#420 – Chug

I don’t usually eat breakfast on work days. It seems to make me sleepy and then I’m extremely hungry by lunch time. It works better for me if I just eat an early lunch.


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  1. Mullack says:

    Thats Got To Be The Coolest Helmet Ever!

  2. Chuck says:

    My stomach doesn’t like food in the morning, but if I don’t eat int he morning then my stomach doesn’t like food in the afternoon. I think it just hates first meals.

  3. birdie says:

    i’m lucky if i get breakfast before class. usually i snag a soy milk and an orange. good days involve bringing a bagel or pb&j to class.
    in highschool i used to eat instant oatmeal out of disposable cups on the way to school and cut up oranges the night before, or steal half of whatever my brother was having.

  4. Joey B says:

    Man, a helmet like that sure would come in handy for me! I generally don’t eat breakfast (because I generally don’t wake up early), but if i DO wake up early then I’m gonna need a light breakfast or I’ll just crash. Except I could never eat in the car, where I live, the constant twists and turns will make me, erm, “return” my breakfast.

  5. MaskedMan says:

    I need one of those for my daughter… She leaves for the bus each morning with parts of her breakfast still in her hand. Getting her to get ready, eat, and get out the door is always an exercise in aggressive time management.

  6. Envious Luna says:

    I almost never eat breakfast.
    And then I’m starving in gym class, which is third period.

    And then I have to wait a really long time for lunch…. D8

  7. TheWrongFenderson says:

    I find that if I eat breakfast.. I’m STARVING before lunch, but if I don’t eat anything, lunch comes, and I don’t feel that hungry. Obviously feeding my stomach only makes it want more.

  8. pieman says:

    ive got to get me one of those

  9. cyber95 says:

    I have breakfast every morning. It differs between Eggo Waffles, hot cereal, and a bagel (either cinnamon raisin + butter or plain + peanut butter).
    I do this about an hour and a half before school starts, and I’m still late.

  10. Elle says:

    I don’t eat breakfast. If I do, by the time I get on the bus (about half an hour later) I’m starving again, whereas if I don’t eat breakfast I don’t get hungry until about 2pm. It just seems like a waste of good food to eat breakfast.

  11. SkipDrive says:

    I always eat breakfast in the morning, if I don’t I’ll be in agony by lunch. I also have a tendancy to eat cereal at all times of the day, alot of the time before I got to bed.

  12. JezMM says:

    Haha, this reminds me of an advertising project a friend of mine did back at college. He was advertising a toaster hat, it was essentially a top hat with a toaster in it, and little compartments containing butter, jam, marmite, etc. More breakfast related hats should exist.

  13. PlutoBum says:

    oh man…i almost tried that once. it was a good thing my mom convinced me to not do it lol

  14. Ben says:

    my favorite sport in the morning is to juggle a breakfast burrito, a hot tea, and a hashbrown patty all while trying to drive to school. this helmet would make the morning commute SO much easier…
    new idea! bluetooth breakfast burritos!

  15. Graceofbass says:

    I find that if I eat a small breakfast in the morning like a bowl of cereal, I’m starving an hour later. But if I have a bagel with cream cheese or eggs I’m fine until lunch. But either way, not having breakfast is bad, for me at least.

  16. Seraphine says:

    I hate those helmets, especially with the beers
    in the holders. It’s so adolescent.

  17. MoosePhysh says:

    Is that tape over Biff’s mouth so that the tubes from his helmet won’t fall out? Or is he baring his teeth realizing that even with his cereal helmet, he won’t make it to work on time?

  18. Gobbledegook says:

    Dude, that’s awesome!
    I could use that, but I’d get stared at on the bus more often than usual.

    I actually envy those guys that have such a level of self-confidence that they are willing to be seen in public with those monstrosities strapped to thier heads. It’s really only lame if they don’t have beer in the holders. Or light beer.

  19. f_stealth says:

    I could use that helmet, I’m getting late and hungry to college lately. And breakfast is always the most important meal.

  20. Silicon Giraffe says:

    Breakfast hats… the future of mankind as we know it.
    Breakfast for me usually consists of one of those instant breakfast powder pouches that you pour in milk and stir. They’re small, quick, and really all I have room for in my tiny stomach…
    If only Biff could perfect this by adding in a canister of coffee…

  21. PsychoDuck says:

    @ Seraphine:

    Hey, if drinking Pepsi out of a helmet is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

    The Duck Has Spoken.

  22. dragonbrad says:

    for all the people who don’t eat breakfast, your starving your body of essential nutrients used to get you started wich gives you less energy to use that day. I dont eat a huge breakfast, but a smoothie is good, I have a good smoothie recipe if you want it, its filling and easy on your stomach, plus fiber, antioxidents, and and a great tast. Pineapple juice
    frozun yogert
    1/2 bannana
    or cranberries

    blend in blender for about 45 second on puree and you have a great smoothie, sorry if i bored you by you reading this but boohoo for you then

  23. Silfedac says:

    I have no time for breakfast in the morning, since I normally wake up ten minutes before the bus arrives. Whe I do, I just dig around the pantry until I can find somethi8ng vaguely breakfasty, e.g. bagel, toast, pop-tart, doughnut.

  24. Lockett says:

    Wouldn’t the milk travel at a faster speed than the cereal, flooding his mouth at the beginning and parching it at the end?

  25. Crow Blaise Xenix says:

    I am the first one up in my house. I’ll be the only one up for about 30 minutes so I’ll make some eggs before I go to school.

  26. Reg says:

    I tried it doing something like that but I was only shouted at for being stupid because the cereal wouldn’t fit through the tubes. But I don’t like milk in my cereal anyway.
    On mornings for school I have learned the art of making waffle batter in 5-7 min. Life is so much better with waffles. 😀

  27. Haragorn says:

    Lockett, the milk’s tube is slightly thinner, and has a small beginning. This regulates the flow of the milk.

    And I guess this would be the ultimate solution to soggy cereal.

  28. A Person Who Is Too Lazy To Come Up With A Creative Name says:

    How did Biff cram all his mouth scribbles in the mouthpiece for that helmet?

  29. BlueShoals says:

    This is superior in every concievable way.

  30. The Dustin says:

    My friend who saw this told me I need to try to make one of these…

  31. Shorty says:

    I want that helmet. Especially since I eat cereal for breakfast pretty much every day.

  32. PyroWildcat says:

    Wow, all these posts and not one mention of the infamous cereal slingshot a while back?

    These does seem superior… and far less painful.

  33. biggo says:

    It’s so appropriate that the Google ad here at the bottom of the page says “I CURED MY ACID REFLUX” 😀

  34. faeriian says:

    omg did he just find a solution to the soggy cereal problem!?

  35. Shana says:

    Gwah~ Biff looks so happy in this one~!

  36. Hina says:

    Same – every time I eat breakfast I get really hungry about an hour before lunch, and it feels like I was starving! And if I don’t, I’m not hungry enough to eat the lunch! What a weird stomach I have -.-

  37. Zach Light says:

    ou, clever biff, clever, mind if I buy one off you?

  38. jmkool says:

    At last! The cereal problem is solved!

  39. Awesome! I need one!!!

  40. Marscaleb says:

    Oh dear word I NEED THAT HELMET!!!

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