#519 – Route

The more driving you do the more you come into contact with things falling off of the vehicle in front of you. I think the ones that are the most annoying are trucks hauling sand or gravel. They never seem to be able to completely secure that stuff. Chip, chip, chip goes the paint and the windshield.


32 thoughts on “#519 – Route”

  1. Sepezz says:

    I don’t know if Biff should taunt anyone 😛

  2. Skiine says:

    I hate when the trucks in front of you throw up grit and rocks from the road.
    My mum always gets a fright =D

  3. PsychoDuck says:

    On a similar note, never flip-off a garbage truck driver as he passes. Not pretty.

    The Duck Has Spoken.

  4. Micah says:

    Makes me wonder what he was doing.

  5. AdmiralChaos says:

    i believe the oddest thing i’ve seen fall out of a truck was a toilet seat. white, and shiny, it must have been polished.

  6. waffle! says:

    i saw a guy lose a fishing pole once, but thats about it

  7. ryos says:

    The most dangerous thing I’ve seen fall out of a truck is its transmission. We were driving behind a truck on the freeway when a cloud of black smoke billowed out from beneath it, from which emerged several massive gears at high speed. They had hit the pavement, and their rotational velocity had sent them flying. Thankfully, they flew to one side or the other, and not into our windshield.

    My brother (who was driving) said he had almost pulled into the left lane to pass the truck a moment before, but for no particular reason decided not to. If he hadn’t made this decision, our car would have been in the path of a particularly large gear that flew into the median. It very well could have smashed through the passenger-side window and into my head.

    There must be a Biff cartoon in there somewhere…

  8. Mughi says:

    When I was about 8 or so, we were driving down the highway, near our home. Suddenly all the traffic in front of us starts moving out of our lane, of course trapping us in the middle. A few seconds later, the WHEEL (hub and all, not just the tire) from a tractor-trailer slams into the front of our car, making a nice mess out of the front corner of it. Fortunately for us, it did not bounce up and go through the windshield or anything. Later, we found out that the wheel had weld marks on it, indicating that it had come off before.

    Good times..

  9. bghvgjdh says:

    Someone was carrying a load of sheet metal, and the whole load fell off in an intersection! We, unfortunately, were stuck between a line of cars and said intersection, so we had to wait for some police and a truck to sort it up 🙁

  10. Gobbledegook says:

    The worst thing my wife has ever had to dodge was a runaway tire at 70mph…

    A truck in the opposite lane on I-95 lost one of its rear tires. The lane barrirer acted like a launching ramp when the tire hit it, making it shoot almost straight up (but still into oncoming traffic). My wife was just barely able to avoid it in time when it came down in front of us, but the car behind us caught it on their windshield on the second bounce.
    I felt really bad for them; they had cars on both sides and simply couldn’t swerve out of the way.

  11. Gobbledegook says:

    @ Mughi: That sucks! Did your parents go after those irresponsible jerks, or did they get away clean?

  12. Jackson says:

    This comic is sort of disturbing when you consider that the chickens have basically flung their babies at his car. That must have been one amazing taunt!

  13. SkydiverTodd says:

    In 2000, wife was driving all of us plus a friend in our brand new car (3wks off showroom floor) when van on the freeway in front of us ran over pry bar/crowbar. Basically inch and a half wide steel bar with hook on end, twelve inches long or so for doing construction and demolition, hit at seventy miles an hour.

    We got lucky. It hit right where windshield meets roof, point first, playing can opener on roof making roof accordion four inches back, then smashing down on windshield. Bounced up on to roof, made another hole and was gone. Wife kept her cool and got pulled over next to emergency phone on freeway. Fortunately, no one hurt, black thing she had seen go shooting into back seat was rear view mirror and it missed my son’s head by a few inches.

    Damn cop was giving this stupid “hitch up pants and swagger” act, asking “What’s this about a crowbar hitting your car?” as he came up behind our car. Then he saw the windshield, looked real stupid and said, “You know you’re lucky to be alive?”

    We went skydiving for the rest of the day, decidedly much more safe pastime.

  14. Seraphine says:

    If you like eggs over easy…

  15. PsychoDuck says:

    Whoa, wait a second…

    WHO LET BIFF DRIVE A TRUCK?!?! We’re all doomed.

