#450 – Lucid

I have the best dreams on the weekend. Now that I think about it, the reason may be that I only remember them on the weekends. I get to sleep a little longer and wake up a little more naturally. The sudden disappointment of the alarm going off on weekdays is bad for dream recall.


0 thoughts on “#450 – Lucid”

  1. tomatte says:

    I wonder if it’s tart.

  2. PsychoDuck says:

    Mmm mmm. Gotta love those grave-flavoured dreams!

    The Duck Has Spoken.

  3. SEA says:

    Mmmm, weekend dream drink =3

    Wonder what flavour mine is…

  4. Alistair - UK says:

    I wonder what future dreams taste of…..

  5. trevor says:

    I know what you mean chris, I just hate it when I wake up in the middle of a dream, it’s always during the best parts too.

  6. Seraphine says:

    I love weekends. It’s like getting
    your life back after a long illness.
    Weekend dreams taste best because
    I never drink during the week…
    Hardly ever…

  7. Micah says:

    Some people have dream journals, but not Biff. He keeps his on tap.

    I never would’ve guessed dreams were purple, though.

  8. Fred says:

    My dreams are slightly dark red and bubbly, and taste minty… someone’s the same?

  9. MaskedMan says:

    Looks like sudafed…

    Are dreams good for what ails you?

  10. YeahYeah says:

    We got soda, purple stuff, Sunny D…alright! Biff’s dreams!

    I agree, I prefer weekend dreams. But then, who doesn’t prefer just about weekend everything?

    Also, I feel like the string coming from the ceiling absolutely makes this comic.

  11. Alex says:

    Imagine what would happen if Biff marketed and sold his liquid dreams as a juice. We’d have Biffy D, the good stuff that kids go for.

  12. Jackson says:

    I wonder what Biff dreams, exactly. Given his weird, surreal life, I would guess he dreams about normal everyday things…. “I had the strangest dream last night: I was playing basketball with some friends, and none of the hoops were forty feet tall! I dunked the ball once and *didn’t* get a face full of backboard shards! It was amazing!”

  13. Chris says:

    Jackson… great… now I have to rewrite tomorrow’s comic. 🙁

  14. MOD says:

    does no one else understand the title to this?
    i love lucid dreams. the first time i had one i tried to fly and it went horrible wrong, in a fun way. i ended up spinning in the air 😀

  15. PlutoBum says:

    what if he turns over?

  16. Jon M. says:

    This is kind of a creepy comic. That pipe looks like it might be causing Biff some discomfort….

  17. Gobbledegook says:

    I dream almost every night, although most of my dreams occur within the neutral to just plain wierd and nightmarish categories. Thus I get really disappointed when I’m awoken from an actual good dream.
    I guess that would make my dreams taste bitter to sour.

  18. Alistair - UK says:

    O.O i just realised….Biff provides the dreams for the Big Friendly Giant! (Rohld Dahl) then Biff releases them into the dream cave and lets the BFG tag and bag them =p

  19. Bobby McObvious says:

    Actually if I remember right there are scientific-y reasons for this. The most vivid dreams tend to come to people right before they wake up, after “maintenance time” is done. So if you sleep in late, you stretch that period out over much more time.

    I seem to recall hearing something along those lines, anyway.

  20. Reg says:

    Grape-flavored dreams? I wonder what his dreams during the rest of the week are like.

  21. the Scarf says:

    My dreams are Green, with a hint of yellow.

  22. Devi says:

    i find that i have the most vivid dreams when i’m either sleeping in class or in the nurse’s office (and before anyone says anything, its totally NOT WIERD to go in there during your free period to take a nap). i remember one time in english i dozed off and had a dream where i was snorkling in Bermuda…it was really vivid too, like, the color of the water and the fish…i have no idea what i was supposed to be paying attention to in english though.

  23. My dream are best served hot with ramen boiled for 1 minute in it. They taste rather unique.

  24. pieman says:

    the stuff only dreams are made of.

  25. Ela says:

    That would be awesome…

  26. Taehl says:

    I wish I dreamed. I’m so envious of everyone else. It’s not a thing about remembering them, since I’d have to remember at least one every once in a while, right? Besides, I remember my yearly nightmare just fine.

    But seriously. You get to hallucinate in your sleep. That sounds like such fun. My sleep is just so boring. Every time, just a moment of blackness, then I’m awake. I really like making pictures and drawing and stuff, but I can never think of anything to do, and I feel like I’m being cheated on a major source of creativity.

    Oh, and I’m working my way through all the Biff comics. I love them. My favorites are the flaming hammers, the mashed potato farm, and the slingshot attempt at eating the cereal before it gets soggy ^_^

  27. Psymon says:

    My dreams are like the food combinations from the previous comic’s comments—they sound really weird, or even possibly unpleasant, but they are actually quite nice. I just wish I could manage to continue a dream after becoming lucid—my first impulse after becoming lucid is to wake up, and it happens rarely enough that I cannot train myself not to wake up. (-_-)

  28. KZero says:

    🙁 🙁 🙁 I never remember my dreams. Ever. The best I do is wake up with a vague idea. A weird idea. And that is rare. A ‘dream idea’ I’ve had at least twice is this globe trotting adventure that involves opening all sorts of crazy safes. I’m not sure if it is in competition or as a team with someone but I remember it was crazy, filled with adventure, danger, and arguing with that person.

    I wish I could visualize things and remember dreams. I can visualize things but it can be REALLY hard sometimes. I wonder what all I dream of…

  29. froskull says:

    Juding by the picture and the previous few comics, I thought for sure when I scrolled down the caption would be either ‘Nocturnal Emissions’ or ‘Wet Dream’.

  30. jykcor says:

    lucid dreams are scary. i had one once. i fell off of my roof in my dream, and i fell out of my bed. i have a loft (bunk bed minus bottom bunk). ow.

  31. marr965 says:

    He’s tapping into his dreams! 😛

  32. Alice Love says:

    What happens if he has a wet dream? 😮

  33. BrainpanSonata says:

    I once had a dream that Shaggy from the Scooby Doo series had a twin brother… it was only like ten minutes of the guy- who looked like Shaggy minus the goatee and with a long ponytail- playing guitar while the others rode around in golf carts. It was weird.

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