#323 – Lake

When I was very little (18 months maybe?) my sister and her friend were baby sitting me. Her friend was holding me and decided that she needed her hands free to do something more important and so she set me down on the kitchen counter. I decided that this would be a good time to practice leaning forward suddenly and landed head first onto the floor. I’ve heard many stories over the years about how my head swelled up like a football… “No really, it looked like you had a football stuck to the side of your head.” I’m the only one with no memory of the incident and always complain that nobody took a picture. It was always fun though whenever the “have you ever broken any bones” conversation comes up I get to say “Just my skull.” So now you can all leave some comments along the lines of “Oh! So that explains where these comics come from.”


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  1. Micah says:

    Damnit! Where does he got all those cool toys?

  2. Mahsee says:

    Boo for your head injury as a infant. Yay for Biff comics!

  3. kevin says:

    so thats where biff came from

  4. Krasno says:

    LOL, that’s why so many bad things happen to Biff!!!

  5. Krasno says:

    (I was talking about the football head incident :P) you should make a comic about that

  6. Lucretiel says:

    I knew it! it’s you doing all these things, you just make it seem like Biff’s doing them so you don’t seem crazy

  7. CojoinedCows says:

    Well, let’s hope no one breaks out his psychoanalysis books and starts playing Freud. 😛
    Comic is hilarious, as always. Can’t wait for the book of Biff. (bounces up and down in anticipation)

  8. AJ says:

    I wonder how he waterproofed the bike! I have the feeling that lamination may be involved!

  9. Tim says:

    Biff needs to get that motorcycle out of the shallows and into the deep part of the lake 😛 or is the entire lake too shallow for his poor bike?

  10. Zach says:

    I was dropped on my head twice as a baby.

  11. MrPriest says:

    Maybe it’s like Bobsponge’s bicycle that let him somewhat underwater?

  12. Mr.kitty says:

    ahhhh biff the thing that keeps me sane whats next knife throwing in a hurricane?

  13. Charles Graham says:

    Awesome comic as always, I just wonder whether we’ll ever find out where he gets the toys from.

  14. Wim says:

    XD Oh so that explains the comics funniness, or something

  15. Elli says:

    I used to share a bunkbed with Tsuki when we were little. I was about four, and, right in front of our Dad, I fell off and did a nose-dive. They sold the frame after that, and it took me 12 years to get a near-the-roof bed again. It’s a loft/desk combo, and I love it. However, I’ve broken my ceiling fan by kicking it in my sleep too many times. :/

    This comic reminds me of Venice in Tomb Raider II. You could smash the gondolas with a speedboat. XD

  16. Elle says:

    Man! My friend, as a one-year-old, fell backwards off the kitchen counter with a lego in his mouth. His mum thought he was dead. Now the back of his head is oddly shaped. Fun!

  17. trueblaze says:

    Biff doesn’t really have an underwater motercycle. He’s just using it as an excuse to explain all the bubbles that keep popping up behind him.

  18. Gobbledegook says:

    His skull must act like a natural helmet.
    Otherwise he’d be in a LOT of pain.

  19. Mr.kitty says:

    this is biff’s ‘look how fast im going’ eyebrows look

  20. Yakboy says:

    My cousin was dropped on her head twice and then fainted and landed on her head once. First time, she was on a dryer and her sister tried to pull her socks off, she came off instead. Second time, she was riding on a dolly (the cart kind) through a storage area. I once fell off a couch and hit the bridge of my nose on a coffee table, It swelled up so much it covered half of my eyes! I still have a scar.

  21. Kierin says:

    New reader of the comic; I’ve caught up (and even commented here and there) on the whole thing, and love it.
    My friend ran head-first into a two-by-four when she was younger. I think it explains a lot about her today. But she’s a good person.
    Oh, and one of her ex-boyfriends “accidentially” smacked her in the head with a shovel while they were trying to shovel snow from her mom’s driveway. That left a good scar.

  22. Seraphine says:

    So that explains your lopsided weirdness!
    Biff needs to rise faster on his underwater motorcycle, because I can see the pee trail he’s leaving.

  23. Rose says:

    I’m glad you got dropped on your head as a baby, because BIFF is a great comic!

