#429 – Grip

We have this soft ice machine at work and I think I’m addicted to it. It makes the little spongy nugget style of ice. I mostly just melt it in my mouth and then drink the chilly water but it’s fun to eat as well. Apparently if I had an overwhelming urge to chew the ice it may be a sign of low iron levels. I’m probably not being very kind to my teeth, I have a cup of hot tea in the morning and follow that up by a tall glass of ice water. I’m likely to shock a couple fillings out of my mouth from the constant temperature change and unfortunately this job has really crappy dental insurance.


30 thoughts on “#429 – Grip”

  1. PsychoDuck says:

    Not so much frying pans as they are frying plates now.

    At least he’ll never have to worry about the handles sticking out…

    The Duck Has Spoken.

  2. LazerWulf says:

    Oy. My church used to have that exact same nugget-style Ice maker. My dad would take Coleman coolers to church every Sunday and fill them up, he loved it so much.

  3. Hasufin says:

    Isn’t “crappy dental insurance” redundant? I’ve yet to hear of a dental insurance plan which would actually cover the expensive things where you need dental insurance – most of them cover two visits and part of one major thing, like a crown. But gods forbid you should need _two_ crowns in a year, or something outlandish like that.

    About the ice – a few years back I had to explain the concept of ice cube trays to some friends in Sweden. They just plain don’t use ice cubes much over there.

  4. SEA says:

    Why did he remove the handles anyway? o_o

    Ice, how i like to chew it…but now i got braces, no more ice or solid food for a while ^_^’

  5. Jack Hollow says:

    Biff looks very….. fat.

    maybe its good that he can’t get to his food.

  6. StrplingWarror says:

    As to the “I’ve yet to see a good dental plan,” my mom has a really good one. Its just a 10 dollar co-pay whenever we go. So no matter what we get done, $10…

    And I must agree, i love to chew some ice… My dad always yells at me when I do, but I don’t stop…

  7. MaskedMan says:

    I’ve got a good dental plan. It’s still pricy, ’cause my teeth got beat to hell when I was in the service, but at least the damage can be repaired without costing me a second mortgage.

    Frying pan w/o handle == wok

  8. MoosePhysh says:

    I used have pots and pans that had removable handles. In fact, I only had one handle for the whole set, since the idea was that you would remove it when it was actually on the stove cooking and snap it back on only when you had to move the pot somewhere.

    It doesn’t look like anyone else besides North America uses ice much. If you go to Europe and ask for ice water, they can’t understand why you would want ice. When some colleagues came over from the Netherlands and saw us sticking ice in our drinks, they were shocked and horrified (or really, just amused about these strange USians and their freezing cold drinks).

  9. pieman says:

    at least theres no handle there to set on fire.

  10. Zaid says:

    @ MoosePhysh:
    I live in Britain, and I’ve been all over Europe and they all put ice in their drinks. I’ve never been to the Netherlands though, so I’m sure you’re right about that…

    p.s. i love this comic so very much

  11. Seraphine says:

    I hate when I unthinkingly touch something hot
    from the oven. It’d be funny, but I do it all the time.

  12. Johel says:

    Isn’t changing temperature that quickly between foods/drinks supposed to do some sort of damage to your digestive system?

  13. Garrett says:

    Just last week, the handle came off of one of our frying pans. It screwed back on easily, though.

  14. Magical Nurse Ban says:

    Heh heh…Sounds like something…MY DAD…yeah…something my dad would do. (^_^);;;

  15. uber.geeklord says:

    *about 10 seconds later*

    “Biff finds out that it is bad to put out a grease fire by pummeling it with two hammers.”

    (reference to comic #2)

  16. Chris says:

    Nice! Maybe I should do a week of prequel comics. 🙂

  17. the Scarf says:

    That….is an amazing idea.
    You should do it.

  18. Silfedac says:

    I’ve never heard of soft ice. Is regular ice:soft ice like regular pretzel:soft pretzel?

  19. PsychoDuck says:

    @ uber.geeklord:

    Nope, that pan in Comic #2 has a handle… Darn it, we coulda had something there!

    The Duck Has Spoken.

  20. Vextren says:

    Hey Chris 😀 long time reader, but first time commenter.So I’ve been diagnosed with the flu…:( i feel horrible.

  21. Reg says:

    Is this when Biff resorts to smashing the frying pan with hammers? Now that comic makes a little bit more sense… no wait, it STILL doesn’t make that much sense…

  22. Josh says:

    Hey Chris, I just thought you might want to know that if you are suffering from low levels of iron it might be celiac’s disease. Basically, you are allergic to wheat gluten (which is in pretty much everything you eat). When you eat anything with gluten in it your immune system attacks it, destroying your small intestine and its ability to absorb nutrients. First sign, low levels of iron and ergo, ice cravings. You can either go to a doctor to be diagnosed or the cheap test is to stop eating anything with gluten in it and see if you stop craving ice.
    So, I know this is a crazy long post but a lot my family members have celiac and it can be very bad if you don’t treat it.
    I am a huge fan of your comic though and I would love to see a series of prequel comics.

  23. billc says:

    Hate to tell you this, but after I had to get a crown last year, my dentist said that all my teeth are showing cracks – probably due to quick temperature changes like eating ice cream and drinking hot tea. It’s kind of like pouring hot water on your windshield on a cold day to melt the ice off – the temperature differential can cause it to shatter – even if just a little bit of surface cracking happens, those cracks can expand over the years and you end up in pain.

    Of course, it’d be good if the dentist actually puts the crown on the correct tooth the first time, unlike he did with me. Didn’t even give me a break on the cost – two crowns, one of which I didn’t really need RIGHT THEN, cost twice the price of one crown.

  24. Manji says:

    I don’t know what Biff was thinking…

    I sure hop your teeth don’t explode from the extreme temperature change. (reference to Neurotically Yours – Exploding Teeth)

  25. Nokore says:

    FOAMY!!! Exploding teeth, 101. x3

  26. -2! says:

    We have the frying pan

  27. BrainpanSonata says:

    Soft nugget ice is my favorite kind of ice.

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