#477 – Sonic

Thanks for all the comments that came in yesterday. (If you haven’t seen it yet click here to read it first.) I actually thought that I was going to have to post some fake comments of outrage but it turns out that wasn’t necessary at all. I got some of the longest and most amazing emails from people yesterday. At one point in the morning the comic was receiving a comment every 5 seconds! So I hope everyone enjoyed the ride. It was enlightening to find out how many of you feel about such things. 🙂


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  1. Chezetoats says:

    Heh, thats pretty good. Way to go Biff, kill your fingers!

    The comments in the blocked version of yesterdays comic were hilarious, especially that fake Email that was posted.

  2. Alex G says:

    I think you had the most subtle April Fools joke out of all the sites out there! Good work.

  3. Micah says:

    It took a cup of coffee for me to realize yesterday’s comic was a prank.

  4. Painless says:

    Never the les: YAY to old Biff ^^

  5. Amanda says:

    I didn’t even notice!! And it’s sad b/c reading each comic yesterday, I was sure to be “not gullible.” Apparently it’s not as much his “Biff-ness” as some readers claim…that or I’m just ridiculously blonde.

  6. James says:

    That was awesome, Chris, and it’s great to see the eyebrows and mouth are BACK! Yeah, man…..that’s our BIFF! Wooooooooooooo!

  7. trevor says:

    Wow chris, you made a video game refrence!

  8. stonehydra says:

    Biff should have taken up toe cracking instead.

  9. Anthony says:

    I’m officially slow, it seems!

  10. Schulzy says:

    Ah, I see the afore mentioned refrence now. Nice. Glad the rediculous eyebrows are back.

  11. Frank says:

    I get it…It wa an April Fols Day joke…good one! 😀

  12. TMG says:

    I didn’t get it until Chris’s comment with the fake email. (At least I hope it was fake.)

    But moderating the comments…that’s just mean. Obviously necessary, but still mean. 🙂

  13. Josh says:

    You fooled me good.

    I crack my knuckles constantly. There’s just something satisfying about about the feeling and the sound of that snap.

  14. pieman says:

    biff should just get some new ones. or make his own.

    about cramp:

    nice one!

    and regarding to the phony e-mail, i thought it was you just writing an example of the sort of stuff you’d been getting. aw, well, great prank Chris. keep up the good work!

  15. Jekai says:

    Wow, you pranked both sides, VERY nice! I thought I was only like the second person to realize it was a joke. Looks like the joke was on me, too! Hats off!

  16. Nick Steele says:

    Without his eyebrows he looked like 47!

  17. LazerWulf says:

    Considering I live in California and the comic updates Midnight Central, It was still March when I saw the update (I think) so April Fools hadn’t even entered my mind.

    Well played, sir.

  18. insertnamehere says:

    heh. I like this comic, suspiciously more-so than all the others. Probably just relief that it was all a joke and that biff’s not really changing. For how I feel, go back to the previous comic and look for my name with ctrl+f

  19. SEA says:

    All 3 of my comments from yesterday was blocked when i posted XD

    And i thank all the game i play for having a april fool’s event to make me realise that yesterday was a joke, a GREAT one at that =D

    And…erm…guess i should crack my knuckles less now =p

  20. Jack Hollow says:

    HEY! I get the title! Sonic & knuckles…… ahhhhhh, good times.

    BTW, I can crack just about every bone in my body.

    Even the tiny ones in my ears.

  21. Draco Advigilat says:

    It’s good to have Biff back. Steve is creepy looking.

    …which is sorta odd, considering if I ever saw anyone in real life that looked like Biff, I’d probably be a little freaked out.

    (also, I second what Jack Hollow said on the name. S&K was quite a fun game)

  22. Halceon says:

    I feel gullible. Verdammt!

  23. Cthulcantspell says:

    Wow, this may be the most overwhelmingly subtle prank I got all of yesterday.

    That being said I saw through it like one sees through rice paper after a good application of fire. The picture was a bit hazy, but you knew it was there. Gave me a better laugh to see all those confused comments than it did when I got @ galllons of milk dumped on me at work.

  24. Fred says:

    Oh thanks God! I realized only tonight that it was an April’s Fool joke!
    Long live Chris!
    Long live Biff!
    Long live Eyebrows!

  25. Fred says:

    And the eyebrows and mouth are back on last comic also! Oh thanks Chris! Hey do you think you could post both images on the same page?

  26. MaskedMan says:

    Lends a whole new meaning to “double jointed.”

  27. Kaikuro says:

    It was only until after I posted until I figured out what day it was and ended up banging my head on the desk. XD Good one, Chris. It got me good.XD

  28. Chris says:

    @Fred – there’s link in my blog post under yesterdays comic to the April 1st version of the page.

  29. Alex says:

    I’m glad to hear that Biff is staying in his long eyebrow’d self. If the new design was real I probably would stop reading this comic all together.

    (And I agree with Jack Hollow. Sonic & Knuckles was an awesome game.)

  30. C4Pottery says:

    Huh. This isn’t related to today’s comic, just the comic in general: What does Biff’s mouth look like when it’s open?

  31. Chris says:

    C4Pottery – there have been a few comics at this point where Biff’s mouth is open, here’s an example:

  32. William Erasmus says:


  33. Yarden says:

    It looks like he doesn’t have any fingers and he is wearing latex gloves 🙂

  34. You really pushed it, Biff!

    I used to crack my knuckles to spite those who said the noise annoyed them.

