#531 – Frosty

It’s funny how sometimes on the coldest days of winter I’ll really have a craving for a popsicle. I do the same sort of thing in the summer. I start having daydreams of beef stew or homemade barley soup. Most of the time I’m normal. Today I had a grape slushy. šŸ™‚


35 thoughts on “#531 – Frosty”

  1. Patius says:

    Yeah, ice cream is not good in the morning.

    I’m glad I’ve never been that cold in the morning!

  2. SEA says:

    I like ice cream in the morning =p

  3. Bazza says:

    I often find myself in a large block of ice every morning. That’s when I stop and think to myself, now, maybe getting a sunday at the Macca’s drive through wouldn’t be such a good idea.

  4. 3davideo says:

    Looks like this week is all about getting off to a bad start.

  5. Gadora says:

    Try starting off your day with a cup of cocoa with a scoop of vanilla ice cream floating in it.

  6. Shanchan says:

    Some people microwave their underwear on cold days. Biff should consider this for his pants. And ice cream.

  7. Graeme says:

    Exacerbation Week? Or, as davideo said, Bad Start Week.

  8. Zege says:

    I found this through a banner-ad on TKT. I just read every comic from the beginning. I laughed so hard at points I was crying. Biff is now my new best friend.

  9. KMFPL says:

    Reminds me of a time my family was visiting Cleveland at Christmas. My brother and I walked through what seemed like three feet of snow to get to the shop we’d seen advertise “build your own ice cream sundaes.”

    It seemed like a great idea until we started walking back…

  10. MaskedMan says:

    Bad Start week sounds good, but I’m going to suggest “Making It Worse” week.

    I don’t much care for icecream or such in the AM, but in the deepest, coldest winter, I like my iced coffee.

  11. Jackson says:

    Yes! Surreal misfortune! Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

  12. Chris says:

    @Zege – Thanks for reading!

  13. Fred says:

    LOL why the hell is him inside an ice block?? XD


  14. kAGEDVIPER says:

    obviously he fell asleep on his couch and it was too hot, so he froze himself

  15. Mr. Monster says:

    I love ice cream any time of the year. It’s a matter of where you eat your ice cream. Outside in the winter may not be the best place. šŸ™‚

  16. Robert says:

    You might crave those things like stew or soup in the summer because you haven’t hand them in a while. Like right now, I could really go for a big bowl of chicken and dumplings, but dang. Its 100 degrees outside. Oh well…. I’ll just go have a popsicle.

  17. Chris says:

    @Robert – A chicken and dumpling popsicle?

  18. PsychoDuck says:

    @ Chris: That actually sounds pretty good šŸ˜›

    The Duck Has Spoken.

  19. Tesla says:

    Most of the time Iā€™m normal.

    I so doubt that.

    Ben & Jerry’s used to promote the argument that lowering your body temperature by eating ice cream in winter made you feel warmer because you had decreased the difference between your body temperature and the temperature outside.

    As far as I’m concerned, any excuse to eat ice cream is welcome.

  20. Wizard says:

    Fred – Because he is Biff.

  21. Gato says:

    Ice Cream is good year round. I just made my mom make Beef Stew the other day because I was craving it hard.

  22. insertnamehere says:

    I have the simple solution to all your problems! I call it “air modification”, or “air conditioning” or something like that. This marvelous invention will allow you to feel hot or cold no matter what the local climate is like! With and invention like this, I’ll be rich! and furthermo… what? WHAT!? WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT’S ALREADY INVENTED?!? AFUBBADAHUGFUBBIJUB!!!*

    *that’s actually pronouncable. a-fubba-da-hug-fubb-e-jub

  23. no name says:

    I agree with MaskedMan for “Making it Worse” week.

    @ Chris – How do you put a picture up next to your name?

  24. Chris says:

    So what are those foods that you only eat when you are lukewarm, I mean you aren’t hot and you aren’t cold, you’re just comfortable. I guess for me I’d go with pretzels, but I eat those even when I’m sweaty or near frozen

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  25. trevor says:

    Evreyday I eat a frost pop (what I call a frozen soda). I ussualy have it after I eat lunch, but sometimes it just seems weird eating them on cold days, since once I finish it, I get cold even on a hot day.

  26. BlueDragon says:

    @ Zege: I know how you feel. At times my brother and I almost died of laughter!

  27. Torg says:

    So did Biff forget to pay his thermodynamics bill too?

  28. Chuck says:

    I remember eating some beef stew last summer. I got so sweaty I had to take a shower. It was miserable.

  29. brickface says:

    hmm, frosty.

  30. Jayne Squared says:

    I’m a New Englander.
    Everyone has bought a Coffee Coolatta from Dunkin Donuts at least once in their life during Winter.
    Kind of a social norm?
    Especially in RI, where we have more Dunkins than any state in the US.

  31. The Dustin says:

    I know what you mean, but I’d always take advantage of cold days and take a bowl of ice cream as I’d walk to the bus stop. It would never melt. I also have this strategy for bringing ice cream to work. use a thermos and put the thermos in the freezer. People won’t steal your ice cream. I used to use that same technique to bring ice cream to school and eat it in my first class.

  32. Speakerblast says:

    I swear I have a craving for a posicle like… every day of the winter, but I never get one. I mean why would my parents even consider buying them?

  33. Miles says:

    I have slurpees in the winter all the time. Of course, where I live, there are really only two seasons: Summer, and January.

  34. SurveySays says:

    icecream is my main food group. the season is irrelevant. there was a time when i tried an experiment to go with out it for a year. i did okay except i seemed to have pushed my cravings on to people near me during that time. at one point my best friend called me and ordered me to eat icecream. she said she’d been consuming twice as much since i stopped and she doesn’t even like icecream that much. she’s a rabbit and would rather nibble on celery. coworkers that worked with me and family members gave me a similar report. it was strange and we didn’t analize it too closely. i quietly resumed eating my icecream and we didn’t speak of it again…

  35. Sam says:

    Ice cream in the winter, hot chocolate in the summer is generally the rule of thumb I go by

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