#561 – Idol

Fortunately the only times I “lose” my keys is when I lock them in my car or in the house. I guess they really aren’t lost… I know where they are. I just can’t get to them without breaking some glass.


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  1. ConkerBirdy says:

    I wish some of my stuff were like that so I don’t lose em.

    Namely my Asthma Spray.

  2. J says:

    I too, have recognized biff as my spiritual leader.

  3. Carbon says:

    I hate those remotes that have a dull silver front and a jet black back.

    Every time I want to watch TV I spend at least ten minutes staring at the living room trying to figure out where it went.

    Then I turn on the lights and ta da! They somehow found its way onto the floor, right in the coffee table’s shadow.

    Why don’t people make easily lost items glow a bright neon color?

  4. Three of Nineteen says:

    My keys seem to think that I’m the devil. They’re always trying to escape from me or something like that. At least once a week, right as I’m going out the door, I remember that I don’t have the keys in my pocket because they’re not where I put my wallet and stuff like that.

  5. Chris says:

    I never lose things, other people just take them.

  6. taber_man says:

    I didn’t read through the comments for yesterday’s fully, so I’m innocently calling “Inanimate objects coming to life/with spirits” week.

    Very nice, Chris XD I wish some of my things would do this.

  7. Just Ryan says:

    I lose my keys on a daily basis. I have a bad habit of dropping them wherever when i walk in, and my place is in a state that it takes a few minutes to remember/find where i set them down. it really screws with me when I leave them in my pants pocket and wear a different set of pants the next day…spent nearly 10 minutes searching the apartment before stepping on them.

  8. MaskedMan says:

    I make a dliberate habit of where I place my keys every day – Or I’d need about twenty sets, to stand an even chance of finding even one set when I needed them.

  9. DracoZereul says:

    I lose everything that can be lost on a near daily basis. Phone, wallet, keys, remote, all of it, sometimes all in the same day. Fortunately, though, I always have a sixth sense in regards to whether I truly lost them or not. My parents constantly question me “Did you lose them outside somewhere? Did you leave them where they could get stolen? Could they have fallen into the trash on accident?” God, I’ve heard all of it, when in truth I’ve only truly lost a couple things in my lifetime. Everything else…it’ll get found, but I’ll end up tearing my room apart so bad, 3-12 more things will get hidden away in the process.

  10. RFPT says:

    I thought he just kept a few by his front door…

  11. The Dustin says:

    I won’t lose my keys. I’m too OCD…. that and I just bought my car Friday, I’m not going to go from super cautious to totally careless overnight.
    I just need to name my car, it’s a dark purple dodge intrepid. Any ideas that aren’t as lame if not moreso than the ones my parents thought up? (EG: Moby Grape)

  12. SEA says:

    Keys keys keys, why must you always be missing so? ….

    Too bad that can’t happen to me XD

  13. Linus says:

    I was in the swedish army for a year – I never lose anything.

    Except my mind, every now and then…

  14. Cuzn Jimmy says:

    There was one time I lost my keys and got to spend a week with a stripper.
    That was a pretty fun week. Really took my mind off of losing my keys.

    and I even got them back in the end.

  15. Joe says:

    Pontiac logo on the keys for his Pontiac Vibe…good work…

  16. BlueDragon says:

    I’m guessing Missing Items Week.

  17. Missing Items with Bizarre Ways of Finding Them Week.

  18. no name says:

    O-o Biff is definitely a god.

  19. I love it when your Vibe (or it’s stuff) shows up in the comic, I have a key/fob that look just like that 😀

  20. Cpt Ziggy says:

    At the risk of sounding crazy Chris,is biff secretly you?

  21. Gato says:

    That’s awesome.

  22. Pom Rania says:

    I wear my back-door key and mailbox key around my neck, and even sleep with that necklace on. I’ve developed a psychological dependency on it. My car key and front door key, I keep them in my lower left pants pocket; if they’re not in that pocket, I freak out, even though nine times out of ten I’d accidentally put them in the upper left pocket. (Army surplus pants. I love pockets.)

  23. Chris says:

    @Cpt Ziggy – What is it about this comic that would make you ask that?

  24. Micah says:

    Wait, you mean Biff ISN’T their spiritual leader?

  25. Reynard says:

    @The Dustin: Many, many Moons ago, our family had a habit of naming our cars (all VWs) after Charles M. Schulz’s “Peanuts” characters. “Violet” sounds like a good name for your new car…

  26. taber_man says:

    @ BlueDragon and Andore Mordre: Wow, I just thought about that for this and the last one, and it just clicked in my head. I have no idea what I was thinking with my guess XD

  27. DGexe says:


    Biff’s a little bit of all of us, in all our wonderful and infinite human wisdomstuffs (and in the case of keys being locked in a car, Chris… my grandma; that was a fun, fun afternoon when her dog hit that “lock” button…).

  28. Cpt Ziggy says:

    @Chris,the keys for one,it’s something I’ve wondered for awhile

  29. The Dustin says:

    I found the perfect name for my purple car. the Green Meanie.

  30. SafiyaMaat says:

    I dont have to worry about breaking glass if I lock my keys in my car or house. For the house keys we have a spare one in our storage shed, which has a combination lock on it. If I lock my keys in my car, I just punch in the combination on the keypad on the door to unlock it again. Im luck. Heh.

  31. Meep says:

    I carry two house keys on separate key rings, one of which has the car key on it, the other holds the keyfob. I can only be locked out if I forget pants.

  32. Branwyn says:

    @ The Dustin re the car: what about the Ergonomic Eggplant?

  33. jykcor says:

    keys are hard to lose when you has a MOTORCYCLE!

  34. YukiSnowflake says:

    I don’t blame them, after all, who WOULDN’T want biff to be your spiritual leader?
    He might teach you the secret of immortality! >:D
    and of course, it’s biff! i’d want him to be my spiritual leader even if i wouldn’t learn the secret of immortality! (*then again, i already know it! |:D it’s… oh wait, i forgot, i can’t say, sorry*)

  35. YukiSnowflake says:

    Not the greenie meanie!
    its short for:
    William Terry Louis Andrew Carrick Jonathan Dredge Hams Reading Roger Southwark Alnwick Plymouth Junior Regison III (Will)
    Heh… the full name of one of my favourite gaming characters, cookies to all who know what game!
    got it?
    If not, heres a hint, but no cookies if you look!

  36. Voyager says:

    You just need a pair of jar openers, a flat faced pry-bar, 10 feet of steel wire, and a detachable car antenna. Oh and some tin-snips for the wire.

  37. SurveySays says:

    i have noisy things and colorful keychains attached to my keys. its like putting a bell on your cat. when the keys try to sneak away and hide i can hear them. “Ding-aling-ding….ding-aling” ‘don’t even think about it.’ “Ding.”

  38. Rik says:

    Doesn’t Biff have spares?

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