#332 – Energy

My wife thinks it’s hilarious when I drink an energy drink. I’m normally a pretty quiet guy but a jolt of caffeine like that makes me pretty hyper. I looked it up recently and apparently if you drink enough of them it will kill you. According to energyfiend.com if I drink 130 cans of my favorite energy drink in a row it will kill me. I suppose that there are a lot of things that would kill me if I drank 130 cans of them in a row.


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  1. Sleepingorange says:

    Bleh. I’ve never liked energy drinks. They taste like smarties dissolved in soda-water, and they make me unbearably hyper, followed by a crash. It’s a lose-lose-lose situation.

  2. Tyler W says:

    Heh, I drink energy drinks all the time. Tis what I get for being a nerd/programmer/gamer. In fact, I have a whole case of Bawls and a stack of Rockstars right behind me. Yummy.

  3. Chuck says:

    I think one energy drink would kill me.

  4. Jerowaka says:

    hmm, well, 130 cans of water would kill you too…..

  5. Synchro593 says:

    Apparently, if you eat a boxcar full of cranberries at relatively the same time, you’ll get cancer.

  6. CFChunx says:

    I’m guessing that that website is basing it off of the 50% statistic wherein if every human on earth consumed 10 grams of caffeine orally then 50% would die. You could die very easily from caffeine, especially if you’re out of shape or really fat or tall. 2 grams could kill you if you are out of shape which is really just 20 cans of something like AriZona Extreme Energy.

  7. Sven says:

    Jerowaka is right. Considering an average can size if 33cl, 130 cans amounts to about 43 liters.

    Drinking 43 liters of *anything* will kill you. 🙂

  8. Arc says:

    Still not quitting coffee…

  9. Foxfire says:

    Wow…130? huh. I know on the side of Monsters it says you shouldn’t have more than 3 of the small ones or two of the big ones a day…but, 130? jeez.

  10. trueblaze says:

    I work the night shift at a grocery store so every now and then I’ll buy an energy drink to perk myself up a bit. It does give me a good boost of energy for about two hours, but then I crash, get a headache, and I’m more worn out than before I had teh drink.

    I tried cutting back on caffine….and now I’m drinking about a two letters of soda a day….so far my plan has back fired >.>”.

  11. CojoinedCows says:

    CFChunx, 10 grams seems to be quite a lot. That’s about 15 litres of coffee (30-100mg/150ml).
    I guess 2 grams should be enough to kill most people.

  12. CojoinedCows says:

    Ok, had to look it up.
    Here’s what wikipedia says:

    “The LD50 of caffeine in humans is dependent on weight and individual sensitivity and estimated to be about 150 to 200 milligrams per kilogram of body mass, roughly 80 to 100 cups of coffee for an average adult taken within a limited timeframe that is dependent on half-life. Though achieving lethal dose with caffeine would be exceptionally difficult with regular coffee, there have been reported deaths from overdosing on caffeine pills, with serious symptoms of overdose requiring hospitalization occurring from as little as 2 grams of caffeine.”


  13. Katie says:

    Often on those cans you get warnings… *Warning: Excess consumption may have a laxative effect*.

    So maybe you die from THAT. Ew.

    Or maybe you die from some stupid stunt encouraged by the extra energy and hyperactivity.

    Like racing a train. On the tracks.

  14. Ben says:

    A friend has just recently aquirred 250g or pure caffiene.
    I don’t know why.

    My favourite caffiene related drink is turkish coffee.
    Evil, in a convienent small size.

  15. Garrett says:

    At one friend’s house, I’m banned from having caffeine. If I drink the caffeine, I get the duct tape again.

  16. William Erasmus says:

    I’d hate to be the poor guinea pig who had to drink 130 cans of energy drinks in a row just to see how many it would take for me to die…

    In other news, the comic cracked me up 😀

  17. Kanki-chan says:

    to Garrett: XD that sounds like what would happen to me…if my friends let me have caffeine. I know that I’m banned from tea, partly because I took a sip of Arizona honey tea and an hour later I was wired like you wouldn’t believe.

    With everything else though, it’s a crapshoot. I might get hyper and crash, or I might be normal. Either way, I stay away from the energy drinks and try to limit myself to one glass of soda a day.

  18. aan00b says:

    hahaha…energy drinks are tha best…especially monster…

  19. Seraphine says:

    My fav energy drink is coffee. Cream and sugar please.
    130 cups of coffee would probably kill me too.

  20. Kara says:

    Wow. Mine says that if I drink 114 of mine (Amp), I will die. And if I drank 60 of the overdrive version, I will die. Thats amazing. LOL

  21. Wuffie says:

    Mmmmm, caffeine is our friend. I know that if I don’t get something with caffeine or a suitable substitute each day or every 2 or 3 days, I’ll go into withdrawals. Its strange, and kind of sad, especially the killer throbbing headaches. Ah, the joys of benign (sort of) addictions. Love the comic, long time reader, finally got enough courage (or sleep deprivation) to post :p

  22. Laje Kahr says:

    I’m one of th opposite people.
    Caffeine is actually a mild downer for me. I get zero perk, but if I consume a large amount it will actually calm me somewhat.