  35. TOwns says:


  36. Chivalrybean says:


    Wearing latex gloves with the fingers not on all the way to the bits stick away from your fingers is kionda creepy looking.

  37. Nugget says:

    I only realized it was a joke at 11:00 last night when I was worrying over it.

  38. ¡el pingüino bilingüe¿ says:

    Chez lewez, chu scared the McJeebers outta me.
    I feel like a pickled cucumber, I’ll get it next year… if I can remember.

    Well now you have to help me get out of this straightjacket. Oh Joy! Tapioca laced with tranquilizer!

  39. Big Red says:

    The part that got me, was when you said you had already gone and “improved” many of the old comics, and that all that work would be a waste if you didn’t upload them. It really had me scared! I thought for a minute I might have to stop reading biff. I’m so glad it was just a false alarm!

    Also… I think I’ll be ordering the book.

  40. Andres says:

    I can’t beleive I was dumb enough to believe other people were dumb enough.

  41. Halfcat says:

    I can only seem to crack my knuckles a few times a day or so. Makes you wonder what biff’s limit is.

    To yesterday’s comic/joke: Well played. I was worrying for nothing.

    The Halfcat snickered at today’s comic.

  42. tpiro says:

    That looks painful!

    By the way, great comic yesterday!

  43. me says:

    I crack my knuckles too but i have been trying to give it up for the past few days so this comic came at he perfect time for me. Also yestedays prank was great. It was more subtle than some of the pranks that the other webcomics made and you didnt admit it was a joke.

  44. Colin says:

    ok, i’m a fool. i didn’t even pay attention to the date. mighta been neat to see a “growing back” period for his ‘brows. and i can probly crack my knuckles about once every 20 or 30 minutes, quicker if i don’t move my hands. my neck gets a good one about every hour (i’m constantly twitching my head to most onlookers, but i always feel like my neck is stuck), my wrist does it once or twice a day, and if i’m deliberately trying to make noises, i can do most all my joints audibly, save for my elbows and feet and hips. ALL my joints except those.

  45. Daniel says:

    Yeah, going back and looking at my comments from yesterday, I feel like a doofus. Especially the things Chris was saying cus some were kinda mean and Chris doesn’t seem to be a mean guy. On top of that, that e-mail was so hilariously fake that I feel like an even bigger goober for getting worked up about it. In conclusion, thanks for not really taking Biff’s eyebrows Chris. Keep up the work that keeps me comin back.

  46. Chris says:

    Well I hope nobody was permanently offended by my fake ramblings yesterday 🙂

  47. Matthew says:

    God damn it. The only person that got me on April Fool’s. I didn’t fall for anything, except this. God damn it. This destroys my run of four consecutive years not falling for a prank on April Fool’s.
    Oh well, can’t wait until next year, when I can go back to the Apple store and put virus on all the computer’s again.

  48. DGexe says:

    Ahaha, that was a dandy April Fools joke, Chris. *thumbs up* Kudos to ya!

  49. Bunnyman says:

    I should’ve figured yesterday’s to be an April Fool’s joke. Boy, I feel kinda stupid now.

    But I must admit, the eyebrowed oddity we all know and love looks downright freakish with an actual face.

  50. Thrack says:

    Looks like Biff and I have something in common now, we both bend our fingers way back. But unlike Biff I do it a lot. And on purpose.
    Or, no wait I bend them further than that. I actually have to bend my fingers more than 90 degrees back to get them to pop/crack. An unusual skill as far as I’m aware. 😀

  51. insertnamehere says:

    be positive about it everyone… even if it was a joke, now chris knows how much we all love biff’s ‘brows!

  52. Bullet Fiend says:

    Yay, Biff and not Steve!

  53. J.R. says:

    I don’t pop my knuckles even everyday (makes ’em need popping more and more, and they get weak). But I do pop most of my spine, including the coccyx I think, and a knee or two almost every day. Hips and elbows every once in awhile. The trick to elbows, I’ve found, is to tighten/flex both biceps and triceps in the upper arm as you extend it all the way.

    I second the Yay.

  54. KZero says:

    Is this comic named Sonic in referece to Sonic The Hedgehog? Because of the whole Knuckles thing I mean. Clever. *thumbs up*

    In reference to the April fools thing… I always wait until a bit after to see if something ridiculous like that is true or not if it is on/very close to April fools day. Of course that’d be a bizzare coincidence having something like that ACTUALLY happen around the 1st of April. :p besides I know you’d never kill Biff’s eyebrows. They’re too important to his character.

    If I ever did an April Fools stunt I’d do it in August. No one would see it coming.

  55. BDan says:

    I can actually bend my fingers about 30 degrees back from straight using their own muscles. If I press them together they go a lot farther — about 110 degrees past straight — without pain. It tends to disturb other people when I demonstrate. I’m not sure whether it has anything to do with how often I crack my knuckles.

  56. ///.o Emo Ferret says:

    Chris… You are the master… XD You had them fooled! *shifty eyes*

  57. Allie says:

    I’m sooooo creeped out when people crack their fingers, neck, back or any of that. I always thought it was the worst thing for your joints. Looks like I was right!

    One of my roommates in college liked to crack other people’s joints for fun. She was always trying to find a chance to crack my toes since they are on the longer side…I had to wear shoes at all times.

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