#347 – Still

Back when I was in art school our assignments were always open to interpretation. You could sometimes get more points for being clever rather than completing the assignment “correctly.” I always did my stuff the way the professor expected and I was sometimes jealous of what some of the other students got away with. I had my revenge in my senior year. While most everyone struggled to haul around their giant canvasses or bulky portfolios all I had to carry around was my little folder of Biff cartoons.


0 thoughts on “#347 – Still”

  1. Sleepingorange says:

    Maybe they’re a LITTLE all purpose, but I still wouldn’t try to unclog a drain…

  2. Desu says:

    Biff, he ceases to amaze me

    Clever Chris very clever xD

  3. SpriteMeister says:

    I don’t know. After using the all-purpose flour as a drain cleaner, I never had to worry about the hair clogging the drain.

  4. Warcrime says:

    haha, interesting way to paint…. “flour-coloring 101”

  5. Bunnyman says:

    Huh. The all purpose flour package seems to have grown.

  6. Chuck says:

    Stranger than Fiction ftw.

  7. Garrett says:

    Now THAT is a great idea

  8. trueblaze says:

    You know, interestingly enough I think I’ve actully heard of an artest out there that does use flower and other “organic ingredents” to do his/her paintings.

  9. MarcusDranz says:

    The pun… the horrible, horrible pun…… It hurts… IT HURTS!!

  10. Goggledegook says:

    Trueblaze: Do you remember his name? I’d like to see that.

    At least Biff isn’t killing himself today…

  11. BadMan says:

    Yup. Thats Biff.

  12. Avel says:

    Yeeeah I don’t like canvas. They are so big and there’s never anywhere to put them :(. Sketchbooks forevah!

  13. Seraphine says:

    Another reason to admire Biff…
    I dropped out of a creative writing class
    when the prof complained my brilliantly
    written paper wasn’t what he assigned.
    Now I wish I had instead written his
    assignment in all purpose flour.

  14. Lucretiel says:

    wait, what? just how old is biff?

  15. Chris says:

    Lucretiel – Biff was first drawn in Nov 1990. If you ordered the book, the complete story is in there.

  16. MaskedMan says:

    For the horrible pun, Biff must suffer some equally horrible fate tomorrow!

  17. Darkr0nin says:

    Ohohoh man such a bad pun! XD

  18. Radical Edward says:

    Well, he took something too literally again.

  19. Malachite Dragon says:

    Sounds like something I’d do.

  20. pyrocat100 says:

    I should really try doing that sometime xD.

  21. Takanero says:

    Terrible pun… Bad Chris! Very bad Chris! What in hell were you thinking!?!?! That’s right you weren’t! lol…

  22. Elkian says:

    Reminds me of that movie about that guy whose life was being narrated.

  23. Alice Love says:

    You know what creeps me out? Baking soda! It’s..odd! It can be used in cooking, cleaning and smoothing your skin, cleaning your clothes, removing pet stain odors and someone even said you can bath with it and turn it into a bubble bath oatmeal type thing.

    It’s just creepy!

  24. Felix says:

    …you did Biff for your art course? How’d it go?

  25. Corinthiar says:

    I know people who brush their teeth with baking soda.

  26. Twigs says:

    Aww Biff =)
    It seems like it took me much longer than it should have to figure out the difference between flour and flower as a child. I was also obsessed with trying to find a note between two regular notes … I was convinced there was a note people just weren’t hearing. I’m hoping some other people did this as well …

  27. Kyle says:

    Wow seems like the first time biff is not getting beat up or hurt

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