    And I agree, I’ve tried a few of those energy drinks and they all taste nasty to me. My brother loves Rockstar, tho.

  23. Hanii Puppy says:

    Wuffie: not a sort-of addiction, a proper addiction, caffeine’s a drug =p

    incidentally, Chocolate is also Toxic, although the lethal dose for humans is 22 gallons xD (assuming it’s pure-chocolate, and very few chocolates are pure =p )

    i’m guessing that would kill you of a heart-attack before it kills you of Chocolate poisoning

  24. Elli says:

    Laje, do you have ADHD? Because caffeine, being a stimulant, calms people with ADHD down. I speak from experience.

  25. Dr. Doom says:

    The following is a true story:

    While sitting at either Denny’s or Ihop, (I can’t remember) I tried coffee for the first time. It was then that I discovered that caffiene takes all the adrenaline in my entire body and concentrates it directly towards my brain. I sprained my wrist punching the table when they wouldn’t bring more.

    The following is a witty observation:

    I think i’m the first to notice that Biff thinks that only 10 energy drinks woudl be fine.

  26. T.S. says:

    it’s 117.76 cans of Amp Overdrive for me… That stuff must be stronger than I thought…

  27. Dr. Doom says:

    Oh yeah, my friend read my comment and told me to mention that the table was cracked after i hit it.

  28. 1984 says:

    yep, like cyanide. 😀

    oh i guess one can of that stuff…

  29. Haragorn says:

    What about 130 cans of bleach? What will that do to you?

  30. Toto says:

    Ugh, I hate energy drinks. They taste like rootbeer. Rootbeer tastes like cough medicine.

    Would 130 cans of chocolate kill me? What about custard…I don’t think I couldhave that much without vomiting though.

  31. Mike says:

    If 50% of everyone on Earth consumed 10 grams of caffeine orally, they would all die. If they consumed 1 gram of caffeine orally, they would all die. If they did not consume caffeine, they would all die. Unless they are immortal.

  32. Sye216 says:

    Heh heh…I only drink organic energy drinks. Green tea with ginseng and a little bit of caffiene. I guess it doesn’t pack a punch even comparable to artificial energy drinks like Monster cause the first time I got a sip of Monster I could barely sit still for two hours.

  33. Envious Luna says:

    Hum…I really like Mountain Dew…182 cans of it will kill me.
    Hell, I don’t think I could afford to buy that many cans at a time, although it would be a fun death….

  34. Bullet Fiend says:

    *Insert Applause here*

  35. dragonbrad says:

    try pepsi max, has 6 times as much caffiene than a regular pepsi.

    RED buls main ingredfient( Taurine ) is found in bull urine, ( no joke )

    Full throtle is probably the biggest rip off of red bull

    Bawls is americas 2nd favorite energy drink

    some country has made ceffeinated tooth paste, body soap, and hand sanitizer.

    also, caffien is one of the leading causes of car crashes in teens every year

  36. Green says:

    what happens if you drink 129 cans?

  37. Nick says:

    dragonbrad: Coma

  38. CFChunx says:

    Green – If you drink 129 cans then you become a god among men. Until your heart blows up. But there would be a brief milisecond period in which people would worship you.

  39. Wuffie says:

    Hehe, thanks Hanii. Though I was putting the ‘sort of’ along the lines of it being benign, of most common addictions, caffeine is mild and doesn’t mess with you too much >.>; maybe…

  40. NDDR says:

    mkay 130 cans average to death.

    so me taking 12grams worth of pro plus caffeine pills downed with 3 litres of mountain dew was a bad thing?

    im still here, are they sure they dont mean 1300?

  41. Youma says:

    Two cups of coffee make me feel sick enough to miss work, I won’t touch energy drinks! Unless you count hot chocolate! But then I always put too much sugar in it and feel a little nauseous.

  42. nemo says:

    I honestly don’t see y people bother figuring these stastics out. i mean, if yer stupid enough to drink 130 cans of energy drink, it would probably b a safer world without them!!!

    I’ve never had (or needed) an energy drink b4. All i need is 2 go in a room with some one else thats hyper and it kinda just rubs off on me.

  43. Green says:

    Youma, you must be a twig.

  44. Radical Edward says:

    I use Monster for all-nighters, like moving things in my room to fit. I drink Bawls when I want a little stimulation to wake up.

    Also, excess of anything can be deadly. Sex, drugs, food, you name it, it’s deadly in some way.

  45. Radical Edward says:

    Also, it would take 94.27 cans of Monster to kill me.

