#371 – Gulp

I’ve gone through some different beverage phases in my life. Back in college it was orange juice. I couldn’t afford the good stuff so it was always just the store brand frozen kind. After college I drank a lot of soda. I always had a couple of 2 liter bottles of Sprite or root beer in the house. I know it’s been awhile since then because I would rarely pay more than 79¢ for a 2 liter back then and it’s hard to find a 20 ounce bottle for less than $1.25 now. I went back into orange juice again a few years ago but this time I could afford the fresh bottles of Tropicana instead of frozen. Now I mainly drink water and energy drinks.


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  1. MaskedMan says:


    Hit the brakes wrong, and Biff could drown in a tsunami of soda… no wonder he’s updated his cupholder safety equipment!

  2. Parker says:

    Hm. As far as drink prices go, I pick up a two liter almost daily at the local 7-11 for about a dollar. And I have to say that this is the single biff comic that truly reminds me of myself. =D

  3. Dr. Doom says:

    I foresee a problem here… Biff has to remove his safety belt and look away from the road to reach the straw… Please oh please don’t let him be on the free-way….

    But then again, since Biff exists in his own world, there’s noone for him to hit.

  4. Seraphine says:

    I like bottled teas like Tejava,
    unsweetened and unflavored.
    I add sweet n’ low and I’m good
    to go.
    Biff really should go into the
    safely consulting business. He
    has a lot of experience.

  5. macographer says:

    i buy 20oz Pepsi products pretty regularly in six packs for $3-4 at Cub. i think the 20oz bottles are the best option because they don’t need to be consumed in one sitting (20oz is far too much in my opinion) but they can be consumed in one or two before going flat.

  6. KayRis says:

    I can get 99 cent 2 liters at the local wal-mart or H-E-B, but only in the cheap off brand. Dr. Thunder is okay when you need a quick fix, but it’s just not as good as the real thing.

  7. Kanki-chan says:

    The way my meal plan at the dorms work, I may as well walk over to the dining hall if I ever get thirsty. I used to drink this stuff called Cheerwine (Pepsi’s version of Dr. Pepper) mixed with Wild Cherry Pepsi, but after I got a cold I started drinking Tropicana Fruit Juice.

    Biff should also be careful the the staw doesn’t stab him in the eye if he brakes the wrong way.

  8. Paul says:

    That’s a big gulp, all right! I prefer generic brands over everything else. Mostly iced tea though.

  9. cyber95 says:

    You could get a drink that size at 7-11 for about 2 bucks.

  10. Jordannn says:

    Here in England, 2 litres of Dr. Pepper costs £1.39, and 2 litres of coca-cola costs £1.59. Given that a dollar is worth half as much as sterling, and I drink A LOT of Dr. Pepper, I think I’m going to move to the USA, or at least Canada.

  11. Xianda says:

    Over here in england, a 2L bottle of coke costs around £1.25. Double that and that’s around the US$ exchange rate. Expensive, hey?

  12. AG says:

    Somehow, the way the cup and Biff are posed makes it look like a married couple who have been fighting and the cup is playing the wife nagging Biff while he just tries to ignore her and focus on the road.

  13. Gobbledegook says:

    Yeesh… He could fit his entire arm inside the straw!

    I was obsessed with Surge when it came out in my senior year of High school. A lot of people couldn’t stand it, but to me it was the best soda ever. I was very happy when Vault came out; it’s the same thing and I missed it.

    Seraphine: LOL… If Biff ever goes into the consultation business, he would make a fortune if he managed to convince someone that everything he’s been doing was simply “market research”.

  14. Dan says:

    Is that what the inside of Biff’s green inviable car looks like?

  15. Chivalrybean says:

    I just printed this out and replaced Biff’s name wit the guy who drinks too muchh soda here at work.

  16. MoosePhysh says:

    Is it just me or is Biff’s car interior ginormous and lacking anything by way of a back seat? It looks a bit like the interior of a bus or something.