  24. Hanii Puppy says:

    i dun got me dun one of dem hicky poops on me ‘ed wen ickle i was wee-er, an nit di’n do any big bad

  25. Rob says:

    Ha, I’m not sure if that falls under the realm of success that you did in fact lean forward or full of fail.

  26. LordRetard says:

    Dood, if you can write this comic only because of a major head injury, then I would gladly slam my head into the nearest rock repeatedly ’till I had an awesome webcomic. There is no shame in your victories. But I already have a lot of head injuries and no webcomic. =(

  27. Bunnyman says:

    Bah, head trauma’s nothin’. I almost strangled myself in the womb, almost drowned, fell down the same flight of stairs on two separate occasions, and have banged my head on things that would crack a normal person’s skull wide open. I comed out just finest. No mentality problematics at all.

    I wish I had an underwater motorcycle now…

  28. Bullet Fiend says:

    Both the post and comic are hilarious!

  29. Heph says:

    AS a kid, I crept out of bed and fell down once…A little toy car (matchbox type) of my brother was in the wrong place at the wrong time, though, so I got a nice big scar straight down my forehead. Then, as a 7 year old, I went to this boyscouts party thing for kids (because of course we weren’t allowed to go to the parties for big children :p) and I fell off a table I was dancing on (which was, obviously, not allowed). Anyway, I landed on the corner of a nearby table, right in the middle of my forehead again. I have a big bump in my forehead, that doesn’t go away, and it hasa big line running over it as if it’s ready to burst. Great thing to talk about, how my brains are expanding and growing because i’m so smart and stuff 😛

  30. Parker says:

    So let me get this straight, you fell from a 45 degree angle and aproximatly 4 feet doing a 45 degree rotation not including the spin it would have taken to have the floor connect with the side of your head… That would have put severe strain on the cerebral cortex, a plausible cause for autism, ocd and several other minor disorder, some biff related.

  31. Tinned Moron says:

    Everybody has a story about breaking a bone as a child.

  32. dragonbrad says:

    micah-Where does he got all those cool toys?

    he gets them from a cereal box

  33. Jesso says:

    Man, the only cool story I have is the sunburn one. As an infant, I was taken to a beach (I was born in Hawaii) and put on a blanket under an umbrella. I somehow managed to get so sunburned on one side of my face that my face swelled up and the hospital doctors almost called CPS to have me taken away.

    My brother, however, has lots of stories. My favorite is when my dad held out a fist and said “Hey, Joshua, run into my fist!” and then my brother did, face-first.

  34. Ben says:

    WTF is with older sisters and maiming their siblings.
    I was about the same age and my sister was looking after me whilst folks were fishing.
    She picked up a bucket with tackle in it and up ended it over me, a knife landed in my left foot, still got the scar.

    *swears vegenance against the older sisters of the universe*

  35. A Captain says:

    Ahhh, what’s childhood without a few good head injuries?

    I got a military surplus shovel thrown into my head when I was six. The kind of shovel that folds up to stick on a backpack and has a folding-out pick-axe head and a sharp spade-head for digging foxholes.

    Sadly, I did no underwater motorcycling as a child.

  36. ElGeFe says:

    Damn, I also have my share of stories. As a baby I got sunburned twice where I had to be taken to the hospital. I slipped on a wet floor and ended up with my head hitting against a corner, still have a scar from that on my forehead.

    Also, that underwater motorcycle looks really cool, wish I had one.

  37. Yurgenst says:

    Wow, i just banged my head the other day when I was riding my underwater motorcycle.
    No head trauma for me although once I fell off my bike and hit my chin and had to get 8 stitches. So many painful memories… 🙂

  38. aan00b says:

    wow…I’ve never had any outstanding injuries (i recently fell down a flight of 15 stairs, but cam out w/o a scratch…but you should see the wall lol) but I was an eyewitness to one of my friends tripping and running head-first into the corner of a wall..he got staples in his head….

  39. Elli says:

    I once fell off my bike and got a scar on my wrist. I’ve never broken any bones, but that nosedive might be the reason I’m a little crazy.

  40. Macabelle says:

    Macabelle once ran into a coffee table at 3 months. (Yes, macabelle was running at 3 months old.)

