#469 – Smooth

I had a mandatory “Home Economics” class in school. This blew my wife’s mind when much to her surprise I was skilled with an iron. I don’t have to wear clothes that need ironing at my current day job and that’s a good thing. I barely have enough time in the morning to get dressed as it is.

So I just found out today that there’s a default setting in my forum software that prevents people from seeing images posted there unless they sign up. Every few weeks I have been sending you guys and girls over to threads there having no idea that you couldn’t see anything! It’s now fixed! Here’s some links that you may find interesting now that the images are visible:

New colors
Sneak peak
The doodle thread


0 thoughts on “#469 – Smooth”

  1. Zeusandhera says:

    Ha, I thought it was just my computer that couldn’t view the pictures. I thought it has something to do with my HOSTS file (mvps.org if you don’t know what that is). That’s the usual reason for me not seeing things everyone else sees.

  2. PsychoDuck says:

    That steamroller looks battle-ready. Enclosed cockpit, steel-plated exterior, bulky design… Is Biff a war criminal now? A war criminal who doesn’t bother paying for an iron, but more than willingly shells out thousands of dollars to use a battle-ready steamroller to flatten laundry?

    Oh, that Biff.

    The Duck Has Spoken.

  3. Heinrich says:

    dude… i want one… for my laundry…

  4. MaskedMan says:

    Oh no, Duck. That’s not war-criminal equipment (and why do you presume that battle-ready== criminal, anyway?). That’s *racing* equipment. Biff can iron the laundry, smooth five miles of 4-lane highway, and still beat you to the breakfast table!

    I did a career in the Nav. Ironing is a military skill. I weild a *mean* iron – I can sew, too. Frankly, I’m better at both than my wife.

  5. SEA says:

    Oh…no wonder i can’t see the doodles ^_^’

    I need one of those for…ironing, of course =p

  6. Edd says:

    That… might just be the coolest steamroller, ever.

  7. Jackson says:

    Steamroller? What steamroller? All I see is Biff and his iron.

    Man, that iron is totally cool. It’s like the coolest iron ever.

  8. Warcrime says:

    hmmm, wheres the steam come out?

  9. Ti says:

    I want one!


  10. Maxmillean says:

    That is the greatest looking steam roller ever. Now if only they used those when paving roads…

  11. cthulcantspell says:

    Maybe not the greatest looking steam roller ever invented, I’d put it at second best after my conceptual design involving a fire cannon. Biff needs more fire cannons.

  12. Chris says:

    @PsychoDuck – ready for the battle that is laundry!

  13. Gobbledegook says:

    I’d love that!

  14. Josh says:

    Laundry is evil. The fact that it chooses to get itself dirty instead of staying clean like it should just shows its inherent contempt for humans.


  15. Lucretiel says:

    fogive me, but this appears to be a shout out to older, rougher biffs. Not that thats a bad thing. great work, as always.

  16. Charlotte says:

    I need one of those for when I have to iron bed sheets- ironing’s bad enough without the stuff not fitting on the ironing board! (Not to mention I’m the only one in our house with a single rather than a double sized bed which makes it even worse).

    I wish we’d had more useful Home Economics style classes at my school- the only good ones we got was cooking and a little needlework- I’d have rather learnt how to iron a shirt/blouse properly and put up shelves/assemble IKEA furniture than the pointless graphics and design projects we had to do instead.

  17. PsychoDuck says:

    @ Chris:

    So he’s either made upgrades to his old steamroller, or bought a new one, it seems. Which is it? Only you know for sure!

    The public demands to know the truth!

    …you know, if you don’t mind telling us…

    The Duck Has Spoken.

  18. Reynard says:


    Have any of you actually *tried* rolling steam?!?!?!

  19. PsychoDuck says:

    @ Reynard:

    I assume it’s no easy feat?

    The Duck Has Spoken.

  20. Chivalrybean says:

    After checking out those doodles, I think you should go check out http://www.explosivelimes.com My friend has lots of of strange doodles.

  21. Bach says:

    I’m gonna have to start reading this comic again, I always forget this is here.

    Used to read this every update. Glad to know it still rocks everyones socks off, and manages to iron them too.


    This has been Bach… Staring aimlessly into space for 20 years.

  22. el ping├╝ino biling├╝e says:

    I need one for that dang dog!
    just kidding.
    Quiero un a perro.

  23. old news says:

    you know, i never thought i would like biff from most of the banners i saw for him. but i just went through the entire archive without stopping for anything. guess you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover of some other cliche crap

  24. Catherine says:

    Thanks for fixing the forum. I’ve been wondering why I couldn’t see any of the pictures.
    I havn’t posted before, so great comics by the way. they always make me laugh.

  25. Steamroller, away!

    I think it is unwise to mess with the steamroller operator!

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