#376 – Squirt

We observe daylight savings time here and just recently turned the clocks back an hour. Apparently our dog doesn’t use a clock to tell time. She used to get fed dinner every night at 7:30. Since the time changed she has started to get agitated around 6:40. First she’ll hop around excitedly thinking that the food is about to come. After a few minutes of that when she gets no results she goes into stare down mode. She sits on the very corner of the mat by the front door and stares at Amanda. Somehow this works and she gets fed. It’s weird having an animal actively trying influence your behavior like that.


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  1. LazerWulf says:

    I always thought Daylight Savings Time was backwards. Shouldn’t we be adjusting the clocks so that we have more evening sunlight in the winter, when days are shorter?

  2. Dan says:

    Penny is Biff’s dog I can only assume. I admire it’s … reach there, though Biff clearly should seek the services of a professional dog trainer.

  3. Bubble says:

    no! its a llama!! right?

  4. KayRis says:

    No! It’s a cow! See the milk?

  5. Not Me says:

    No, no, silly, it’s a goldfish. See the water?

  6. NDDR says:

    at the height its coming from id say some sort of giraffe, elephant or dragon.

  7. Caitlin says:

    Or a budgie.
    A really big one.
    (With teeth).

  8. pieman says:

    the image along with the name is a bit, well, disturbing.

  9. MOD says:

    the title of the previous page, added to this one made me laugh. my screen now says ‘sticky squirt’
    cant stop laughing

  10. trueblaze says:

    It could be his pet spider, which would explain the size of the spider webs in the attic a few comics ago.

  11. KungKong says:

    This one looks abit wrong. o.O

    I must just have a dirty mind.

  12. Khasa says:

    I didn’t get it =(

  13. Seraphine says:

    At least Penney didn’t pee on the remote.

  14. xXKadavraXx says:

    heh…my dog is just like that! we force her to wait now though.

  15. MaskedMan says:


    Nicely ambiguous… Could be a baby with great distance… Or a cobra (spitting variety, of course!), or a giant horned lizard with anemia (hence the almost clear blood squirting from its eye), or an camel, or…

    Love it!

  16. Paul says:

    Penny could very well be a camel. 😛

  17. Gobbledegook says:

    Stupid trivia timem, simply because I’m an insufferable know-it-all with access to Wikipedia:
    Winter time is actually “normal time”… Summer is the time that is turned back. Daylight savings time was thought up by Ben Franklin as a way for farmers to get the most out of their day. Since they were early risers, turning the clocks forward during the longer summer hours would allow them to begin work when the sun rose (when the animals woke up).

  18. Lord 13 says:

    I say Penny is a penny. Or Biff’s pet rock, but most likely a penny.

  19. Laje Kahr says:

    I was assuming penny was a parot….but the other ideas here are…interesting.

  20. Laje Kahr says:

    Or some other kind of bird.

  21. Kanki-chan says:

    I get the feeling that knowing Biff Penny is some form of owlbear or camelllama (that’d explain the spitting)

  22. Bronze Dog says:

    I wonder if Penny’s a giant archer fish, or whatever they’re called: The fish that spit at bugs on leaves and grass to knock them into the water.

  23. Trevor says:

    Maybe it’s whatever was in that box.

  24. Nate says:

    Penny is a parrot!
    About daylights “savings” time: I’ve always felt that it should be Spring forward, stay the f@$k forward. I HATE normal time, and am in league with the farmers on this (though not the silver standard) that we should abolish it.

    My dogs like to be fed at 5, and they get agitated starting around 4:30, so when daylight savings ends, and we go back to that abysmal “normal time” they want to get fed at 3:30, when no one is home! It generally takes about a month for them to get used to the fact that we won’t feed them for another hour. Agitated means barking, yipping, snapping, knocking things over, jumping over and on people, and bringing presents such as children’s toys, or office supplies.

  25. C4Pottery says:

    You got it right, Bronze Dog. They are called archerfish.

  26. some kid says:

    i once had a dog who could eat food off the top of the frezer
    maby penny is an irish wolfhound

    this is my first post in a long time

  27. some kid says:

    his name was Sam

  28. Robot Panda says:

    I agree, it is a camel. Nasty buggers! D

  29. Robot Panda says:

    Dangit, it cut me off.