  41. pieman says:

    why does Biff look French-ish?

    awesome comic

  42. pieman says:

    the worst thing thats happened to me was probably years ago when i went to the park with my cousins. we went on the roundabout thingy, and everyone juped off wilst it was still spinning. when it was my turn, i jumped, but my hand forgot to let go of the bar (yes, i blame my hand). i grazed alot of my knee on the woodchip, and lost a would-be scar.
    another time, a bit more recently, a fell of our front wall, and sprained my wrist. one of my friends who was there (i actually do have friends!!) said i fell off really slowly, and it looked quite funny.

    peace out!

  43. pieman says:

    my sister once tried to get something out of a tree, by throwinging a spade at it. biff wasn’t the only one with a head injury.

  44. Toto says:

    Hey! The exact same thing happened to me. I was sat up on the counter and I fell and hit ym head. ‘Twas a hairline fracture. My sister says it wrecked pancake Tuesday. She was the one you sat me up there ansd went to watch the telly though.

    Love the comic by the way. I have been reading it for about the last three hours. I’m meant to be doing my homework.

  45. Radical Edward says:

    Not only would it be unpopular with the boat owners, I’m betting that its unpopular with the fish.

  46. Isabelle says:

    My brother was also dropped on the head as a baby. Actually, he dropped himself on the head, by kicking his little baby feet downward and thus propelling himself upward out of his high chair. The collision was apparently accompanied by a gruesome “thwack”. He survived the incident physically unscathed, but I still say it was a determining event as far as his oft annoying personality goes.

    Biff is teh awesome.

  47. Jazzskate says:

    That kinda stuff ain’t always with a bad effect. According to my mom I fell on a sharp piece of metal head 1st when I was a baby, now I have a funky scar, starting at the top left side of my forehead and creating a line where I don’t grow hair, gets all tha chix!

  48. Elkian says:

    He should be fined for not wearing a helmet!

  49. Djorra says:

    Motorcycle: not spelled motErcycle.

  50. jykcor says:

    i was at my friends house when i was 5 and we were sitting in a large armchair (both of us). so we start rocking it back and forth, like kids do, when it falls backwards. Now, we and his other friends had carrots at the time, and there was an “orange” stain on the floor. He remarks that i have carrots smashed on the back of my head, a go to his parents, and find that i cracked the back of my head open. My mom freaks out, i get stitched up, and get a free fruit by the foot.

    The next day i realize i have an ear for music, and can sing amazingly in tune, much better than some 5 year olds can.

    My gifts were squandered until i picked up the Saxophone and joined my first mucal production, “The music man”. I have tried out for many a school and summer show, getting decent to good to lead parts in each. The count is around 14-15 shows, and im in marching band.

  51. the_gail says:

    When I was very little I broke my nose right where it connects to the skull. My parents were terrified I’d fall down again and drive it into my brain.

  52. Nero says:

    Oh the stupidity of childhood. I’m 4. I’m on a swimming trip with the school. I try to impress the girls with my “HEAD OF STEEL!” (This trick usually involved me crushing soda cans and breaking planks of wood with my skull, woo for early kung fu lessons) Anywhoo, I slam my head down, miss the soda can, and hit the corner of the table. I still have an awesome scar there that my girlfriend calls my ‘Demon’s Eye’

  53. Deteramot says:

    I don’t remember what ages, but I’ve had at least three head injuries in my life. The first, I think I fell off the washing machine at age three. The second, I was at the zoo with my friend, and we’re sitting on some ropes while his mom gets us ice cream. My friend weighed one and a half times as much as me, and he stands up first. My rope shoots down, I fall, hit my head. Ended up getting staples for that particular injury. My most recent occurred when I plowed my bike into a chain-link fence. I got a nice concussion and a pretty screwy scar pattern all over my body. The scars are gone already though.

  54. Alice Love says:

    He gets his cool toys from cereal boxes 🙂

  55. Jesenjin says:

    I had the same experience. When i was about 2 years old me and my dad where staying at his folks house. He was putting the laundry to dry outside on the first floor’s balcony I sneaked behind his back and mingled through bars of the balcony. Needless to say i can still fell the dents of that particular fall.

  56. steve says:

    Oh! So that explains where these comics come from.


  57. JelloDonut says:

    Funny comic.us My mom fell on me when i was little. =/

  58. Shadowlord9k says:

    Tis merely a flesh wound

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