didn’t want anyone reading all the way through the first DG book and feeling cheated at still not understanding the significance of the fridge.

    Share and enjoy.

  24. tarrant says:

    @Chaos: Damnit – you got to it first! Both my ideas!

  25. i.half4 says:

    More meaningless coincidences:

    This week Garrison Keilor opened his show (with his traditional equivalent of The Simpsons’ “couch gag”) with the words:

    “I smell the cheese curds, I look around for you…”

    @ tarrant: What idea? That of Chaos Wolf, or Admiral Chaos? Because AC’s got another meaningless nod of coincidence on NPR’s weekend edition this morning. Sorry, I’m too lazy to do a link. Stop here and wait for someone else to post one if you don’t want me to be the spoiler. (it will be funnier in the original voice)

    …but the connection is to the idea of a candy week. The feature this morning did a wonderful stream of consciouness bit that went from The Simpsons and donuts to the new availability of bagels (mostly) anywhere on the planet, to a little girl who was asked to say what she called donuts: “Candy Bagels” was her reply.

  26. no name says:

    @ Danielle – I was thinking the 42 Chaos Wolf was talking about was from Hitchhiker’s Guide, but I don’t see the connection between R2D2 and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

  27. starseedjenny says:

    ditto @ no name

  28. i.half4 says:

    @ youse twos:

    Danielle stated the connection: Marvin, the chronically depressed android. Like R2D2, he’s also an artificial life form. Yes, it is only a tangential connection, but it’s hardly unseeable. (no SEP field)

    And here’s a link to the tangent on AC’s notion of a candy week:


    Click on the listen now button. The candy reference is at the very end of the 4:15 feature.

  29. i.half4 says:

    Ummm, sorry.

    For the useless link, and for crowding the comment space.

    I can’t figure out what the problem with the link was. This is what I hate so much about the web. But you can hear the story by going to NPR.ORG — Click on the PROGRAMS menu and select WEEKEND EDITION SUNDAY. If it’s still this week, the page you get will include a picture of a donut. Click there.

    Again, sorry.

    Share and enjoy.

  30. i.half4 says:

    Sorry again. The problem was an extra digit.


    Share and enjoy.

  31. jykcor says:

    does cheese stay good after a *gulp* year? or even 2 months? is it wrapped?

    but the real questions are:
    1. is the R2 totally detailed?
    2. does cheese taste good on rasin bran?
    3. DOES rasin bran taste good without rasins?

    And what about melting? that cheese would take forever to clean if you forgot to close the door.

  32. Trypno01 says:

    I’ve always wondered about those huge sidewalk slab sized hershey bars that I occasionally see at stores. Those things are being enough to bludgeon someone to death with, let alone trying to imagine the tedium of actually trying to consume one.
    Although I did talk to an old man at the Wal-Mart who said he bought one for his wife. Apparently she had been really persistent about him acquiring her some chocolate. He told us that he bought her that huge Hershey bar and she never asked for chocolate again.

  33. Alice Love says:

    I guess you could say Biff is ‘FLAKY’ 😀

    Thank you thank you.

  34. Radical Edward says:

    The most chocolate I’ve ever received was about 4 pound. I had 9 7oz bags of chocolate. Still haven’t eaten my way through all of it. Although it does have similarities to the bricks of ramen I have stored in the cupboard.

  35. Zach Light says:

    lets hope that choclate wan’t actully choco laxitive.
    *hums soul controls song, chocolate*
    Chocooo lateai….Chocoooo Lataie…

  36. YukiSnowflake says:

    the little voices in my head taht have NOT eaten my brain are telling me to give you a message, chris.
    then again, they have NOT eaten my brain, and are totally NOT viscious and are vegetarians.

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