#499 – Expand

Sometimes I eat too fast. Recently we got some pizzas for dinner. We each got our own 12″ pie. I was really hungry that night and ate half of my pizza in a fairly short period of time. The next night I decided to eat the second half. It was the same amount of pizza but I wasn’t nearly as hungry and I was eating it earlier in the day. I still managed to eat it in the same amount of time as the first night. Bad idea. I really wanted to vomit… and I almost didn’t have a choice in the matter.


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  1. Metal Matt says:

    I believe my stomach’s limit is about the same 😛

    I finally figured out the theme. Limits of things! Wow that took me way too long hah.

  2. PsychoDuck says:

    If there’s one thing I hate about losing weight, it’s that you can’t eat as much. And I don’t mean because of diets and what not. I mean you physically cannot eat as much. My stomach has become used to my lower food intake, and it has a lower capacity now. I used to be able to do 5 or 6 plates at a buffet, now I can only do about 4.

    The Duck Has Spoken.

  3. Fizzball says:


    I know what you mean. When I lost ~30 lbs. I couldn’t eat more than a plate or two at a buffet. My mom actually complained that I didn’t like her cooking anymore because I ate so much less =)

  4. DracoZereul says:

    I’m a pretty big guy, so I can understand where you’re coming from. There have been nights when I’ll down my plate and then some and still be hungry, and yet there will be other nights where the same amount of food would put me out of my misery.

    Although, with pizza, it all boils down to where it comes from moreso than the size. Little Ceaser’s has those 5 dollar pepperoni pizzas, and I could solo one of those in less than a half hour and ask my friend if he’s gonna finish the rest of his. But give me a gourmet pizza, like something that came from a real restaurant, I’ll have 3-4 pieces at the restaurant, take it home, and have the rest of it or lunch for the rest of the week. Yeah, it’s usually a family-sized pizza, but that’s half the reason why you buy pizza, so you can enjoy it later.

  5. PsychoDuck says:

    Chris, you’d better do something special for Biff #500. If not, you may find yourself having an unfortunate accident, capiche?

    The Duck Has Spoken.

  6. Shanchan says:

    Hi, big fan, first time caller.

    I love pizza even though I’m lactose intolerant and therefore take off the cheese for every piece. I could still eat that tasty sauce bread every day. And I almost did this week.

  7. insertnamehere says:

    @Psychoduck I’m going to keep my idea to myself about what it’s going to be like. Then I’ll look like a jerk if I’m right and say “I knew that was it!”. And I’m not telling my ideas because it might jinx it or make everyone make insane suggestions about the next comic because they think Chris will take them

    When I go out to a turkish resteraunt I always order the chicken pieces and cheese pizza A.K.A. Tavuklu. I manage to eat about 3 pieces, feel horribly sick, go home (with it), sleep it off, then eat the other 12 pieces for lunch. and still be starving. for size, it’s about the size of a standard keyboard.

  8. Nick Steele says:

    O GAWD
    The Duck spoke more than once today!

    Also: I can’t eat as much now as i used to be able to. ‘S a shame, almost.

  9. Reynard says:

    I can still put away a full medium if I’m hungry enough, but I usually settle for 3/4 nowadays because a too-full stomach tends to keep me up at night.

  10. The Dustin says:

    A few years back, Eating the whole 12″ pizza probably wouldn’t have even dampened my appetite, but then again, a few years back I was going through a growth spurt and went up fom 5’6 to 6′ in one summer…

  11. Morzikei says:

    Pizza doesn’t really have a limit for me… Could eat a 50cm diameter one in about 25 minutes. However, mushroom pie, weird omellettes, a mountain of french fries or cow’s tongue in mayonaise – all resulted in said vomiting…

  12. SEA says:

    My limit is about the same as DracoZereul, it’s weird O_o

    Pizza? Usually ranges from 2 to 5 slices ^_^

  13. Chris says:

    @Morzikei – I’m glad I haven’t eaten yet this morning. :0

  14. bghvgjdh says:

    I usually eat half the pizza and eat a quarter of it for lunch the next two days 🙂

  15. MaskedMan says:

    I’ll put down about four or five slices, if I’m really hungry. Two, otherwise.

    I’m wondering if things like today’s pannel are the reason why we never see anyone else in BiffWorld – They just stay far away, for fear of the consequences and fallout of those things which happen to Biff..? I can see it now… A moving safetyzone that surrounds Biff… Saftey officers with megaphones keeping the curious back… Sirens and alarms whenever Biff reaches for anything involving electrical power or hydrocarbons…

  16. Seraphine says:

    You can use the one-fingered relief
    valve when you eat too much pizza.

  17. Reg says:

    I wonder what he looked like before that 15th slice. I used to kind of compete at parties or wherever had pizza to see who could eat the most slices and now I seem to have a bottomless pit when it comes to eating pizza.
    You know, it would be funny if tomarrow’s 500th comic featured Biff not doing anything dangerous or unusual, but something actually NORMAL! To me at least, that would be hilarious.
    @ MaskedMan: I kind of have the same impression about Biff’s isolation, but I just assumed everyone likes to keep their distance a bit.