  30. Reynard says:

    “It’s weird having an animal actively trying influence your behavior like that.”

    Yeah, it’s almost like they’ve got some of us trained…

  31. Cronyne says:

    Knowing Biff, that’s probably an actual penny sitting on his desk.

  32. S. Allen says:

    I use to have a big female Potamotrygon leopoldi that’d squirt water out of the top of the tank to get your attention…

    My dog has adjusted well to the new time for eating… we’re still working on piddle schedule… having to wake up a hour before I need to actually get out of bed is getting annoying, never can get back to sleep.

  33. Colin says:

    i invoke the almighty author!
    Chris! Hear our prayers! Bestoweth unto us the knowledge of what manner of beast this penny is!

    (10 pts if you get the reference in the first line)

  34. Tim R says:

    I’m finally through with the backlog!
    Chris, I must say thank you for two things:
    1) A hilarious webcomic and…
    2) Making each of those comics one panel so reading through 376 of them at once isnt impossible!

  35. Chris says:

    Thanks Tim, it’s cool to see that people are still trying to make it through them all. 🙂

  36. Takanero says:

    Penny is Biff’s pet rock? Maybe. You never know. That thing was big as hell.

  37. Centipede says:

    I just read all of the Biff comics myself.

    It took less time than watching a movie, and there were a lot more punchlines. 🙂

    The simple style kind of makes me want to take up comicing again. I won’t because of time constraints, and the fact that I’m neither clever or funny, but it still made me want to do it.

    In the spirit of Biff, I think Penny is probably his fire hydrant.

  38. Garrett says:

    Hey, Chris showed up and didn’t answer our begging about what Penny is! I guess he wants to keep up suspense? Maybe we were never meant to know?

  39. TrillionGrams says:

    Babies are the same way! My friend’s daughter had to be adjusted to the time change five minutes at a time so she wouldn’t wake up and go to bed too early.

  40. I say. O_o that…is a wee bit disturbing…

  41. snakeadelic says:

    Obviously your dog has access to something similar to the classic “cat vibe”. My cats sleep-vibe me all the time by curling up on or with me and passing out in hedonistic comfort, dragging me along with them. A cat I used to know would walk into a room and stare at the back of his owner’s boyfriend’s head. This guy, normally thick as a brick about anything going on around him, would promptly pop up saying “Hey, has anyone fed the cat? I think I should feed the cat.”

  42. kiwi says:

    Penny is a monkey. Definatly a monkey.

  43. DuQuense says:

    actually Franklin proposed DST for the Winter, But I agree with the Spring Forward, and stay there Idea.

  44. Kitsunie says:

    Is Penny a goldfish?

  45. Psymon says:

    I’m a bit of a trivia nut myself. The phrase is “Daylight SAVING Time”. We tried year-round DST in 1973—repealed because of the increase in morning school bus accidents. While DST may save on lighting costs, these savings are (possibly more than) balanced by an increase in heating and cooling costs. Basically, there is very little reason to keep DST, and even less to keep switching the time around.

  46. KZero says:

    I can’t help but wonder what Penny is and what Penny is hitting biff with…

  47. Torg says:

    ((Malachite Dragon Says:

    November 15th, 2007 at 3:02 pm
    I say. O_o that…is a wee bit disturbing…))

    Pun intended?

  48. Psymon says:

    We acquired a kitten last week (discovered a stray…hadn’t been stray long.). I wonder how long it’ll take before she has us trained? She obviously has the ability to drag people into sleep with her; what other cat-skills might she have?

  49. Fotiadis says:

    I wonder if Biff’s pet is a squid <_<
    Or some other Alien creature.

  50. Alice Love says:

    You make me think perverted thoughts. 😮

  51. Three of Nineteen says:

    If this was a reasonable person, I’d go guppy. They have a habit of jumping up and splashing ya. But… with Biff? I’d guess pirahna or great white shark.

  52. SurveySays says:

    It’s clifford the big red dogs sister Penny. she’s green. and rude.

  53. Tech says:

    My cat will sometimes try to shake me awake when I haven’t fed her. Other times she’ll sit on my shoulder and poke me in the face, like she’s asking “You still alive, boss?”

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