  17. Morzikei says:

    I should say that 2 liters of Coca-Cola costs perhaps 25 pence in Lithuania – pretty cheap, it would seem, but still too rich for me. However, I think I could drink a cup that BIG in about an hour (provided I’m sitting in the bathroom)

  18. Khasa says:

    In Israel you cant even buy a 2 liter bottle of anything besides a local brand (I think it’s local, anyway) called Crystal, which makes any type of soft drink ranging from orange juice to coke. All of which (with the exception of grapefruit, perhaps) are disgusting and cheap.
    Proper coke (Pepsi, RC, or coca cola) cost 5 shekels for 1.5 liters.. 5 shekels is about 1.25 bucks.
    This is why everyone are thin in Israel! ^^

    Biff got a pretty big cup sitting next to him, do you think it’s sentinent?

  19. PsychoDuck says:

    My big drink is Diet Caffeine-Free Pepsi. It used to be the normal variety, but I developed some sort of anti-caffeine condition. If I ingest even the smallest amount, it messes up my heart.

    16 year-olds shouldn’t have these kinds of conditions!

    The Duck Has Spoken.

  20. FlamethrowerWieldingMonkey says:

    Soda fun fact:

    In the USA, Dr (no period) Pepper is bottled by Pepsi AND Coca-Cola. It’s licensed out by Cadbury-Schweppes. Who bottles it depends on what region of the country you’re from.

  21. MaskedMan says:


    What a horrifyingly excellent thought! Enormous sentient sodas as passengers… Exactly the kind of thing you’d find in BiffWorld!

    I wonder what it’s whispering in Biff’s ear..? Or is the the straw some kind of vile weapon? Is it a mutant Dalek..?!

  22. TrillionGrams says:

    Best piece of social commentary I’ve seen this week. So this was, what, a medium at Whataburger or Jack-in-the-Box?

    I’m glad that the cup designers have kept up with the size fad. The taped ends make it so much easier to stick them in your cup holder. (I dunno, maybe if it was harder to stick the cup in the holder, I wouldn’t order so much. Someone should do something about how fat I am. Am I right?). But if you want a reminder of how big our soda portions have gotten, drive a 15-year-old car and try to stick your God-sized cup in the holder (even with the tapered ends) It doesn’t work! The clearance on slots holders have had to grow with our waistlines.

    I’m just pleased when I still get my drink in a paper-and-wax cup as opposed to Styrofoam or those damn plastic cups that were designed with leak.

  23. TrillionGrams says:

    Oh yeah, and Orange Juice FTW! Tropicana, extra pulp all the way.

  24. shoddyknight says:

    Why has biffs car got a massive clearance for his head, does he fold giant people into it on regular occasions?

  25. Dan says:

    @Shoddyknight – Biff does have some massive eyebrows, like The Monarch level. I think he needs the clearance himself.

  26. Bubble says:

    That is a huge drink! How many toilet stops is that??

  27. Garrett says:

    @steam punk: The main reason I don’t drink carbonated drinks often is because of the gas I get.

  28. steam punk says:

    I love lemonade. Lemonade must be the nectar of the gods. Especially this one lemonade from the Calgary Stampede (In Canada). It’s amazing. It’s very sweet and it’s usually freshly squeezed and they put little ice chunks in it that either melt or crunch when you drink it!

    I want lemonade of the giant variety now. Thanks Biff.

    Iced tea and Orange pop (or soda) is delicious as well. I don’t drink much of anything carbonated though. But I’m not even the healthy type. There’s really no reason.

  29. Ben says:

    I used to drink a lot of root beer, but I switched to iced or hot green or black tea

  30. dragonbrad says:

    chris, tropicana orange juice is orange juice, lemon juice, and high fructose corn syrup

  31. Parker says:

    Garrett = winrar

  32. Chuck says:

    Maybe Dragon is thinking of Tropicana Orangeade?

  33. BadMan says:

    is the best.

  34. Yakboy says:

    When i was a kid i loved milk. Now i almost exclusively drink carbonated water.

  35. PlutoBum says:

    how the hell is he supposed to get his mouth around that straw?!?!

  36. Elkian says:

    Passenger seat = highest fatality rate.

  37. Elkian says:

    PlutoBum: … *bleaches brain. Rinses. Lathers. Repeats. 20 times.*

  38. jykcor says:

    im a pepper!

  39. SurveySays says:

    i used to kill for Sobe drinks. now i love thos Bolthouse farms fruit drinks but no one sells them where i live…

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