#574 – Hop

I was scared of the easter bunny when I was little. I had a dream that I walked up to the living room window and pulled back the curtains to find a giant easter bunny head pressed up against the glass staring at me. It didn’t help that the next morning I found an easter basket with candy and a toy car hidden behind that same curtain. Maybe it wasn’t a dream…


37 thoughts on “#574 – Hop”

  1. Torg says:

    The Easter Bunny can’t be trusted.

  2. Mophtran says:

    Aww Torg you got first! >:O All I remember Easter for is for candy. That and taking out dental fixtures. Last Easter I wasn’t thinking and started eating jelly beans when *crunch*. “What the hell was that?!” I thought… And then I noticed one of the caps on my teeth had popped off. I don’t eat sticky candy any more…

  3. Rudo says:

    This implies the Easter Bunny isn’t real. 🙁

  4. trevor says:

    My sister and I still celbrate easter, even though we’re, “too old for it”.
    There’s no time when you can no longer have fun.

  5. Chuck says:

    I hide the eggs now. I’m an evil minion.

  6. insertnamehere says:

    Regrets? what’s all this?!? I wouldn’t regret finding the many easter eggs in my bed… unless they’re not chocolate, and really just painted eggs. Chocolate makes me feel sick because of my stomach, so my easter chocolate always lasts a month or two.

  7. Chris says:

    The Easter Bunny is really a genetic aberration, I mean what kind of rabbit lays eggs and is pink? Too much radiation I suppose.

  8. RG says:

    Crime scene evidence. I guess the police could arrest the Easter bunny but then it wasn’t forced entry…

  9. bghvgjdh says:

    Good point… though I always imagined him breaking into some store and stealing the eggs 😛

  10. Jackson says:

    I see a restraining order in the Easter Bunny’s future.

  11. Torg says:

    @Chris: I think Rudo means that this is childhood myths week, and having the Easter Bunny implies that he is only a myth.

  12. Chris says:

    @Torg – wait, I never said these were myths… some of you came up with that. Are you implying that the tooth fairy isn’t real? WHAT

  13. Torg says:

    @Chris: Good point. So childhood beliefs?

  14. HayleyJ says:

    @Torg I think Chris’s dreams were just crushed….poor guy

    Me and my college roommates still make each other Easter baskets and bring them back after spring break…when all of the easter candy and stuff is on sale =P

  15. tpiro says:

    I’d watch out for rabbit pellets!

  16. MaskedMan says:


    I called the EasterBunny before anyone else!


  17. Maese Davas says:

    The easter bunny hates your, Chris.



  18. anon. says:

    rabbits, bunnies, pink, if you havnt realized it yet Easter is just another pagen holiday swiped by christianity for conversion purposes =P Easter was a fertility goddess if I remember right, if the eggs, rabbit’s etc dont give it away or anything (not that europeans knew about chocolate back then, but it is an aphrodesiac =D )

  19. Speakerblast says:

    Whats so bad about trusting the easter bunny with your key if hes gona give you free eggs. Unless he like, stole some diamonds or something…

  20. no name says:

    sorry, but i’m jewish, so the easter bunny isn’t real. 😛

  21. Torg says:

    @anon.: Let kids have their fun. Whether or not something started out as a pagan holiday has nothing to do with what it means now.

  22. MadDavid says:

    @ Anon

    Ah, no. Easter is the *original* Christian holiday. It originally coincided with the Jewish Passover (for obvious reasons), but when the Christians moved to the Roman calander system, the holiday timing changed so that it is now “sometime around Passover (give or take a month or two)” instead of “first Sunday after Passover.”

    The “easter bunny” is an modern (1600s) addition. I couldn’t find any info on when eggs began to be used as Easter symbols.

    Anyway, is it just me, or are the eggs in the bed meant to be *suggestive* of what the easter bunny was doing there. 😉

  23. Scorpial23 says:

    Not gonna lie, that dream sounds massively terrifying.

  24. Torg says:

    @MadDavid: You have a sick mind. But rabbits don’t lay eggs, so unless his rabbitfriend was turned on by eggs…
    You may be on to something.

  25. Chezetoats says:

    Thanks, MadDavid, for clearing that up! It saved me the trouble, haha.

    One time Easter was on my birthday, that was pretty awesome! As a kid, it made my birthday and Easter that much cooler.

  26. starseedjenny says:

    “Anyway, is it just me, or are the eggs in the bed meant to be *suggestive* of what the easter bunny was doing there.”

    Is finding babies in a bed somehow suggestive? o.0

  27. Torg says:

    @starseedjenny: Rabbits don’t lay eggs. The presence of bird babies in Biff’s bed after giving the Easter Bunny the house keys…
    I can’t make a point today!

  28. no name says:

    i always thought the easter bunny was a guy.

  29. Torg says:

    @no name: Which makes sense. It’s the female birds that lay eggs. Do you see where I’m going with this?

  30. Stephykins says:

    @Torg: Pffffft its like Johnny the Homicidal Manic The space aliens and the chicken! HAHAHA! “And that kids is how I met your mother”

  31. starseedjenny says:

    Okay, got it. If you give your house keys to a magical creature, it will use your bed as an interspecies love nest.

    SOMEONE needs to put that on a T-shirt, so help me…

  32. Mike Lee says:

    It’s taken me about four days, but I’ve finally read every single Biff comic.
    Thanks for the laughs and keep up the good work! 🙂

  33. MadDavid says:

    Clearly, my sick mind is contagious!

  34. India says:

    re: short story
    I bet Donnie Darko didn’t help at ALL…

  35. Macavity says:

    I used to (I say used to, I still sort of do) have a fear of waking up one night and looking out of my window (since my curtains are these weird see through blinds) and seeing someone looking in

    Not too far fetched since my window has a roof below it, but that whenever it would flash through my head, the person looking in would be captain pugwash…the cartoon

  36. Twigs says:

    I wouldn’t regret that. Free chocolate eggs!

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