#535 – Pectoralis

7 or 8 years ago I went to a local gym fairly regularly. I’ve always been really thin so my goals were general health and muscle gain. After about a year we moved away from there and let our membership lapse. A few years later we decided to try out a different place close to where I worked. This time around I decided to eat differently to give myself enough protein to feed building muscles. I was shocked at the difference. It only took me about 6 weeks to clear what I had taken me a year to achieve the first time around.


29 thoughts on “#535 – Pectoralis”

  1. Just Ryan says:

    i know a couple of people that do the protein shake thing; it works for them, but i doubt I will ever do it.

  2. MaskedMan says:

    My brother used protein powder when he was bulking up for football (American-style) – Dunno that it really did anything for him. I’m more inclined to believe it was dedicated workouts and good genetics. We’re a family of hulking men – I don’t think he really needed the help.

    And is Biff using the protein powder on his hands, to improve his grip? That’s probably the best possible use for it, IMO.

  3. Torg says:

    I vote Exercise Week.

  4. Three of Nineteen says:

    Yeah. That protein powder tastes like chalk, doesn’t it? It WOULD make more sense to use it that way – only Biff would use something much more expensive than chalk, huh?

    Besides, this comic makes way too much sense to be part of the Book of Biff, eh?

  5. Haywire says:

    Yeah, this seems like a very Biffy thing to do. Unrelatedly, I’ve been wondering since I found (and fell in love with) the book of Biff- what the heck is up with those eyebrows?!

  6. Heinrich says:

    d00d haywire don’t question the brows. oh and nice name/pic.

  7. I have also wondered about the ‘brows. Is this “Biff” person some sort of humanoid insect or perhaps a genetic anomaly?

  8. Dzelda says:

    Feh, I never was into sports, but yeah I can see where that protein powder would help Biff. Not a funny comic, but a good one nonetheless. =)

  9. LazerWulf says:

    Dude, the eyebrows are what makes Biff Biff. If you saw the April Fools comic where he had normal sized eyebrows, it just looked… wrong.

  10. Chris says:

    I spent way too much time at the gym not getting any benefit from it, it wasn’t until I finally broke down and got a personal trainer that it actually helped me.

  11. Maarten says:

    i really need to go to the real gym
    all the beerlifting isn’t paying off XD

  12. ninjabob333 says:

    I came back, and I read through all the Biffs I missed.
    Great job!
    See you in the forums.

  13. Andara Bledin says:

    This gave me a snicker.

    With one example up, my guess for the theme is ‘misapplication.’


  14. Matthew says:

    I finally have book #2, took some times because I move a round a bit… anyways, nice post-it note.

  15. Chris says:

    @Matthew – Good, I’m glad you liked it!

  16. Gato says:

    My brother uses protien powder. It looks ridiculously nasty when he mixes it up. Though it seems to be working, as he’s really getting some pipes on him now.

  17. Draq says:

    There’s a product called Muscle Milk or something. It’s basically milk with the protein powder already in it. It’s not bad, really. It just tastes like milk and protein powder.

    Personally, my secret was always jerky. Animal protein is apparently more easily absorbed than vegetable protein. But lately I’ve tried switching to peanuts and that’s not doing too badly. I am gaining a bit of weight from the high fat content though.

  18. Seraphine says:

    i guess a little powder never hurt anyone.

  19. no name says:

    Has there been a theme to every week of Biff? And I just didn’t realize it? Or has there recently been a consecutive amount of theme weeks?

  20. Torg says:

    Theme weeks are a relatively recent development.

  21. MaskedMan says:


    Really, the only requirement is good nutrition. So long as you’re eating a balanced diet, you’re good. It’s the workout that makes the biggest difference.

  22. Kyle says:

    As far as protien goes, alot of people don’t gain when using protien supplements as then they do not eat enough (need to eat excess calories to gain muscle too and all that). It can be very helpful for people on poor diets or restricted diets (for health reasons) to get enough protien in their diet while keeping their calories up high enough. As for workout making the biggest difference, not true at all, I have worked out with diets too small (but very healthy) and destroyed myself, diet is 1/2 the battle.

    Exercise week seems likely, good comic too.

  23. Reynard says:

    Seraphine: “i guess a little powder never hurt anyone.”

    That depends on the powder…

  24. silfedac says:

    I personally get protein from a strict diet of beef, pork, corn, potatoes, and milk.

  25. Heinrich says:

    @reynard – like gunpowder? 🙂

  26. Reynard says:

    @Heinrich: That too.

  27. Halo ChIef says:

    @ Seraphine: on his hands or him eating it?

  28. YukiSnowflake says:

    (*almost*) EVERYONE knows that he got his eyebrows from his ancestors, as shown in (*much*) earlier comics.
    and now, i have given up dotting and now (*do this*) with (*almost*) everything i say! 😀

  29. Mags says:

    Blechhh. Protein powders, no matter how much people try to disguise the taste, will always make something taste horrid.

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