#386 – Bertie

I like black jelly beans. This works out great for me because most people I know don’t like them. I like sampling the different flavors of black jelly beans that I run into. Some are very strong licorice but some of them really just taste like sugar.

Looks like our rush of orders is almost done. Amanda should have the rest of the books and shirts shipped by the end of the week. There’s plenty more to go around. Do you know someone that likes to laugh but has never seen Biff? The book would make a great gift!


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  1. the Scarf says:

    I love black jelly beans too! I didn’t used to…but I really got used to the taste, now I love it!

    Better than the soap flavored ones anyways..

  2. Sleepingorange says:

    Heehee, that reminds me of part of stand-up comedian Jim Gaffigan’s routine: He’s talking about different types of peanut butter, and he notices ‘Extreme Chunky’. He buys some, and takes it home. When he opens it, it turns out it’s just peanuts.

    I think an Extreme Chunky peanut butter and jelly bean sandwich would be awesome.

  3. TrillionGrams says:

    Oh! Black jelly beans ARE the best.

    I had a friend who once tried a peanut butter and gummi bear sandwich, thinking that it would be like PB&J. She said it wasn’t great. And now she’s allergic to peanuts.

  4. Chuck says:

    I like the pink ones with blue spots.

  5. Dan says:

    The juxtaposition of the Biff comics always amuse me. Biff can make a leaf burning hat one day (and be in no danger what so ever) and the next he’s spreading jelly beans with a knife. You’d think he would have some kind of crazy tool made for the task, as clearly he had enough time to design and test a leaf burning hat. But no, he uses a simple butter knife, which is the tool everyone uses when you don’t have the right tool for the occasion (exception, buttering toast.) He doesn’t even have some unrelated contraption that he could adapt to the job, like a steam press he uses to iron his eyebrows or pocket lazer beam pen. Biff uses a butter knife, and I think we all wonder if he has some crazy gadget that would do it faster. Next comic he might be on terraforming Mars (successfuly!) or loosing at checkers against his toaster. Maybe, just maybe, it will be both.

  6. Jordannn says:

    I like back jelly beans too.. And the bubblegum.. And the popcorn.

    I like most jelly beans to be fair 😀

  7. PsychoDuck says:

    Nice Harry Potter reference 😀

    I really hope those aren’t dung beetle flavoured 🙁

    The Duck Has Spoken.

  8. Jon says:

    I like eating black jelly beans about as much as I like eating whole star anise, which is to say not a lot.

  9. Kree says:

    Ahh yes, jellybeans. After tasting the wonders of Jelly Belly brand beans every other type of jellybean tastes like generic low-grade sugar. Jelly Belly definitely deserves the title of “gourmet” 😛

    Heck, they even made the Bertie beans for the Harry Potter movies (and the following buyable versions :P)

    Eating Jelly Belly brand beans has become a new Christmas tradition for me now 😀 But I don’t like the black ones, even in gourmet form 🙁

  10. Robyn* says:

    Just to be picky…
    Black jellybeans aren’t actually liquorice flavoured, they’re aniseed.

  11. Kassil the Erratic says:

    I fail to get the Harry Potter reference PsychoDuck mentioned.

    However, I have to say that Biff looks unusually contemplative here rather than frustrated or annoyed. Maybe trying to spread jelly beans is a Zen process for him?

    …Does Biff ever plant jelly beans to grow crops of jelly?

  12. G.Olden says:

    brilliant comic…and just got the book in the mail, brilliant

  13. MaskedMan says:

    @Kassil the Erratic:

    Check the comic title.

    I like the black beans, too. As does my wife. We have to get two bags off them at Easter, or there’ll be a fight.

  14. Diana M. says:

    Love jelly beans,hate black ones

  15. Bronze Dog says:

    I also love jelly beans, though I usually find a place where I can pick an exact flavor or two at a time. With assorted jelly beans, I throw out the black ones. Until now, I thought everyone knew they were rotten. That’s why you have to get to the single-flavor places when they’re still ripe.

  16. Ebos says:

    I like to take the jelly beans and roll them up in fruit roll ups and call them my sugar burritos. Mmmmm…. chewy!

  17. Seraphine says:

    I never much cared for jelly beans.
    They are generic and have nothing
    unusual about them. Jelly beans
    have no personality, unlike Biff…

  18. The black ones are the best. Black jujubes too. I don’t have to worry about sharing, since everyone else thinks they’re nasty.

  19. Kassil the Erratic says:

    That explains it. I see the feed on LJ, where I’ve trained myself to avoid looking at post titles to avoid pointless shots of Angsting, Whining, and General Emo Behavior from others, so I missed the title.

  20. Ela says:

    I wanna try that now… My favorite jelly beans are the Starburst ones, those are awesome, especially the pink ones.

  21. FWTrump says:

    My favorite jelly bean would be the Jelly Belly Popcorn flavor myself…

  22. dragonbrad says:

    I love jelly beans, but when i was ten and my teeth falling out like crazy, i had the worst easter

  23. dragonbrad says:

    black jelley beans rule,

  24. kenshin620 says:

    I like black, I hate popcorn beans, they taste awful.

    btw, has anyone had those bertie botts every flavor ones? how does toilet taste like?

  25. Colin says:

    oh, i remember my aunt who always bought like 1 liter jars for every kid in the family and filled them with jellybeans for christmas.
    granted, there were only 7 or 7 kids back then, but man, they were the big gourmet ones that would almost melt in your mouth if left alone long enough.
    never found out where she bought them from, or i’d go there every year and get myself a bag.

  26. Colin says:

    oh and i like the pink ones.
    strawberry, cotton candy, pink lemonade…
    you don’t get a bad pink flavor.

  27. Jojobees says:

    The only thing I don’t like about black jellybeans is that they leave my tongue looking dark purplish blue. Maybe the ones I eat are just odd.

  28. Sye216 says:

    When I buy jelly beans, I always ate the green ones first. Then the blue ones, and black, and red, then yellow, etc. My least favorite jelly beans are the popcorn flavored ones. I ate a popcorn-flavored one once and actually threw up.
    Not pleasant.

  29. aideen says:

    in response to ‘the scarf’ why do people insist on making soap flavoured sweets?

  30. KZero says:

    You can have my black jellys if I ever somehow end up with some. I dunnot like them at all. Same with the licorice.

  31. Asua says:

    I used to love the black jelly beans, but then I realized if you eat too many of them…everything you eat will start tasting like them.

    Then I stopped liking jelly beans all together.

    Hey, is it just me, or the the bread…decompose?

    Great comic!

  32. the_gail says:

    i had a substitute in high school who gave out candy, and if you liked the licorice candy you got more than one, plus he knew my grandmother and liked to announce it to the class so I got extra candy for the embarisment and the liking the black gum drops, worked out great for me.

  33. Matanui3 says:

    blsck jelly beans are the tastiest kind!

  34. SurveySays says:

    the company that made bertie botts everyflavor beans makes the only jelly beans i’ll eat. i wont touch anything else (Exepts starburst but i dont think thos are really Jelly beans) i love the coffee flavored ones and the roasted marsmellow

  35. Tech says:

    The best day of my life was one time I got a bag of jellybeans that had a greater-than-average ammount of black ones. Like, almost every handfull had a black one in.

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