  18. Eric says:

    I’ve eaten my own 12″ pizza before. Damn good….

  19. Jackson says:

    Breakfast of champions, man!

    Looking forward to #500. Whether or not there’s something special planned, I’m sure it’ll be fun times.

  20. MarcusDranz says:

    Man, I remember a time we were eating pizza, and, by myself, I managed to finish about a pizza and a half, over the course of 24 hours. I called it ‘The Day of Italian Regret’. That was NOT fun the next day.

  21. Daniel says:

    W00T! Monday marks halfway to 1000 Biff comics! Keep ’em comin’!

  22. gaeamil says:

    Pizza? Limit? Clearly, sir, you do not know the first thing about pizza. Pizzas power is completely without limit.

    Kidding, naturally. Love it.

  23. Jayne Squared says:

    Screw pizza.
    What about tacos?

  24. Chris says:

    Mmmmmm… tacos.

  25. PsychoDuck says:

    @ Jayne Squared:

    “Screw pizza.
    What about tacos?”


    That good enough?

    The Duck Has Spoken.

  26. random person says:

    I stand corrected. The themes for the week are “things expirering” AND “Biff’s limits.

  27. insertnamehere says:

    @insertnamehere (me) Turkish pizzas are also 1 and a half inches high. sorry for delayed edit/double post.

    has it occured to anyone that this week might not even be a theme? the early ones (despiter not being daily) didn’t have a theme. this might be getting back to themeless. Or maybe that’s the theme. anyways, *stare*. This is the most I’ve seen the Greatest One we call Psychoduck. I hearby name it Psychoduck day. With fireworks!

  28. steve-o says:

    Yeah! 1 more and then #500! Congrats, Chris!

  29. AJ says:

    I ate half a pizza today. And a chocolate extreme blizzard from dairy queen…I had just finished the 30 hour famine. 😛

  30. MOD says:

    @sanchan awww man, that sux….the cheese is the best bit. im sorry for your loss 🙁

  31. Kaikuro says:

    I’m a teeny, tiny little guy and I usually eat one of those thin tortilla bread peices and some grapes for lunch… or sometimes I just skip lunch entirely. I was really proud of myself yesterday because I ate a whole 6 peice of chicken nuggets and a large fry and didn’t feel like I ate too much afterward.

    I’m very VERY careful about eating too much.

    Then again, i don’t think it would hurt if I did. I need more calories. I’m thin as a toothpick, easy to break. -_-

  32. Olivia says:

    I completely know how you feel. I’ve just eaten my second whole pizza in two days. It’s sooo wrong but it tastes sooo good.

  33. Jayne Squared says:


    Quite admissible!
    Can’t believe I let that one slip my mind.

  34. Spoot Knight says:

    “…the one-fingered relief valve…”

    lol at Seraphine.

  35. ¡el pingüino bilingüe¿ says:

    only 22 hours 46 minutes and 0 seconds left !

    dont die on me Chris!

  36. ChooChooBear says:

    Oh man, I always eat too much when I go out to restaurants. It’s even worse because I always drink too much wine. It’s not a night out unless I’m curled up in the foetal position, moaning and clutching my stomach. However, there is no limit to pizza. One time I hadn’t eaten all day and when 9pm came and I finally got home, I took most of a cold pizza out of the fridge and ate it in about ten minutes. My stomach did not thank me.

  37. wisp says:

    im ALWAYS willing to eat pizza no matter what i have eaten previously. i could go to a friends house after eating lethal amounts of smashed potatoes and turkey at a thanksgiving party feeling stuffed to the gills and listening for the sound of my belt snapping of never to be seen again and poke my head into a friends living room spot said pizza and go ” hey! pizza” and procede to eat 2 or 3 slices. because the lovly thing about pizza is 1 or 2 slices takes up zero space in a human stomach. its proven fact 😉

  38. Zach Light says:

    mine has a 50 slice limit, how do I know, I went to a pizza eating contest, I won secind though, the guy next to me ate half a bit more, amazingly though, i’m rather skinny to eat that much

  39. Miles says:

    Bleah, Pizza. I ate way too much pizza about two years ago. I was always at work, and when I got home too tired to cook for just one, and my brother / room-mate was always buying pizza. I went for a bout a year where I couldn’t stand the stuff, couldn’t eat it. I could be famished, and the thought of pizza still ccaused me to retch. Pizza is okay now, but only OKAY.
    Also, coming back from Overseas (Japan), I found my stomache had shrunk significantly. I went to Carl’s Jr. and ordered a super sized Double Western Combo with Criss Cut fries, and so totally couldn’t finish.

  40. maxsteele2 says:

    Does Biff even have blood?!

  41. Raven Gold says:

    Biff should get a black hole implant like me.

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