  46. Dalton says:

    it’s a fact that red bull has bull urine in it just look at the ingredients

  47. Takanero says:

    dalton i am never drinking red bull now. i drink MONSTER anyways. I drink a third of a can a day. A SINGLE MONSTER WILL LAST ME THREE DAYS. after a third of the can it lasts me about… 5 hours ’cause i’m only 13

  48. ~SyM~ says:

    Cherry pits contain cyanide

  49. johnny says:

    they do nothing to me

    then again coffee makes me sleepy

  50. Psymon says:

    I’ve never paid enough attention to my energy levels to tell whether caffeine makes me hyper, jittery, or sleepy. That could also be a result of not drinking caffeinated soda, or consuming anything with more caffeine than an ounce or two of milk chocolate.
    I’ve got both fear and curiosity about what would happen if I drank some caffeine-based energy drink.

  51. KZero says:

    o.0 y’know I always seem to imagine Biff as a very relaxed guy, every time I see him he seems so mellow no matter the situation. So this just makes him look crazy strong.

  52. AdmiralChaos says:

    i frequently drink half a dozen gatorades a day, and i do (not) work out or exercise in the least. i am also not fat. i thank my genes for a powerful metabolism and kidneys of steel.

  53. Pom Rania says:

    I don’t use energy drinks; I’m hyper normally (diagnosed ADHD) and I don’t think anybody would take the risk of letting me have some, even if there’s a chance it would calm me down. I pull all-nighters by waking up at 3 in the afternoon and having internet access.

  54. 1 wolffan says:

    Caffeine knocks me out in 15 minutes (You can almost set a timer to it)

    Root Beer and energy drinks do NOT taste alike. I love root beer (btw: Barq’s is the only root beer with caffeine) but I hate the taste of all energy drinks. The only time I drink them is when I need to guarantee that I’ll be able to sleep (whether for a big paper the next day, or early-morning work.)

  55. Amake says:

    Fun fact: Chugging a mere 10 liters of water within 30 minutes will result in fatal blood loss for an average-size person.

  56. Chaos says:

    Bah energy drinks don’t make me hyper 🙁
    don’t know why but all they do is make me worse XD

  57. Alice Love says:

    Mmm I love my energy drinks. My mom hates them because the news made a story that said energy drinks kill, and I told mom “the kid died because he drank 100 some cans in a row and then ate candy.” She still thinks that me sipping my Monster will make me drop dead -_-

  58. Jak says:

    The first time I had Bawls I was awake for 2 days!
    It wasn’t even my first energy drink. Before that I had about 30 other various energy drinks. (over half a year though, not at once. That would kill me!)

  59. bantha says:

    according to that site it would take 60 cans of my fav rockstar juic to kill me, but it tastes really good, I am yet to find a soda to replicate the taste of those rockstars

  60. Corinthiar says:

    Though it may not be all that likely you’d kill yourself by downing a lethal dose of caffeine via your favorite energy drink, remember not to indulge in such drinks when exercising. Whether caffeine acts as a stimulant or a depressant for you, it is still a diuretic. It would be unwise to consume many energy drinks when exercising, particularly if you’re not drinking water, too.

  61. Twigs says:

    I’ve never had an energy drink … when I was little and played soccer I used to be addicted to candy, but now I don’t drink caffeinated tea, coffee, energy drinks, pop, etc. The one thing I consume for instant sugar high is dark chocolate … I can’t give that up. And I’ve read studies that say it’s healthy anyway. x)

  62. Kyle says:

    Wow Look at his last finger on the hand that is not holding anything, is it cut or broken or something?

  63. Q says:

    I recently ahd to rush a friend to a 24hr medical centre when she got the shakes and heart palpitations halfway through her 2nd energy drink. Not a pleasant evening..

  64. Gotora says:

    I used to drink energy drinks all the time, when I worked nights. It actually takes me between one and a half to two weeks of drinking one triple size monster to become addicted to caffeine, and then it takes me a week of none to lose the addiction. I played lots of games with my body and energy drinks. I am also ADHD, so having one normal sized one actually slows me down, the second hits me like they hit everyone else, and a third throws me into orbit. (Think the squirrel in “Over the Hedge”) I’ve found that eating right before indulging in the energy drinks prevents any crash, but also throws my metabolism into “CONSUME” mode. I will eat nearly anything in such cases, even if it’s questionable in taste or safety.

  65. SurveySays says:

    on a normal basis i intake hardly ANY caffine. so when i pick up a caffinated pop or an energy drink im freaking hilarous and talk nonstop about everything that zips thru my head for about four hours before i stop dead and fall asleep for another hour. then i’m back to normal…

  66. Pix says:

    Energy drinkz, da awesomely disgusting in a good way

  67. Arcan says:

    This reminds me of a joke review of Five Hour Energy in which the reviewer claimed to have downed a big chug full of The energy drink.

    Managed to find a link to one copy of it.

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