#344 – Glide

I’ve always wanted to try hang gliding and I’ve always wanted to see an active volcano. I think I’ll refrain from combining the two. I’ll stick to paper airplanes and baking soda/vinegar volcanoes. Anyone here an active hang glider or live near an active volcano?


34 thoughts on “#344 – Glide”

  1. Clst says:

    What’s worse is if you don’t get any updrafts!

  2. Clst says:

    Biff seems to have lost his feet!

  3. michael says:

    thats what you wear when you hanglide

  4. The Crack Ninja says:

    I live ON an active volcano, does that count? It’s actualy much more safe then people think it is. I actualy flew over the lava flow in a plane the other day.

  5. pieman says:

    has biffs legs melted together? and why is he looking so sad? id expect him to enjoy it.

    mmm, pie

  6. Michael says:

    No when you hand glide you get into a sleeping bag/Sack thing his feet arnt gone nore are his legs melted together mearly in a sack.

  7. Michael says:

    BTW ^ that Michael Is a different michael then the one who posted at “September 28th, 2007 at 12:09 am” Dosnt matter tough cuz it seems only people named Michael know anything about hand glideing

  8. Bob says:

    I played an action game that had a hanglider, and guns, it was fun. on october ill get to fly the hanglider over a volcano, in high def (farcry crysis)

  9. Dr. Doom says:

    I knew it, this was extreme sports week! Score 1 for dr. doom!

    (Current Scoreboard: Dr. Doom-1 Everyone else- 354,532,395,234)

  10. Dr. Doom says:

    Wait, I read yesterdays post. Since I can’t edit my last one, I’ll just make some funny comment instead so I don’t look like a complete idiot…

    This could be worse. At least he’ll land on that nice scorching rock. He could be over the ocean or something.

  11. MaskedMan says:

    At least Biff will be able to enjoy a nice headrush from all the noxious volcanic vapors as he burns then crashes then burns some more…

  12. Gobbledegook says:

    Michael: Preach on, Bruthaman! My real name is Michael as well, and I LOVE hand gliding. I’m really good at going fast… not so much on the pulling up or staying airborne, though, no matter how madly I flap my arms. I guess you could just call it jumping off roofs, I suppose.

    Sorry… saw the typo, and the resulting mental image was too much to resist… hehe

  13. Seraphine says:

    I hope Biff brought his rubber duck
    life vest so he doesn’t sink in the lava!

  14. dragonbrad says:

    biffs head looks bulbouse

  15. Propane13 says:

    You’re near Chicago, right?

    I recommend this place:
    I did it once about 2 years ago (tandem), and thought it was great! And, not too far of a drive.

  16. Joe says:

    Yes, but when Biff is burned horrbibly by the Lava you can give him a Darth Vader Costume to keep him alive..Rise Lord Biff Riiiiiiissssse!!!!!

  17. Steam Punk says:

    I’ve actually thought about that, and didn’t think anyone else would ever think about that lol. It’s funny how Biff is like the voice in my mind saying “its not like anything bad will happen” whenever I think of crazy stuff like that.

    One day I’m gonna hang glide over a gaggle of penguins. Do penguins come in gaggles? Or packs? I’m an Albatross! Lick the book.

  18. Lawless says:

    i have just read all of Biff and my head hurts, good job chris keep em comin

  19. Dan says:

    @Steam Punk

    I looked it up a Gaggle can apply to any flock of birds that aren’t currently in flight. Should they be in flight though you’d call them a Skein.

    You can’t quite see it but a Skein of penguins is thermal gliding behind Biff. Poor things, they were so cute.

  20. Yakboy says:


    But penguins are flightless! Right?

  21. Kanki-chan says:

    of…course pengins are flightless…it’s not like they’re actally flying when Yakboy’s back is turned…

    (Penguins can slide around on ice like none other, along with awesome glacier dives…)

  22. Colin says:

    Snes & N64
    Best not-limited-to-planes game EVER!
    ahh… that hanglider brings back so many memories.

    of crashing

  23. Dalton says:

    I started reading the biff comic two days ago and I have already gotten to the last posted comic. I got a idea for ur next comic. Make it have a penguin singing the oscarmyer balona song. 😛

  24. Ela says:

    What happened to his legs?!

  25. Elle says:

    I live right near a volcano, but it’s not active. It’s actually really friggin’ cold up there, because it’s kind of a mountain now. For real, it’s FREEZING up there. Once I went up and I was wearing some loose shoes and I came home with my shoes full of ice. It was terrible.

  26. MoonWolf says:

    I always wanted to hang glide. It looks so cool. I also wanted to live near a volcano. Volcanoes are cool too. But if I had both in my life, I’d probably hang glide away from the lava coming from the volcano. Now that would be awesome.

  27. Neteeee says:

    goddammit i have a fear of hights as well as a fear of fire. add clowns to the picture and i’ll never be reading this again.

  28. x__wasabi says:

    Back in New Zealand where I go for holidays to visit my dad we live about 1hour and a half away from a volcano. One time we were gonna go up the skii lifts to slide down it but it started spitting out clouds and ash so everyone had to leave. Haha it was pretty cool.

  29. Radical Edward says:

    Biff, when will you learn?

  30. snakeadelic says:

    I don’t live near any active volcanos…or any dormant ones any more. I did, however, spend over 30 years of my life thus far within sight of any one of several of the Cascade volcanos. Usually it was Mt. Hood or Mt. Rainier (which I still think is about to lay waste to Tacoma by dropping glaciers pretty soon). From my high school’s art wing, on a clear morning I could see three peaks, Mt. Hood closest and the two north of Mt. St. Helens (I forget which one’s where), one of which I think was Mt. Adams. And the one and only time I’ve ever been to California, it was to a campsite practically on Mt. Shasta. Now I live less than 2 miles from a tectonic range.

  31. Maarten says:

    @ colin pilotwings i had sooooo much fun with that XD where is that time

  32. no name says:

    @ Michael – Well you obviously don’t because it’s hanG gliding not hanD gliding

  33. Ryan says:

    Wow, extreme sports theme week…

    Anyway, your comic is really cool and funny. I’ve been reading fromt the beginning and I’m instantly hooked!

    I’ve always wanted to try hang gliding, the feeling of flight must be really cool indeed!

  34. Twigs says:

    There’s a thin line between madness and brilliance, and I think Biff has found the grey area in between.

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