    The Duck Has Spoken.

  16. no name says:

    Wow great ending to job week.

    @ Jackson – That’d be really funny but wouldn’t fit in with job week.

    @ PsychoDuck – Who let Biff drive a truck is a good question. A better question is, who let Biff drive a rocket last week?!

  17. speearr says:

    Wise words indeed….!

  18. Tiago says:

    That’s why I always stay away from brick trucks.

  19. brickface says:

    Hehe, chickens.

  20. Rayza_Black says:

    That is a roomy truck Biff is driving there.

  21. Lone Wolf says:

    My mom and grandmother have told me about being stuck behind a truck hauling sheet rock slabs once. One slab fell off and “walked” down the freeway, falling on one corner, then the next. They wound up having to drive through it, but no significant damage or anything.

  22. steve-o says:

    One of my dad’s friends was driving one day when a deer ran in front of his car. It didn’t get away in time. That buick had a front that looked like an oversized metal accordion

  23. AdmiralChaos says:

    crowbars, sheetrock, transmission gears…you people scare me half to death what i’ve missed while i’ve been driving ><

  24. PsychoDuck says:

    Although it didn’t actually fall off of another vehicle, the following predicament will still freak you out.

    My dad was driving his BEAUTIFUL old-style Cadillac, when smoke starts to come out from under the hood. He pulls over, opens the hood, and is greeted with FIRE. He pulls all his belongings out, then sits there on the shoulder, helpless to do anything. Luckily, an off-duty fireman drove by and used his fire extinguisher. Any later, and the gas tank could’ve exploded. Yipes.

    Still, despite the fireman’s efforts, the car was unable to be saved. And so ended the legacy of one of the finest cars I’ve ever rode in.

    The Duck Has Spoken.

  25. Youma says:

    I don’t drive but I removed fallen things from the road a couple of times while walking to work. A chair, a bucket, a shovel, a couple of tools, all at the same street corner. People drive too fast at that corner.

    My mom had an accident when a truck dropped some metal bars and she rolled on them. Her trailer was too heavy so she couldn’t regain control of her car after losing it. The trailer was a total loss but by miracle no one was injured and the car was almost undamaged.

  26. sic says:

    The most annoying load in front of you is a tractor with a trailer full of cow dung. I once had to drive beyond such a trailer and it lost its load piece by piece every few seconds. And it stank. Eeeew!

  27. caffiend says:

    nastiest thing i’ve avoided on a freeway was a drop in bedliner from the back of someone’s pickup. I managed to get around it but the car behind me didn’t.

  28. Torg says:

    I once saw a bathtub on the side of a highway. No sideroads or anything nearby that I could see, just a random bathtub.

  29. Marmaduke says:

    Okay, three things:
    – I wasn’t driving but walking along a sidewalk, and some guy lost his hubcap. This is a tiny sideroad, and there was almost an eight car pile up. Which is sad considering that the hubcap almost immediately fell on its side, making it very easy to just drive over.

    – You know when people can’t quite fit things in their cars so they leave the trunk open and tie it down? I once saw someone doing that with a lazboy. They accidentally went over a bump of some sort and the chair fell out, while still tied down. The thing was on magnetic wheels, and it pretty muched dragged behind them until the next turn off. I really wanted to sit in that chair.

    – 70 km/h car meets moose. Moose got away after the crash, car did not.

  30. Myth Monk says:

    Eggs would be way worse than sand/gravel… the yolk really does a number on your paint job.

  31. Corinthiar says:

    I remember one time driving on I-5 and there was a pickup with a mattress in it. I could see that it wasn’t secured very well, so I was ready to dive into the median if that thing came loose. Sure enough, it came loose, so I slowed down and made the anticipated dive into the median. I continued past the mattress and merged back onto the freeway. It’s nice to be able to plan for something like that.

  32. SurveySays says:

    my mom was driving behind a truck that seemed to be on its way to the beach. the bed was full of thos inflatible tires and lawn chairs and stuff. the thing was all the inflatible stuff was…inflated. and one good gust of wind had them all flying across the highway. the driver either didn’t notice at all or it was planned… he just kept going.

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